Best Seller Blue Blackout Curtains

Josie Polyester Blackout

Experience 100% blackout. These soundproof, thermally insulated polyester curtains are available in custom sizes.
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Shiloh Dark Blue

The durable polyester blend fabric ensures 99% blackout efficiency. With a soft, luxurious drape, this curtain bring casual warmth and refined style.
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Amari Velvet Hazel Blue

Crafted from high-quality velvet, these curtains drape smoothly and add depth to any room. These curtains offer 99% blackout efficiency
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Elsie Jacquard Textured

These embossed jacquard polyester curtain offer complete light blocking and thermal insulation. They drape beautifully and maintain their shape
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Octavia Chenille Hazel Blue

Indulge in the luxurious feel of this chenille curtain. The plush, velvety fabric drapes elegantly, creating stunning visual depth.
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Elora Two-Layer

The sheer gauze with intricate lace, allows for a delicate interplay of light. The premium polyester blend ensures optimal privacy.
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Eliza Chenille Jacquard

Crafted from premium chenille fabric with jacquard geometric pattern , these plush drapes feel like a cozy teddy bear hug. They block 99% of light, creating a serene oasis for restful sleep
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Meredith Jacquard Textured

The thick chenille fabric, woven with textured Jacquard patterns, adds a welcoming feel to any room. These blackout curtains block 95% of light and reduce noise, ensuring a restful sleep
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Maeve Two-Layer

This Two-Layer Curtain features a white gauze layer with flower lace and a blackout polyester layer, providing 90% blackout and thermal insulation. Custom sizes in blue, cream, grey
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Thea Embossed Embroidery

The intricate embossed embroidery cloud pattern adds elegance and whimsy. Made from thick, plush chenille, these curtains provide superb light control and privacy
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Bryn Velvet Embossing

Made from luxurious, thick velvet fabric. The intricate Jacquard geometric pattern adds a touch of elegance. It provides over 90% blackout and excellent sound absorption,
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Matilda Ultra-Thick Polyster

Experience ultimate comfort. Made from ultra-thick 1200g/m² polyester, these curtains block 99.9% of light and absorb noise. Custom sizes available.
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Kenia Linen Blackout

Made from high-quality linen, these curtains are soft, thick, and easy to maintain. Enjoy 99% blackout efficiency and superior soundproofing
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Presley Shining Blue

The simple yet elegant design drapes smoothly. Crafted from durable polyester blend, it block 99% of light, and provide thermal insulation
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April Cotton Minimalist

Crafted from soft cotton blend, it drapes smoothly and feels as soft as cream. With 99% blackout, it creates a cozy and peaceful atmosphere
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Elisa Dark Blue/Yellow

Featuring bold combinations like dark blue/yellow, these curtains add a modern touch. Enjoy 99% blackout efficiency, perfect for bedrooms and living spaces
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Yareli Blue Ombre

Featuring a chic ombre design and hollow star pattern, these polyester blend curtains offer 90% blackout efficiency. Custom sizes & headers available.
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Juniper Mediterranean

Enhance your home with color-blocking blackout curtains. Crafted from soft chenille, these curtains in blue, green, and pink block 90% of light, insulate, and reduce noise.
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Best Seller Blue Sheer Curtains

Anette Chenille Striped

Featuring white gauze with vertical Chenille stripes, these curtains balance texture and beauty. They filter sunlight to create a soft, ambient glow while ensuring privacy
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Jazmyn Velvet Sheer

Experience understated sophistication with Jazmyn Velvet Curtains. These sheer, high-quality velvet curtains filter light and maintain privacy. Available in custom sizes
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Colbie Blue Lace Sheer

Handcrafted with lace flower embroidery, these gauze curtains soften light and maintain privacy. Customizable sizes and various header styles are available.
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Yaritza Warp-knitted Sheer

Enhance your home with this warp-knitted Hollow Curtain. Crafted from flower gauze fabric, these sheer curtains filter light and ensure privacy.
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Alisha Blue Floral

Featuring a mesmerizing blue lotus pattern. Made from white gauze fabric, it softly filters light and ensures privacy.
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Bryanna Grid Sheer

Crafted from durable gauze with a sophisticated grid pattern, these curtains filter light and maintain privacy.
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Blue blackout curtains

The Ultimate Guide to Blue Blackout Curtains: Benefits, Styles & Top Picks

Blue blackout curtains are a popular choice for many homes. They block out sunlight, provide privacy, regulate temperature, and reduce noise. The calming blue color can also add a serene touch to any room's decor, whether it's a bedroom, living room, or home office.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll cover everything you need to know about blue blackout curtains. We'll discuss their benefits, different styles available, how to choose the right size and material, and share our top product recommendations.

