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Best Curtains For Yoga Rooms

04 Feb 2024 0 Comments
Best Curtains For Yoga Rooms

Hey friends! I'm James, the owner of We make custom curtains and I've worked with home decor for over 10 years. I want to talk about the best curtains for yoga rooms.

Choosing the right curtains is really important if you have a room just for yoga at home. The right curtains can help you feel calm and inspired when you do yoga. They set the mood and make your poses and breathing easier.

  • Blackout curtains block all sunlight from outside so the room is nice and dark. This helps with meditation.

  • Light-filtering curtains let some light in but give privacy. They are good if you want some fresh air.

  • Sheer curtains are light see-through curtains that make the room feel more open. They go nicely with natural light yoga.

Each type of curtain has good uses for a yoga space. Later I'll share which curtains I think work best for different needs.

Considerations For Yoga Room Window Curtain

Sheer Yoga Curtains

There are some big things to think about when picking window treatments for a yoga room at home.

I want to share the factors my shop uses when helping customers who have yoga rooms.

Light Control

The light in your yoga room matters a lot. Here are some choices:

  • Blackout curtains block all sunlight. This gives total darkness for meditation.

  • Light-filtering curtains allow some soft light in but keep privacy. Nice if you do morning or afternoon yoga.

  • Sheer curtains let in bright natural light. Great if you practice when it's sunny out.

Think about what time you usually do yoga and how much light you want.

At Dolcewe, our curtains are available in custom sizes. No matter whether you need sheer curtains 63 inch length or bohemian curtain 96 inches, we got you covered


Privacy is super important for yoga time. You want to focus on yourself without worries.

  • Solid or blackout-lined curtains give the most privacy.

  • Light-filtering fabrics still block views while allowing some light.

  • Hang curtains high and wide to cover more of the window.


Natural or blended fabrics are best for yoga room decor.

  • Cotton and linen feel airy. They're natural and eco-friendly.

  • Polyester blends are cheaper and easier to clean but not as breathable.

Consider the climate and cleaning needs of the room. At Dolcewe, all cotton curtains and linen curtains are available in custom sizes, starting at $26.99.


Match your yoga space decoration with the curtain style. Boho curtains, minimalist, and natural styles are popular.

At Dolcewe, our curtain panel yoga room curtains are available in grommet, ring top and tab top to fit various curtain rods. 

My Favorite Curtain Colors For Yoga Room

Yoga rooms often use calming colors like white, light yellow, soft purple, blush pink, or sky blue. These colors naturally relax people and are perfect for yoga meditation.

Your yoga window curtains color sets the vibe of the whole room. Here's how different colors make us feel:

  • White curtains evoke clarity, simplicity, and tranquility.

  • Light yellow reminds us of sunrise - fresh optimism.

  • Lavender purple gives off soothing, balanced energy.

  • Blush pink channels self-love, romance, and gentle joy.

  • Sky blue brings in peaceful, floaty vibes.

So if you want your yoga sanctuary to feel clear and grounded, go for neutral tones. Need a self-confidence boost during poses? Try cheerful curtains. See how the colors speak to you!

Note that our curtains are sold as single panels. If you need 2 panels, just add them to cart one by one. Super easy, right?

Best Curtain Panels For Different Yoga Rooms

Grey Blackout Yoga Room Curtains

Calming Yoga Practice

If you want a relaxing, gentle yoga session, try these curtains:

  • Blackout curtains in neutral cotton or linen help minimize distractions.

  • Soft natural tan, gray, or cream colors further promote tranquility.

  • Textured fabrics add cozy appeal.

Energizing Yoga Practice

For an upbeat yoga flow, go for:

  • Light-filtering curtains in breezy voile or sheer let bright mood-boosting light in.

  • Choose fun, bright colors like orange, turquoise or patterns.

Small Yoga Rooms

To make a small yoga space feel bigger with curtains:

  • Light hues and sheer panels maintain airiness and light.

  • Consider sleek vertical blinds or roll-up window shades to preserve floor space.

Budget-Friendly Options

If you want affordable yoga room curtains, try:

  • Polyester blends - cheaper and easy-care while still having some natural fabric.

  • Ready-made curtains are simpler than custom. Or DIY your own!

Extra Tips When Choosing Yoga Room Curtains

  • Hang rods higher and wider than the window. This makes the ceiling seem taller.

  • Pretty tie-backs or decorative rods add personality.

  • Layer sheer behind blackout or light-filtering window drapes. It helps adjust brightness and feels cozier.

Most Important

At the end of the day, choose what makes you happy in your yoga sanctuary. Decorating is fun but don't lose sight of why you have the space. Your yoga room and its curtains set you up for moving your body and calming your mind.

I focused on easy, practical ideas that anyone can use to turn their home room into a doable yoga studio.

Before you shop, reflect on how you want your curtains to contribute to your practice. Enhance peace? Enable movement? Your curtains do make a difference!

Shop Yoga Curtains at Doclewe

I hope these tips help you design your perfect yoga sanctuary. When you're ready to get your new curtains, come check out Doclewe's collection!

We offer tons of yoga-friendly curtains to match your needs:

  • Blackout, light-filtering, and sheer fabrics

  • Natural cotton, linen, polyester blends

  • Variety of colors and fun prints

  • Custom sizes

  • Styles include panels, vertical blinds, drapes and more

Our made-to-measure curtains start at just $26.99. Or get custom yoga curtains tailored to your exact window measurements.

For orders over $199, we'll ship your items for free! We also offer fast production and shipping if you need new curtains ASAP.

I founded Doclewe because buying home decor can be confusing. But it should be fun and meaningful too! Let our team of interior design experts simplify the process. Just take our style quiz and we’ll match you with custom pieces for your yoga sanctuary.

Chat with a curtain consultant anytime or start designing your zen space now!

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