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Finding The Best Grey Curtains For Living Room

02 Feb 2024 0 Comments
Best gray curtains for living room

I have been selling home decor items like curtains online for over 10 years now. Lately, I've noticed more and more customers buying grey curtains for their living rooms.

These curtains are becoming super popular because they go with any living room style.

Grey is a nice soft color that helps rooms feel calm and cozy. So grey curtains can create a relaxed mood in your living space.

I offer all kinds of grey curtains in my online store - from lightweight sheers to room-darkening blackouts. There's a perfect grey curtain for every home!

In this article, I'll share my insider tips for picking the best grey curtains for your living room. I'll talk about:

  • Matching curtains to your room's decor

  • Choosing fabrics and textures

  • Finding the right curtain height and length

  • Styling your new curtains

As an experienced home goods seller, I know all the little details that make a big difference when it comes to curtains.

So read on for my pro advice on selecting gorgeous grey living room curtains!

What to Think About When Buying Grey Curtains

Choosing the right grey curtains has a lot to do with your room's decor style.

Here's a quick guide to pairing curtains with popular living room looks

Consider Your Living room style

  • Modern rooms - Go for solid grey curtains in sleek fabrics like linen or microfiber. Grommets give a clean, contemporary look.

  • Farmhouse style - Choose natural textures like cotton and linen in soft greys. Rod pockets and tie-tops have a casual cottage feel.

  • Scandinavian decor - Light airy sheers in light greys complement the simple style. Ring top or back tab curtains work well.

  • For traditional rooms - Look for tailored velvet or polyester curtains in medium grey tones. Pinch pleat headings provide elegance.

  • With minimalist style - Neutral light to medium greys blend seamlessly. Ring top or grommet curtain headings keep things fuss-free.

Light Control Matters

Do you need blackout curtains or room darkening drapes to block light? Or breezy sheer curtain panels to filter the sun?

Light control impacts the ambiance in any living space.

  • Blackouts block outside light - perfect for media rooms or nighttime darkness.

  • Light filtering curtains allow some soft light to go through to illuminate space.

  • Sheers let in airy, open brightness to create an airier atmosphere.

Grey sheer curtains for living room

Fabrics Choice

When it comes to fabrics, materials like linen and cotton offer natural breathability for better airflow.

Polyester and velvet drapes provide more luxurious textures. They often have thicker insulation for sound dampening.

Size and Fullness

For small windows, focus on finding well-sized panels that fit as a glove.

With big bay windows, fuller curtains with more yardage create better proportions. And don't forget the hardware!

Grommets or eyelet, rod pockets, and other top styles change the look and function of your grey curtains.

At Dolcewe, we offer custom size and fullness customization for all curtains. Sounds great, right?

Note that our window curtains are sold as single panels. If you need a set of 2, you just need to add your window treatment to the cart one by one. 

Picking the Perfect Grey Shade

Grey curtains come in many shades - from pale cloudy greys to dark charcoal hues. The grey tone you choose impacts the whole vibe of your living room.

Lighter greys like pewter and silver create an airy, open ambiance. While deep charcoal grey curtains make a bold dramatic statement.

For a flexible neutral that adapts to changing light, medium greys are fail-safe options.

Warm Greys vs Cool Greys

Grey also comes in warm and cool undertones. Think warm greys with hints of beige and cool greys tinted blue. Match undertones to your room's color palette for a harmonious feel.

Cool greys complement blue and green color schemes.

Warmer greys pair well with taupes, tans, and wood furniture.

If your room comes with both warm and cool elements, opt for versatile mid-range neutral greys

Dark Grey Blackout Curtains

Choosing Greys by Room Size & Light

The scale of your room also impacts which grey tone works best:

  • Lighter greys in smaller rooms and spaces keep things open rather than closed-in.

  • For large airy living rooms, charcoal greys anchor the space.

  • North-facing rooms with limited natural light enjoy light-reflecting pale greys.

