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Shop The Best Curtains & Drapes For Half Windows

02 Feb 2024 0 Comments
Shop The Best Curtains & Drapes For Half Windows

Hi everyone, James here. With over 10 years running my custom curtain business, I've helped dress up lots of uniquely shaped windows.

Let's talk about half windows today. These only partly go down the wall, often in bathrooms and kitchens for more privacy.

The problem? Regular curtains don't fit right. They bunch up and look bad. Special half window curtains like tiers or cafes only cover the bottom bit. The top looks plain.

But don't worry! I'll share my pro tips on making normal curtains work for your half window beautifully. You'll be able to give them a stylish makeover that looks cohesive.

So keep reading if you want to spice up your half window in an easy, budget-friendly way!

Let me walk you through some clever ideas...

Types of Curtains for Half Windows

Let's explore some creative ways to use normal curtains for your unique half windows...

Single Panels

One easy idea is using just one panel. Place it in a spot that works for you - centered, off to the side, etc. This minimal style is super chic!

Some good options:

  • Grommet curtains have rings in the top for hanging on rods. You can slide them open and closed smoothly.

  • Tab top curtains have little tabs instead of grommets. These have a casual, playful vibe.

You can also use tie-backs or clips to hold the panel off to one side. This allows you to control privacy and light as needed!

At dolcewe, all curtains are available in grommet/eyelet, and ring top to fit various curtain rods. 

Double Panels

For more coverage, try a two-panel look! Layer your panels on separate rods for extra depth and visual interest.

Pretty choices:

  • Pinch pleat curtains have neatly folded pleats for a graceful, elegant style.

  • Wave curtains have an undulating shape for free-flowing modern flair.

Get creative with hanging heights, spacing and layers!

Asymmetrical Styles

Think outside the box! Use panels in unexpected places to frame the window uniquely.

  • Hang a single panel high up for a bold, dramatic effect.

  • Create a swagged treatment, gathered at the top for a glamorous feel.

Use colors and patterns that pop to make your asymmetrical half window treatment the star!

Café Curtains

Classic café curtains cover the lower portion of full windows. They're great for half windows too!

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Tier Curtains

Tiers work similar to café styles but come in connected pairs or sets for a more finished look.


Valances are short curtains that add personality without obstructing the view. They're fabulous combined with another window treatment.

Type of Curtains Benefits
Single Panels - Minimalist look
- Clean and sleek aesthetic
Double Panels - Fuller look
- Increased coverage
- Traditional and formal appearance
Asymmetrical Treatments - Unique and unexpected framing
- Modern and creative twist
Cafe Curtains - Privacy on lower portion
- Allows natural light through upper half
- Charming and cozy look
Tiered Curtains - Versatile privacy and light control
- Stylish and functional solution


Choosing the Right Curtains & Drapery for half windows

The most important decision is picking window covering for your needs and style!

Let's go over some key considerations...

Functionality: Sheer Curtains & Blackout Curtains

First, think about your room's purpose.

  • Do you need privacy, light filtering, or an open feel? This affects fabric opacity. 

  • Cotton and linen nicely block some light while allowing air flow.

  • Polyester and velvet blackouts are best for bedrooms or use sheer polyester in kitchens.

You can buy any curtain style in these fabrics, even adapted ones for half windows! Or you can layer sheer curtains over blinds for better light control.

At Dolcewe, the sheers and room darkening drapes are starting at $26.99. 

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Drapery Panels Style

Match your half window treatment to your overall decor.

  • Farmhouse looks tend to have natural fibers like linen with casual, rustic elements.

  • Modern rooms suit bold solid colors with sleek, geometric shapes.

  • Traditional spaces pair nicely with classic textured lined fabrics, elegant swags and tails.

Use fabric colors and patterns to complement existing pillows, art, and palettes. It's all about creating a put-together look!

Window Curtain Measurement and Installation

Measuring correctly ensures the perfect custom fit! Follow these steps when using regular curtains for half windows:

  1. Use a metal measuring tape. Do not rely on a ruler or old dimensions. Windows can be deceptive!

  2. Measure across the exact width inside the window frame from edge to edge. Note the shortest measurement at the top, middle, and bottom.

  3. For single panels, add 20% to allow gathering. For double panels, add at least 4 inches total to their combined width to enable sliding.

  4. Look for the total calculated width when buying curtains or enter it for custom panels.

Hanging is easy with basic hardware!

  • For rod pocket panels, slide onto appropriately sized window rods

  • Clip grommet top panels directly onto rods

  • Loop tab top panels over rods

See? No need for complicated installation! Proper measuring is key for making normal curtains work beautifully in half windows.

Additional considerations when dressing up half windows


I know decorating costs can add up! Basic curtain styles and fabrics range from $10-25 per panel.

More customized options are $30-60. Consider your budget for the project. Measure sales against the treatment quality and long-term wear.

At Dolcewe, all the custom curtains are starting at $26.99, sounds great, right?


Follow the included cleaning instructions for your chosen curtains.

Generally, natural fibers like cotton and linen can be machine-washed. Polyester blends and high-quality fabrics often need professional dry cleaning.

With proper care, your custom half-window designs will stay beautiful for years! I'll share more fabric care tips next month.

Professional Adjustments

For a polished custom fit, have your curtains made to measure. This will make them look perfectly built-for your special half window size and shape.

Skilled alterations make adapted curtains appear built-in rather than DIY.

Prices start around $25 per panel. Well worth it for certain difficult window situations and upscale rooms!

Shop the Best Curtains for Half Windows Online at Doclewe

I hope these ideas have inspired you to give your half windows a stylish new look!

For easy one-stop shopping, visit for everything you need at amazing prices.

Browse beautiful curtains in:

  • Tons of styles from swags to cafes

  • Every fabric like linens, gauze, velvet, blackouts

  • Gorgeous colors and lively patterns

  • Custom sizes for guaranteed fit

Just enter your half window measurements, choose fullness, select any style for any price point...and we’ll deliver made-to-order curtains straight to your doorstep!

With free shipping over $199 and prices starting at $26.99 per panel, half window fashion is more affordable than ever.

Stop struggling to find the perfect half window treatments. Chat with our team of design consultants today and refresh your space in a customized way that flows flawlessly with the rest of your decor!

Let us take care of the details while you focus on enjoying a beautifully dressed home. 

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