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Shop The Best Blue Curtains & Drapes Online

03 Feb 2024 0 Comments
best blue curtains

Hey everyone! James here, your friend with 10+ years of selling customized curtains at Let's talk my favorite color - blue!

Did you know blue is the world's most popular color? People just love its peaceful beauty. That's why blue curtains can make any room extra cozy and relaxing!

The main types are:

  • Sheer blue curtains let in lots of light

  • Blackout blue curtains block sunlight

  • Light-filtering only some light goes through

I'll teach you which works best as you pick home decor for your living room, bedroom, kitchen or wherever else!

The right blue curtains depend on your room size, style and lighting needs. Of course, budget matters too!

So read my handy guide on scoring amazing blue window treatments. Let's start with popular blue shades and designs...

Different Shades of Blue Curtains

Blue comes in so many gorgeous hues, each giving a unique decor vibe!

Light Blue

Think airy beaches and calm cottages with pale light blue curtains. The soothing color suits relaxed coastal or cottagecore rooms.

Light Blue Curtains

Navy Blue

Rich navy blue has a polished, elegant feel at home in classic or contemporary spaces. This timeless shade adds sophistication.

Dark Blue Blackout Curtains

Royal Blue

Go bold with vivid royal blue! Make a dramatic statement in formal dining rooms or eclectic living areas.

Royal Blue Blackout Curtains

Teal Blue

With natural vibrancy, teal blue energizes boho-chic and modern decors. Its refreshing uniqueness awakens any space.

Sky Blue

Delicate sky blue evokes serene skies, blending beautifully into airy Scandinavian and minimalist styles.

Sky Blue Blackout Curtains

Love blue? Keep reading for more of my favorite blue curtain picks for every room's lighting needs and personality!

Which soothing or striking blue is calling your name? Let me know, friends!

Choose The Best Blue Drapes by Rooms

Living Rooms: Sheer Curtains

In living spaces, select blue curtains that align with your style , desired ambiance, and light control needs.

Go for lighter sky blue or soft aqua sheer curtains to match a relaxed style. Or try regal navy or royal blue panels for a dramatic flair.

Bedrooms: Blackout Curtains & Room Darkening Curtains

Help ensure sound sleep with opaque blackout bedroom curtains in calming blue tones. Block light and increase privacy.

Choose darker navy or midnight blue blackout curtains to block light for better sleep.

Opt for blackout liner and room-darkening construction.


With potential cooking stains, easy-care light-filtering blue curtains suit kitchen windows best. Cottons and linens offer a natural, casual vibe.

Look for preppy navy and white stripe curtains that hide stains. Or breezy light blue cotton panels for an airy feel.


Buy moisture-resistant polyester shower curtains in tranquil light blue. Pair with navy accent rugs and bath mats.

Dining Rooms

Linen-look royal blue curtains filter sunlight during meals. Or dress windows with fancy damask or embroidered sheer overlays.

More Blue Curtain Panels Considerations


  • 100% cotton is ultra-soft, lightweight and breezy

  • Linen or cotton/linen blends have textured natural fibers that filter light

  • 100% polyester resists sun damage and is moisture-wicking

  • Cotton/poly blends combine softness with durability

  • Velvet offers luxurious feels.

At Dolcewe, all blue window curtain panels are starting at $26.99. Plus, free shipping for orders $199. Shop Today.


  • Room darkening blackout lining blocks 98-100% sunlight

  • Thermal insulated lining regulates room temperature


  • Grommets offer a modern sleek style

  • Rod pocket curtains blend seamlessly into soft fabric folds

  • Woven tab tops provide a casual dressed-down look

  • Clip rings attach panels securely to rods

At Dolcewe, all blue curtains are available in grommet tops, and ring tops to fit various curtain rods.  Plus, all grommet curtains are available in custom size for perfect fit. Sounds great right?


  • Machine-washable makes cleaning stress-free

  • Dry clean only preserves delicate materials

Blue Curtain Design Tips

Take your blue windows to the next level with these expert decor tricks:

Match Blues

Choose a blue curtain shade that coordinates with other blue pieces. For example, pair navy curtains with a navy and white striped rug.

Layer Sheers

Hang breezy semi-transparent sky blue sheers behind heavier solid navy drapes. This adds dimensional depth.

Opt for our layered curtains.

Showcase Patterns

Make cheery blue and white floral curtains the focal point. Keep other fabrics solid to let the vivid motif pop.

Balance Decor

Mix multiple blue tones and textures, but stick to one overall color scheme. Too many competing colors cause visual chaos.

See how small decorative decisions make a big difference? Now let's dive into my hand-picked recommendations for every style and budget...

Shop The Best Blue Curtains Online at Dolcewe

I hope you've enjoyed exploring different shades, styles and rooms to infuse with magnificent blues!

Want to effortlessly find picture-perfect blue curtains made just for you? Simply head to

We offer stunning:

  • Styles from casual grommet to formal floor-lengths

  • Fabrics like natural linen, cotton blends and performance polyester

  • Patterns from nautical stripes to calming paisleys to floral damasks

  • Custom sizes for a guaranteed flawless fit no matter you need a x 84 curtain or x 96 inches curtains. 

Just take a few measurements, pick your dream blue curtain design, and we'll deliver quality, affordable window magic straight to you in days for a fun-easy process you'll love.

With curtains starting at $26.99, free shipping over $199, and exceptionally fast crafting from our U.S. workrooms, it's never been simpler to envelop any room in your preferred shade of blue beauty.

Visit and explore the best made-to-order blue curtain options today!

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