  • While sun-drenched spaces can handle richer darker grey tones without feeling too heavy.

Take your time deciding on a grey shade. And don't overlook the power of an all-grey color palette - grey on grey paired with white gives a very sophisticated monochromatic effect.

Trending Grey Curtain Looks

When it comes to styling your grey living room curtains, you have lots of attractive options. Let's check out some of the most popular current curtain trends.

Timeless Solid Grey Curtains

Nothing beats classic solid grey curtains when it comes to versatility.

With a color that works in almost any space, use block color curtains as a neutral base to layer textures and patterns over.

Solid grey makes small rooms feel open and expansive too.

Solid grey blackout curtains for living room

Natural Texture with Linen and Velvet

For natural depth and dimension, textured linen and luxury velvet grey curtains add cozy elegance.

Linen offers casual wrinkled texture and breathability. While plush crushed velvet provides stay-put richness perfect for sound dampening.

Modern Ombre Style

The color gradient of ombre curtains provides movement and visual drama.

Ombre grey curtains transition from pale silvery top shades to deeper charcoal base colors.

This modern take on grey establishes an intricacy that catches the eye.

Grey Ombre Curtains

Fun Patterns and Motifs

Go graphic with grey curtains sporting bold geometric prints, playful polka dot motifs or colorful abstract designs.

For more subtle patterns, look for tone-on-tone greys with textural woven textures like a boucle knit.

Curtain prints infuse whimsy and personality into any space.

Layered Light Filtering and Blackouts

Layer sheer grey curtains over blackout panels to enjoy the best of both worlds. Flowy light-filtering sheers allow daylight to shine through during the day.

Close the opaque blackout curtains at night for darkness and privacy. The layered drapes provides custom control over room lighting.

There are so many ways to style gorgeous grey curtains in your living room.

Share photos of your space and I can provide custom curtain recommendations!

Grey Layered Curtains

Expert Tricks for Styling Grey Curtains

Grey curtains offer a neutral foundation to craft a beautifully coordinated living room. Here are my best tips for accessorizing and styling your dream space:

Tie in Textures and Patterns

Don't be afraid to mix and match textures, prints and tones that share grey curtains' color palette. Layer on throw pillows featuring organic blues, greens, whites and tans.

And roll out patterned rugs with geometric shapes or global motifs echoing your curtain fabrics.

The eclectic combination of complementary fabrics and artisan details creates a collected look that highlights those versatile grey backdrop curtains.

Creatively Layer and Stack

You can also get decorative by stacking sheer and linen curtains for added depth at the window.

Or make things playful by hanging lightweight patterned or colorful sheers over basic opaque grey curtains.

This layered mix-and-match contrast provides a fun and engaging aesthetic.

Our gray curtain panels are available in grommet tops, and ring tops to fit various curtain rods. 

Functional and Chic Accents

Make your new grey curtains look more exciting by adding some nice extras!

Things like pretty tiebacks, clips, and poles. These accessories make your curtains work better and look way nicer too.

And don't forget about curtain length. Long floor-length grey curtains make a room feel big and fancy! Shorter puddle-length grey curtains keep things casual. Pick what you think fits best in your living room.

With cool add-ons and pretty lengths, your new grey curtains will shine!

Find Your Perfect Grey Curtains Online at Dolcewe

I hope this article helped you learn all about finding nice grey curtains! If you want to buy affordable and good-looking grey curtains online, please visit Dolcewe.

Dolcewe has all kinds of awesome grey curtains. Linen, velvet, solids, patterns - whatever you need for your living room! We can even make custom curtains measured special for your windows.

Plus, Dolcewe's team of skilled craftspeople can even make perfect-fit customized curtains to your exact window specifications no matter if you have a 84 inches one or 96 inches window. Our prices start at $26.99 per curtain panel.

Orders over $199 free shipping too! Check out Dolcewe's big selection of quality grey curtains today my friends. Let me know if you need any help finding your perfect curtains!

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