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Finding The Best Curtains For Entry Doors

02 Feb 2024 0 Comments
best curtains for entry door

Hey friends! I'm James, the owner of, your number one shop for customized curtains and window treatments for 10 years

In my experience, entry door curtains don't get enough credit for their transformative powers!

Putting up curtains serves some really handy purposes:

  • Gives you privacy from peepers

  • Helps control light and temperature

  • Makes your space way more stylish!

When picking entryway or  front door curtains, there are a few big decisions to make:

  • What material should you get?

  • How much light do you need to block out?

  • What look are you going for?

  • What size will fit?

Lots to think about, I know! But that's what I'm here for. Let's explore some of the best kinds of curtains for dressing up your doorway.

Types of Entry Door Curtains

sheer curtains for entry doors

Sheer Curtains

These breezy window curtains are made from lightweight see-through fabrics like voile or net.

Good stuff:

  • Sheer door curtain panels let in nice natural light

  • Enhance the prettiness of your entry

  • Give a tiny bit of privacy while still having an open airy feel

Not-so-good stuff:

  • These door window drapes don't block peepers or light very well

Lined Curtains

This type of curtains for doors has an extra layer of fabric sewn onto the back for extra coziness. The lining can be made from all kinds of materials like felt, flannel, or blackout fabric.

Good stuff:

  • More privacy and light-blocking than sheer

  • Come in different lining materials to match your needs

  • Offer some extra insulation for temperature control

Not-so-good stuff:

  • Can get real heavy and poofy

Blackout Curtains

As their name says, these door panels block light like pros!

Good stuff:

  • Pitch black environment for sleeping

  • Top-notch privacy

  • Keep rooms way cooler on hot days no matter if you have a patio door or glass doors

Not-so-good stuff:

  • Can look a bit clunky 

  • Block natural light if you open them in the day

Our blackout room darkening curtains with grommet headers can be used as stylish sidelight curtains while effectively blocking light around entry doors.

At Dolcewe, we offer dozens of multi-layer french door curtains. So you have use them as sheer curtains during the day and use as blackout ones at night.  

Note that our blackout French door drapes are sold as 1 panel. 

Café Curtains

This kind of doorway curtain only covers the lower part of the door. Cute and casual!

Good stuff:

  • Let light in up top while covering feet level

  • More laidback look

Not-so-good stuff:

  • Don't work on all door shapes

  • Might leave you a bit too exposed!

Tiered Curtains

These feature two layers of decorative fabric, one on top of the other. Fancy!

Good stuff:

  • Layered, elegant look

  • Flexibility in light control

Not-so-good stuff:

  • Harder to hang up

  • More effort to style

Choosing the Perfect Entry Curtains: A 5-Step Guide

blackout curtains for entry doors

Finding entry curtains tailored to your exact needs and style doesn't have to be tricky. Just follow these steps:

Here are the updated step-by-step recommendations for selecting the right entry curtains.

Let me know if you need any clarification or have additional suggestions:

Step 1: Define the Door's Main Purpose

  • Identify which family members use the entry door and for what reasons most often. Do kids use it frequently? Adults entering from the garage? Formal dining guests? Understanding the demographics and use cases will inform functional needs.

  • Note the door's exposure to elements like sunlight, rainfall, cold winds. West-facing doors see hot evening light. North entries face cold blasts. Accounting for solar and temperature nuances ensures appropriate fabric choices.

  • Photograph the door from both interior and exterior angles. The photos will reveal architectural factors like overhang coverage, vision obstructions, aesthetic synergies for me to suggest tailored options.

Step 2: Decide on Light and Privacy Levels

  • Consider what rooms the entry door connects to and their lighting needs. For home office doors, blackout fabrics prevent outdoor light glare. Living room entryways often prioritize natural light diffusion.

  • Survey neighbors' sight lines into the door area. Nearby two-story houses may be able to peer directly in during bright afternoons or glowy evenings. Strategic privacy levels prevent unwanted eyes.

  • Install removable liner layers or dual curtain panels on doors needing seasonal light modulation. Summer heat benefits from blackout insulation. While wintertime craves every stray sunlight beam.

Step 3: Match Fabric to Decor

  • Take photos of your existing space - furniture, floors, artwork etc. This shows the color scheme and styles that new curtains should complement.

  • For traditional interior designs, consider classically patterned fabrics like floral or plaid. Or elegant solid colors like navy, gray green, or ivory.

  • For modern, minimalist rooms, stick to solid-colored linen-cotton blends in muted neutrals like cream, light gray or tan.

  • For a cozy cottage or farmhouse feel, try checks, stripes or small calico prints in reds, buffalo plaids and barnyard hues.

  • Send me your interior photos and I can recommend specific curtain color/pattern pairings.

Step 4: Take Precise Measurements

  • Use a steel tape measure for accuracy. Measure width from each side's outermost point the curtains will span.

  • For height, measure from the top of the door trim down to where you want curtains to fall. Add at least 2 extra inches for optimal hanging clearance.

  • Take photos of measurements next to tape measure for easy reference.

Step 5: Install with Suitable Hardware

  • Sturdy curtain rods extending 6-12 inches past window frame edges provide optimal hanging stability, sweeping visual impact and stackback clearance when opened fully.

  • Clear acrylic mountings blend discreetly on doors with trim molding details to preserve architectural aesthetics. Or iron scaffolds with ornate shapes accent the entry's form for a striking amalgamation of metalwork and fabrics.

  • Match hardware finishes to existing fixtures like door handles, light frames and entryway vents. Uniform metals and color tones tie spaces together.

Other Important Steps

café curtains for entry doors

Picking pretty curtains is step one. But finishing things off perfectly matters too.

Hardware for Hanging

Entryways need tough rods and brackets that smoothly open heavy curtains.

  • Tension rods stretch snug between walls if you can't drill brackets

  • Ring tops slide easily onto skinny hooks sticking from molding trim

  • Sturdy back tabs hook fabric securely to discrete ceiling mounts

See how it's done right? Smooth and sturdy is key!

Layered Curtains

Opt for multi-layer curtains for more privacy, light filtering, or heat control.

  • Blackout cloth blocks streetlights beaming in bedrooms

  • Sheer fabric diffuses hot summer sunlight

  • Warm flannel keeps out winter chill

Pick a lining purpose that meets your entry's needs.

Care and Cleaning

Dirt, dust and grime build up faster on entry curtains exposed to outside elements.

  • Choose machine washable fabrics like durable cottons and linens when possible

  • Follow individual product washing guidance carefully

  • Light cleaning preserves curtains for decades of daily use

With occasional attention, your entryway curtains will keep welcoming folks home beautifully for years to come!

Shop The Best Entry Curtains Online at Doclewe

After learning all about picking perfect entry curtains, discover thousands of affordably priced options custom-sized for your door at

Browse beautiful curtains available in:

  • Hundreds of on-trend fabrics and colors

  • Loads of stylish patterns and prints

  • Different opacities and liner choices

  • Various standard plus extended length sizes

Or provide your exact measurements for made-to-fit precision tailored to every unique entry.

Prices start at just $26.99 for custom sizes drapes. And currently enjoy free shipping on orders above $199.

With convenient online shopping across myriad styles underpinned by decade-long family business integrity, Doclewe makes achieving entryway elegance wonderfully stress-free.

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