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Shop the best curtains for hallways

04 Feb 2024 0 Comments
Shop the best curtains for hallways

As the owner of, a custom curtain store with over 10+ years in Interior Design, I know that decorating a hallway comes with unique challenges.

Hallways often lack natural light, have awkward narrow layouts, and see constant foot traffic. But the right set of curtains can transform even the plainest hallway into a stylish, welcoming space!

Curtains add style, enhance privacy, and help control light in these high-traffic spaces. Floor-to-ceiling curtains allow you to make a statement, even in a hallway. With the right design choices, curtains can make hallways feel brighter, bigger, and more pulled together.

When shopping for hallway curtains, consider options like:

  • Blackout curtains to block light and ensure privacy

  • Sheer curtains to filter natural light

  • Thermal insulated curtains to regulate temperature

In this article, I'll share my ideas on choosing and hanging curtains to make the most of your hallway.

Choosing the Right Hallway Curtain Panels

blackout curtains for hallways

When helping customers find the perfect window treatment decor for the hallway, there are a few key things I have them consider:

Decide on the Function

First, think about whether you need the curtains for privacy, light control, or purely for decoration.

  • Do you need blackout-lined curtains to block light and prying eyes from bedrooms or offices along the hall?

  • Would you prefer sheer white panels to let daylight filter into a dark passageway?

  • Or are you looking to add some style and personality with fun colors and prints?

Once you settle on the main job of your new curtains, it helps narrow the options.

Consider the Size

Take precise measurements of all your doors, windows and openings when shopping. Standard sizes range from 84 to 96 inches long - but height, hanging rod placement, and floor clearance impact the fit.

  • For halls under 6 feet wide, floor-to-ceiling curtains might overwhelm the space. Shorter cafe panels could be better suited.

  • For specialty-sized spaces, discuss custom-made curtains tailored to unique architecture.

  • In high-traffic zones, use tie-backs to keep fabric out of walkways.

Pick the Right Fabrics

  • Lightweight sheer or linen allow some daylight while adding softness. These airy fabrics open up smaller spaces.

  • Blackout-lined and insulated thermal fabrics provide privacy and insulation but use up visual space. Use as bold accents.

  • In busy family zones, choose durable machine-washable fabrics for easy upkeep.

Hallway Color Schemes

Coordinate your curtain color and patterns with the existing paint, wallpaper and décor in the hallway and adjacent rooms. You want a cohesive flow from space to space.

  • Neutral earth tones - try shades of light brown, and neutral hues like beige or greys to complement without clashing

  • Bold bright colors - make the curtains a focal point with vibrant jewel tones or vivid contrasts

  • Go for coordinating tones and prints to transition rooms or strong contrasts to define where spaces begin and end

Visually Widen Narrow Halls

Use visual tricks to make tight squeezy spaces appear less confining:

  • Vertical stripe patterns

  • Contrasting color side panels

  • Faux ceiling height curtains hung closer to roof line

  • Sheers mounted wider than window frame to stream in natural light

Lead the eye upward and outward for a feeling of open breezy spaciousness.

Set the Mood

Use darker dramatic shades and materials like velvet for an intimate, cocooned effect. Go for light airy panels in whitespace or subtle greys for a calm tranquil vibe. Playful whimsical prints create a cheerful welcoming energy.

Best Drapes Types for Hallways

Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains are lined with dense fabric that blocks outside light. I suggest these for:

  • Bedrooms, home offices, or other private rooms off the hallway where total darkness and privacy are needed

  • Introducing a bold pop of color or pattern

  • Insulating rooms from noise and temperature changes

The thick layered construction makes blackouts very effective at controlling light and climate. But use them as they can overwhelm in smaller spaces.

Sheer Curtains

For allowing soft natural light into darkened spaces, I love sheer curtains. These lightweight see-through panels have subtle transparency that diffuses sunlight gently. 

Sheers add a touch of light airy feel, gently defining spaces while allowing some visibility. They come in beautiful muted solids and cosy prints perfect for maximizing daylight in halls.

Use light, breathable sheer curtains if you want to:

  • Help control temperatures between rooms

  • Block some noise

  • Still allow in natural light

The right sheers give you privacy while making rooms feel open and airy.

At Dolcewe, our sheer and semi-sheer curtains are available in gauze, voile, and lace fabrics, starting at $26.99. Sounds great, right?

Thermal Insulated

Thermal curtains are made with special layered fabrics. Some materials they use are:

  • Wool

  • Velvet

  • Polyester

These fabrics are designed to:

  • Absorb sound

  • Keep rooms warm in winter

  • Block sunlight getting inside in the summer

I often use thermal curtains on exterior doors and windows to maximise their efficiency. But they also work great in hallways between rooms with very different temperatures.

Boho Chic

If you want to cultivate a laidback bohemian vibe, try:

  • Rustic macrame or crocheted cotton panels

  • Airy linen or lace curtains with natural wooden beads and tassels

  • Mismatchedacy layers of colorful Eastern-inspired prints and patterns

The casual textures and handcrafted sensibility are perfect for relaxed spaces embracing creative souls and adding flair to your space.

Extra Considerations for Hallway Door Curtains

Use Quality Hardware

When installing your curtain rods, use heavy-duty hardware designed to handle the panel weight without sagging over time.

Extend rods a few inches wider than the window or door opening on all sides for optimal light control and privacy.

For maximum impact, find the perfect curtain pole too. 

For wide spaces, use sturdy telescoping rods with molded non-slip brackets mounted securely in wall studs - drywall alone won't cut it! Sturdy finials complete the polished look.

Hang High & Wide

Mount curtain rods near the ceiling line a few inches above the window or door trim. Hanging panels wider and higher makes openings appear larger and hallways seem more expansive.

Allow about 3 inches above and 6 inches on each side of the frame. Scale up for floor-to-ceiling looks. Use two rods for wide spaces over 60”.

Layer Textures

Experiment with mixing sheer, transparent panels behind opaque fabrics. Overlap contrasting textures like coarse linen and sleek velvet or metallic sheen. Vary lengths for added perspective. Or layer sheer curtains over blinds for better light control

Echo colors/patterns throughout layers for a chic coordinated statement. Nautical navy and white stripes sing beside sailor’s rope tiebacks and denim panels.


Add handmade touches like embroidered monograms, striped pattern, geometric, fabric patchwork designs or sections of vintage dresses.

 Wooden beads, pieces of lace or crocheted edges make ordinary panels into treasures imbued with memories.

Shop The Best Hallway Curtains Online at Doclewe

At we offer a gorgeous range of curtains to transform narrow hallways.

Browse our collection for the perfect addition that showcases your personal style!

Variety to Suit Any Space

Shop 100s of panels made to measure for narrow halls. You'll find:

  • Fancy pleated drapes

  • Casual cafe curtains

  • Playful kid-themed prints

  • Boho chic macrameit.

From plain whites to bright colors, there's a set for every home.

Customization Available

Can't find the right size? No problem! We can make custom curtains to fit any door or window.

Starting at $26.99 with our made-to-measure service.

Quality Materials

Our curtains use fabrics made to handle busy halls. Details like:

  • Weighted lower edges

  • Thermal backs

  • Support headings

  • Blackout lining

Affordable Prices & Free Shipping

As a direct-to-consumer online retailer with over 10+ years experience, Doclewe passes on major savings to you. Enjoy free shipping on all orders over $199!

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