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Best Curtains for Casement Windows Guide

05 Jan 2024 0 Comments
Best Curtains for Casement Windows

At Dolcewe, we're experts in window treatments that enhance casement windows. With their signature side-mounted hinges and outward swing operation, these windows require a special decorative touch.

Selecting the perfect casement window curtains can be daunting. But our decade plus of experience navigating unique window décor ensures you'll achieve functionality and beauty.

We'll guide you to window treatments tailored to your specific casement windows - whether single or double hung, crank or lever-operated. Stay tuned as we explore suitable curtains and shades that complement these windows' distinctive features and opening mechanisms.

Key Takeaways

  • Sheer, soundproof, roman, and roller shades complement casement windows, balancing style, light control, and privacy.
  • Consider how curtains interact with cranks and hardware to avoid obstructing window operation.
  • Carefully control light with blackout, light-filtering, and sheer fabrics to meet aesthetic and energy efficiency needs.
  • Soundproof suede and velvet materials reduce noise while providing elegance.
  • Custom sizing from Dolcewe ensures casement windows are dressed to perfection with tailored curtains.

Understanding Casement Windows and Their Unique Treatment Needs

Common Types of Casement Windows


Casement windows differ from traditional sliding or double-hung windows by their method of operation.

Known as crank windows, they use a crank mechanism to open and close, which allows them to open outward to the left or right.

This design provides superior ventilation because it can catch side breezes and direct them into your home.

These windows, distinguishable by their side-mounted hinges, swing outward like a door, offering unobstructed views and maximum ventilation.

Casement windows are operated by cranks, making them one of the most convenient window types. They're especially suitable for hard-to-reach areas where a window that opens out is most efficient.

Moreover, being outward opening windows, they offer enhanced security, as the design makes them difficult to break into from the outside when closed and locked.

Common Types of Casement Windows

Understanding the different types of casement windows can help you select the most suitable option for your home. Here's a brief overview:

  • Single-Frame: Consists of one casement window sash hinged on either side.
  • French Casement: Features two sashes that open out for a wide view.
  • Push-Out: Opens out when pushed, offering a more traditional look without the crank.
  • In-Swing: Hinges are located inside, allowing the window to swing inward.


Choosing the right window treatments for casement windows can be a challenge. While windows with cranks add an element of simplicity and practicality, they also require thoughtful consideration when selecting curtains or other forms of window coverings.

It's important to choose options that do not hinder access to the cranks and latches, or interfere with the operation of the window.

Furthermore, because these windows open outward, any window treatment needs to accommodate this motion without getting caught, tangled, or damaged.

Window Type Benefits Considerations for Curtains
Single-Frame Casement Unobstructed view, easy to operate Simple panel drapes that can be drawn aside
French Casement Wide opening for maximum air flow Curtains must accommodate dual sash design
Push-Out Casement No mechanical parts, less maintenance Consider Roman shades that tether when opened
In-Swing Casement Doesn't protrude outside, ideal for tight exteriors Shades or blinds that are mounted inside the frame


Top Curtain Options for Casement Windows

Elegant Roman Shades

Casement windows, with their unique charm and opening mechanism, require a special kind of attention.

Let's explore the most suitable curtains and shades that not only complement the aesthetics of these windows but also ensure energy efficiency, privacy, and elegance.

Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains are an excellent layer of defense against the sun's glare while still inviting a soft light that enriches the ambiance of any room.

A notable mention is the Sheer curtains which have proven to be energy-efficient, promising up to a $10 saving per window each year.

These window treatments filter and diffuse the sunlight, offering a balance between luminosity and energy cost savings.

Soundproof Curtains

Privacy curtains like suede, velvet, and multi-layered designs present a soundproofing solution that diminishes noise levels effectively. The sound-absorbing materials provide a serene environment, fostering quietness for a peaceful home setting.

Blackout window curtains in these materials also enrich the space with a sense of solitude and tranquility.

Roman Shades

The roman shade offers an ageless appeal, with its fabric gracefully folding to create a sophisticated look.

Whether your preference lies in the elegance of linen or the crispness of a cotton curtain, roman shades are a fitting tribute to both contemporary and classical interior tastes.

Roller Shades

For those of us desiring a blend of modernity and functionality, roller shades stand out as a premier choice for casement windows.

The variety of patterns and fabrics, including polyester curtains and panel curtains, ensures there's a roller shade to match any design requirement. They are easy to operate and great for delivering that much-needed privacy.

We've curated a comparison chart to help you identify which curtain types best suit your casement windows:

Curtain Type Material Options Light Filtering Energy Savings Soundproofing Style
Sheer Curtains Linen, Polyester High Up to $10/window/year Low Light & Airy
Blackout Curtains Suede, Velvet Low Varies High Luxurious & Cozy
Roman Shades Cotton, Linen Medium Moderate Medium Elegant & Classic
Roller Shades Polyester Customizable Moderate Moderate Sleek & Contemporary


Functionality Factors to Consider