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Best Window Seats Curtains

04 Feb 2024 0 Comments
Best Window Seats Curtains

As the owner of, a custom curtain store with over 10 years in home decor, I often get asked: James, what are the best curtains for window seats?

Window seats are such a cozy spot to curl up with a book or gaze out the window. But finding the right window coverings can be tricky!

The curtains you pick need to:

  • Control light

  • Give privacy

  • Use fabrics that are easy to clean

  • Stack neatly around the seat

  • Match the room's style

When I help customers, I keep a few big things in mind:

  • Do you need see-through sheer curtains or blackout curtains that block all light? This depends on where the seat faces and how you'll use it.

  • Spaces like bedrooms and bathrooms need privcy. So I pick thicker fabrics that no one can peek through!

  • For built-in window seats that get used a lot, durable, easy-care fabrics are a must!

  • The curtains can't pool on the seat or get in the way. So I suggest grommet tops or ties to pull them back neatly.

  • Most importantly, the curtains should match the room and style of decor.

I'll share my best curtain ideas and tips for making your special window spot as cute and functional as can be!

Key Considerations when Choosing Your Window Seat Curtains

blackout curtains for reading nook image

As I help customers pick the best window treatments for window seats, there are a few big things I keep in mind:

Light Control

Do you need to filter some light? Or totally block it out? I suggest:

  • Sheer curtains - These let a lot of light in but give a little privacy. Great for window seats in bright, open living areas.

  • Light-filtering curtains - These have some insulation to filter stronger light. I recommend them for sun-facing window seats.

  • Blackout curtains - These keep a room completely dark. Perfect for cozy window seats in bedrooms, home theaters, or other private spots.


Window seats in personal spaces like bedrooms and bathrooms need thick, insulating fabrics so no one can see in from outside.

I pick curtain materials based on how much privacy is wanted.

Easy-Care Fabrics

For window seats that will get used a lot, durable and easy-care fabrics are a must! These will hold up to frequent use without much fuss:

  • Cotton - A natural fiber that's soft but prone to shrinking

  • Linen & Jute - Natural fibers that resist stains but may wrinkle

  • Polyester blends - Synthetic fibers that resist stains/wrinkles and clean up nicely

  • Microfibers - Very finely woven synthetic blends that feel luxurious and shed dust


I make sure the curtains I pick will:

  • Stack back neatly against the walls without pooling on the seat

  • Layer smoothly when drawn closed

  • Offer options like grommet tops or tiebacks to pull them out of the way

This allows easy access for using the cosy window spot!

Complementing Style

Most importantly, I select curtain styles and fabrics that will beautifully match the room's decor. More on that next!

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Curtains Types For Different Window Seat Scenarios

reading nook with sheer curtains image

Sunroom Window Seat

If your window seat faces the morning or afternoon sun, you'll want curtains that filter light and prevent fading. I suggest:

  • Airy light-filtering fabrics like linen blends or cotton voiles

  • Blackout lined curtains in cheerful prints to block harsh light.  Blackout curtains make your window bench area even cozier while remaining positively chic.

  • Grommet curtain panels that stack neatly or charming Roman shades

Reading Nook Window Seat

For a cozy little reading area, try:

  • Sheer curtains in soft, cozy fabrics like flannel or velvet

  • Sweet café curtain tiers or elegant balloon shades

  • Warm fabrics like faux suede or linen for an extra snug feel

This adds privacy while allowing soothing natural light.

Bedroom Window Seat

Bedrooms need darkness and privacy. I recommend:

Thick-lined curtains like pinch pleat curtains or tab tops

  • Blackout roller shades underneath to block all light

  • Rich-looking Roman shades in fabrics like faux silk or velvet

This ensures a dark, peaceful sleep space. You can make your space even more relaxing by motorizing your drapes, and controlling your preference without moving from your nest.

Don't forget to plump up your window seat with comfy pillows and maybe a favorite blanket.

Bathroom Window Seat

In humid bathroom spaces, moisture-resistant low maintenance fabrics are key. Try:

  • Vinyl roller shades or moisture-proof Roman shades

  • Shower curtains with polyester window panel insets

  • Water-resistant woven woods like faux rattans or bamboo

This allows easy wiping to keep your bathroom fresh.

Additional Drape tips for dressing up window seats

Measuring Tips

Getting accurate measurements is crucial for a perfect fit:

  • Measure width from wall to wall

  • Measure height from top of seat to floor

  • For bay windows, measure each window section separately

This ensures your curtains or shades will fit neatly into the slanted window framing.

Beyond Curtains: Window Blinds & Roman Shades

I'm a curtain guy through and through! But for window seats, some folks may prefer alternatives like:

  • Adjustable metal or classic look wood blinds

  • Classic shutters with built-in benches

  • Pull-down roller shades or sheer shades for light filtering

Professional Installation

Some window seat designs can get quite complex, like curved bay windows or seats with storage cabinetry underneath.

In those cases, I always recommend bringing in a professional installer. They have the expertise to perfectly dress tricky window shapes while integrating any storage or furniture pieces below.

Well I hope this advice helps you dress up your beautiful window seats! Feel free to visit for more custom window treatment inspiration.

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