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Find The perfect curtains for high-traffic area

05 Feb 2024 0 Comments
dolcewe blackout curtains for high-traffic area

Hi there! I'm James, the storeowner of We make custom curtains and window stuff. I've sold curtains for over 10 years now. So I know a fair bit about them.

Folks often ask me: "What curtains work best in busy areas of my home?"

Great question! High traffic spots like living rooms and kitchens need tough curtains. Why? Because people will walk past them a lot. Kids may grab them. Spills could happen. All that daily use can:

  • Snag or rip the fabric

  • Make colors fade

  • Lead to bad stains

  • Make curtains wear out faster

The trick is picking window stuff that can handle all that. For high traffic areas, look for curtains that are:

  • Made of sturdy materials

  • Easy to clean if accidents happen

  • A style that will last despite heavy use

In this article, I'll share my best curtain tips after years of helping homes. Keep reading for advice you can count on!

What to Look for in Curtains for Busy Areas

sheer curtains for high-traffic area image

When picking window stuff for high traffic spots, keep these things in mind:


The fabric you choose matters a ton! Here's a rundown of popular kinds:

  • Polyester: My #1 pick for durability. Withstands heavy use and washing. Usually wrinkle-free too. A great affordable option.

  • Cotton: Feels nice and natural. Breathable for comfort. Careful though - may shrink or wrinkle.

  • Linen: Very stylish! Naturally resists stains. But wrinkles like crazy.

  • Synthetic blends: Mix good traits of different fabrics. Example: poly-cotton is soft, sturdy and launders well.

Specialty materials like blackout and thermal work well too. Blackout blocks light and insulates. Ideal for media rooms or nurseries.


The right style ensures curtains stay looking neat and avoid snags:

  • Roller shades are very simple with a clean look. Easy to roll up.

  • Roman shades have some nice fabric texture. Still simple and durable.

  • Go for panel curtains with basic grommet or tab tops. Skip ones with fancy trims!

Avoiding extra long curtains. They're pretty but in busy areas will likely get dirty fast.

At Dolcewe, all the curtains and drapes are available in grommet/eyelet or ring top to fit various curtain rods. Sounds great, right?


Consider what you need the curtains to do:

  • Block light? Blackout is the way to go.

  • Help insulate? Add thermal liners.

  • Looking for privacy or sound dampening? Special materials can help too.

Curtain Lengths

Choosing the right length of the curtain matters a lot when it comes to keeping curtains fresh and working right in high traffic spots.

In general, go for short or floor length panels. These puddle at the bottom nicely and their straight lines are way easier to clean.

As for exact inches, that depends on your windows. The common sizes are:

  • 63 inches

  • x 72 inches
  • 84 inches

  • 96 inches

  • High ceilings 108 inches

  • 120 inches

I'd skip extra long puddle lengths. Pretty yes but not practical with lots of walking past them!

At Dolcewe, all curtains are available in custom size to fit your needs, starting at $26.99

Tips for Other Busy Rooms

Cream Curtains in bathroom

Living Rooms

This main hangout space needs to look good but also handle lots of use. Opt for curtains made of durable yet decorative fabrics like poly-cotton blends or textured linens.

Styles should complement your décor - try wide curtain panels or relaxed romans.


Kitchen curtains really take a beating! Splatter happens. Grease lingers in the air. Choose materials that you can toss in the wash regularly:

  • Durable polyester or poly-cottons

  • Moisture-resistant vinyls

  • Stain-resistant synthetics

Simple cafe curtain styles work well. Or opt for sleek roller shades you can wipe clean as needed.


Here, focus on comfort and privacy. Block daylight and street noise with:

  • Blackout curtains - dark, room-darkening fabrics

  • Thermal curtains - for sound dampening and insulation

  • Insulated roller shades - effective and easy to use

Kids' Rooms

Fun patterns please kids but these rooms need super durable curtains.

Look for machine-washable fabrics like polyester or microfiber. Panel styles with sturdy grommets work well. Skip dangling cords for safety.


Humidity and dampness require moisture-resistant materials. Try mildew-resistant polyester blends or wipeable vinyls. Simple shades or short panels make maintenance easy.

Keeping Your Curtains Looking Fresh

white blackout curtains in bedroom image

To make busy area curtains last:

  • Clean often - Vacuum gently or spot clean stains ASAP. Check label for washing instructions.

  • Iron or steam delicate fabrics if wrinkles appear. Watch heat levels.

  • Add blackout or thermal liners to existing curtains. Gives older curtains new life!

  • Replace curtains once they're really worn, stained or damaged. Maintains function and your rooms' style.

Investing in the right curtains from the start prevents needing replacements every year. But with heavy use, wear does happen. Just stay on top of care.

Shop Our Custom High Traffic Curtains

At, we offer a wide range of curtains made to endure busy homes' tough conditions.

  • Hundreds of durable yet gorgeous styles and colors

  • Made-to-measure sizing for a perfect fit

  • Starting at just $26.99 with free shipping over $199

I'm confident we have high quality, easy-care curtains perfect for your living space. Shop now or contact me anytime for recommendations! After 10+ years helping customers choose the right window treatments, I'm happy to help you select hardworking curtains that balance beauty and durability.

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