Let's dive in!

Benefits of Blue Blackout Curtain Panels

Light Blocking

Blue blackout curtains are excellent at blocking out sunlight, creating a dark environment perfect for sleeping, watching movies, or for shift workers who need to rest during the day.

Darker shades of blue like navy or indigo tend to block more light compared to lighter shades like sky blue or aqua.

Tip: Use a set of 2 panels for better light control and visual effect. 

Noise Reduction

The thick, tightly woven fabric of blackout curtains can also help reduce outside noise, creating a more peaceful and quiet space. This is especially beneficial for bedrooms or home offices where concentration is key.

Temperature Regulation & Energy Efficiency

Blackout curtains provide an extra layer of insulation at your windows. They can help keep heat out in the summer and cold out in the winter for more efficient temperature control and energy conservation. This can lead to lower heating and cooling bills.

UV Protection

Blue blackout room darkening curtains also protect your furniture, carpet, and artwork from fading due to ultraviolet (UV) exposure. 

The sun's harsh rays can cause colors to fade over time, but blackout lining helps preserve your interior decor.


For ground-floor rooms or windows that face a busy street, blue blackout curtains offer an extra level of privacy. They prevent outsiders from seeing into your home, giving you peace of mind day and night.

Styles of Blue Blackout Window Curtains

Blue blackout curtains come in a variety of styles to suit any decor:

  • Solid colors: From navy blue to royal blue to sky blue

  • Patterns: Geometric prints, florals, stripes, ombre, plaid

  • Textured fabrics: Linen, velvet, cotton, polyester

  • Sheer curtains with blackout lining


Blue blackout curtains are available in different fabrics.

  • Polyester is a common, affordable option.
  • Linen blends are more natural and textured.
  • Velvet adds a luxurious feel.
  • Cotton is soft and breatheable

 Shades of Blue

The shade of blue you choose can greatly influence the feel of your room.

Dark, rich shades like navy or royal blue create a formal, sophisticated look.

Lighter shades like sky blue or aqua have a more casual, airy vibe.

Window Curtain Panel Headers

The curtain header refers to how the curtain attaches to the curtain rod. Common header styles for blue blackout curtains include:

  • Grommet: Metal rings for a modern look

  • Rod pocket: A sewn-in pocket for a classic look

  • Back tab: Fabric loops for a seamless look

  • Pinch pleat: Gathered pleats for an elegant look

At Dolcewe, our blue blackout grommet curtains are also made to measure to fit your unique windows.

 Curtain Sizes

Blue blackout curtains are available in a range of sizes to fit various window dimensions. Common sizes include:

  • Width: 42", 52", 84", 96", 108"

  • Length: 63", 84", 95", 108", 120"

For extra wide windows, look for curtain panels that come as a set of 2. You can also find extra long curtains for tall windows or custom sizes for the perfect fit.

How to Choose Blue Blackout Curtains

Fabric & Lining Material

When choosing blue blackout curtains, consider the fabric and lining material:

  • 100% polyester is durable, easy to clean, and affordable

  • Cotton or linen blends offer a more natural look and feel

  • Velvet adds a luxurious touch.  Perfect blackout curtains for bedroom

  • Triple-weave technology creates a thick, light-blocking material without a separate lining

  • Blackout Thermal insulated lining provides extra temperature control

Tip: When choose curtains for living room, pair your blackout curtains with sheer curtains. 

Safety Certifications

For peace of mind, look for blue blackout curtains with safety certifications like Oeko-Tex, which ensures the fabric is free from harmful substances.

Measuring for the Right Fit

To ensure your blue blackout curtains fit properly, measure your window's width and length. For width, measure the curtain rod and add 8-12 inches on each side for full coverage. For length, measure from the top of the curtain rod to your desired bottom point, whether that's the windowsill, floor, or somewhere in between.

Installation & Care

Proper installation is key to maximizing the blackout effect of your curtains:

  • Measure carefully and mount curtain rods close to the wall or ceiling to minimize light gaps

  • Use a double rod to layer blackout curtains with sheer curtains

  • For extra light blocking, install window blinds or shades underneath the curtains

To keep your curtains looking their best, follow the manufacturer's care instructions. Many blue blackout curtains are machine washable in cold water. Use mild detergent, avoid bleach, and iron on low heat if needed to release wrinkles.

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