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Picking the Perfect Curtains for Your Girl‘s Bedroom

01 Feb 2024 0 Comments
Picking the Perfect Curtains for Your Girl‘s Bedroom

Hi everyone! I'm James, the owner of, where we make custom curtains and home decor. I've been helping families design their dream rooms for over 10 years now.

In this article, I'll guide you through choosing the best curtains to match your daughter's style and interests. Curtains aren't just decorative - they make a room feel complete!

Here's what curtains can do for your girl's bedroom:

  • Add privacy - Block outside eyes from peeking in

  • Control light - Keep the room nice and dark for sleeping

  • Perk up style - Bring together all the decorative details

There are a few main types of curtains to pick from:

  1. Blackout - Extra thick to block sunlight

  2. Sheer - Light and elegant material

  3. Patterned - Fun colors and designs

We'll explore ideas for girls of any age, whether she's into princesses, science, fairy tales or wants a stylish modern room. I'll also share popular color pairings you can use for her curtains and talk about the different materials to choose between.

Let's get excited about creating your daughter's dream bedroom! Keep reading and I'll walk you through it step-by-step.

Popular Curtain Panels Color Pairs for Girls' Rooms

When choosing curtains, consider which colors you already have going on in your daughter's bedroom. Matching the window treatment colors to the existing room decor is an easy way to pull the whole room together.

Some popular color combinations for girls are:

  • Turquoise and coral - This tropical pairing feels fun and playful. Try coral sheer curtains with a turquoise pattern.

  • Pink and gray - Gray and pink curtains with pom pom trim are darling for a stylish vibe.

  • Aqua and coral - Feels youthful and vibrant. Aqua patterned curtains with coral wall art tie nicely.

If you need inspiration, search for girl bedroom color schemes on Pinterest for more examples!

Choosing the Right Drapes Material: Velvet Curtains & Sheer Curtains

The material is important for getting the right look and function. Here's a quick rundown of popular options:

  • Polyester - Resists wrinkles and fading. Durable and easy to clean.

  • Cotton - Breathable natural fiber. Soft with great light control.

  • Linen - Textured, casual effect. Lightweight and goes with a variety of styles.

  • Velvet - Luxurious plush feel. Blocks light beautifully. Perfect as nursery curtains.

  • Sheer - Lightweight, transparent. Allows soft filtered daylight. Perfect curtains for living room.

Consider how opaque you need the curtains to be, and which textures and styles match the vibe you want. This helps narrow the selection when you start browsing.

We handcraft curtains in all of these materials at, custom-made to your kid room. Browse our collection for gorgeous inspiration!

Let's explore some perfect curtain options for your daughter's special age and personality...

Toddlers & Preschoolers:  Blackout Curtains & More

For the youngest girls, curtains should be playful, functional, and include her current favorite characters!

Themes & Patterns

Choose bright colors and fun prints, like polka dots, stripes, or whimsical shapes.

This creates an upbeat, playful girl room your energetic tot will love.

Pink blackout Curtains for girl's room

Blackout Functionality

Room darkening & Blackout curtains allow the room to get nice and dark for naps and nighttime.

This helps your little one sleep better.

Character Appeal

Look for girl room curtains featuring popular cartoon or movie characters your daughter loves.

Disney princesses, LOL Surprise, Paw Patrol - this makes it extra special!

School-Age Girls

As your daughter's interests expand, let the curtains reflect her evolving personality!


Does your young girl love science, soccer, ballet, superheroes?

There are so many themed curtain designs today like star charts, sport scenes, dancers, and more.


Add an extra layer of elegance with layered curtains in complementary colors and prints.

This works with almost any theme or color scheme.

Two-Layer Pink Lace Curtain For Girl

Teen Girl Bedroom Curtains

Your teen's style is unique. Collaborate on curtains for girl's rooms that make her space stylish and private.


Teen life gets busy. Blackout curtains let her retreat and recharge. They also provide privacy when needed.


What's her aesthetic? Urban jungle prints or boho tassels? Consult her taste for pattern, color and design.

Curtains are an easy style switch, so she can refresh her look whenever she wants!


Tie her whole decorative vision together. If she wants moody dark walls or gallery-style photo arrangements, find curtains that work seamlessly with her planned design.

We'll make it happen at!

Pink Lace Girly Blackout Curtains

Theme Curtain for Girls

Beyond age, think about your girl's unique style and interests.

Here are some ideas how to capture popular themes with gorgeous window curtains to make her space magical.

Princess Palace

Every girl's inner royal highness deserves curtains as elegant as her dreams!

Flowing Fabrics

Rely on soft colors like powder blue, blush pink, lilac and ivory.

Silky sheers, tulle overlay panels and gauzy textures conjure ethereal princess vibes.

Crowning Glory

Look for tiara, wand and crown motifs or sparkling accents on the curtains. Choose castle and floral medallions for dimension.

Your little princess will feel like the star of her own fairytale!

Once Upon Her Favorite Story

Does she constantly re-read tales of mermaids, unicorns or woodland fairies looking for lost treasure?

Now her special kingdom can come alive right in her girly bedroom!

Beloved Characters

Find fairytales with your favorite characters. Get room curtains with pretty scenes from these stories. This makes your room magical!

Surround her with these precious friends as she plays or slumbers.

Magic & Whimsy

Colors should be bright but soft. Patterns can be rainbows, dragon scales, stars and planets! So many playful options!

Layers of gossamer overlay panels can add depth and dreamy luminosity.

pink girly curtains

Modern Minimalist

Prefer sleek, contemporary style? Check out gorgeous minimalist curtains.

Clean Lines

Solid colors and simple yet striking lines maintain order and clarity.

Dimensional Style

Geometric patterns, offset panels and raised textural elements infuse character without clutter.

Vibrant Colors

Punchy, vibrant and daring hues like emerald or tangerine make these curtains pop astrue works of art.

Boho Paradise

Channel wanderlust, renewal and the beauty of nature with layers of earthy-toned boho curtains.

Natural Materials

Handcrafted cotton, raw linen and tactile woven textures allow an organic feel.

Wanderlust Patterns

We have fun global prints. Like leaves and swirls and circles. They make you dream of exploring faraway places!

As you can see, curtains wield tremendous power to create a themed space reflecting your daughter's inner world!

We custom design to match any personality at Let me know your girl's unique style and we'll make magic happen!

Shop Her Perfect Window Curtains Online At Dolcewe

At you'll discover a wonderland of darling curtains for girls to browse.

Doclewe Girls Curtain Collection

We make custom curtains in any size you need. You can pick pretty tulle princess fabric.

Or watercolor flower prints. Or solid blackout fabric for modern rooms. So many options!


Due to our on-demand production, you can fully customize sizing even for awkward windows.

Our custom curtains start at $26.99 with free shipping for orders over $199.

Use the instant online design tool to experiment with colors and arrange layers to your heart's content!

We'd love to make your daughter's curtain dreams into a beautiful reality. Just reach out if you would like any guidance with special accommodations or design advice.

Let's create a fairy tale bedroom she'll cherish for years to come!

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