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Cheap Custom Curtains & Drapes Online

05 Feb 2024 0 Comments
Cheap Custom Curtains & Drapes Online

Custom curtains are getting very popular lately. What's so great about them? You can pick the perfect fabric, size, and style to match your home. It's like curtains made just for you! However, finding cheap custom curtains online can be hard.

That's why I started I'm James, the owner. I've sold home decor for over 10 years. At my store, you can design affordable custom curtains and drapes that suit your budget.

In this blog, I'll share:

  • Key things to think about when buying custom curtains

  • Tips for finding cheap custom curtains online

  • How to get the most from your custom curtain purchase

  • Doclewe's cheap custom curtains, starting at $26.99

Picking the Perfect Custom Drapes

Choosing custom curtains that work for you takes some thought. Here are the most important things to think about:

Size Matters Most

To get curtains that fit right, accurate measurements are a must. Measure each window from top to bottom and side to side. Then add your desired length.

Don't forget to account for hardware clearance too!

Fabric Makes a Difference: Blackout, Sheer Curtains & more.

Think about how much light and privacy you need.

Sheer curtains let in light but not privacy.

Blackout curtains block light and prying eyes.

Linen has a casual, breezy look. Velvet is elegant and decorative.

Each fabric has pros and cons, so choose what best fits your room.

Style Points

Consider the header style - grommets, rod pockets, tab tops, and more create different looks.

Grommets give a modern style while rod pockets keep things casual. Go with what you think looks best!

Set Your Budget

Custom curtains can get expensive, so set a realistic budget beforehand.

We offer lots of affordable custom curtains at Doclewe, starting at just $26.99. Or save money by choosing budget-friendly fabrics and simple styles.

Hunting for Cheap Custom Curtain Deals

Looking to save money on custom curtains? Here are my best tips:

Shop Around

Lots of popular stores offer custom curtains online these days. I recommend browsing the sites below to compare prices, fabrics, and customization options.

With more options to evaluate, you'll likely find the best deal on quality custom curtains for your budget and style.

Store Details
Country Curtains Wide range of classic to modern styles
Custom Curtains Direct Budget panels from $20+
OnlineCurtainStore Specialize in blackout and thermal curtains
WindowCurtainsExpert Great selection of high-end designer drapes
Doclewe Affordable custom curtains from $26.99


Compare Features

As you browse, check the cost, materials, customization choices, and shipping fees. See which store best fits your budget and needs.

Note that at Dolcewe, we offer free shipping for orders $199

Use Coupons!

Sign up for store emails to snag discounts.  Just avoid shady deals that seem too good to be true.

At Dolcewe, all customers will get 10% off coupon upon registration.

DIY On a Budget

Sewing your own basic custom curtains can save cash. But getting pro tailoring ensures a polished, perfect fit design.

Getting the Most from Your Custom Curtains Order

You've found the perfect discounted custom curtains. Now let's make sure your order goes smoothly!

Check Measurements Twice

I can't stress this enough - double and triple-check your curtain measurements!

Getting the length and width 100% accurate avoids big mistakes.

Opt for our free curtain size calculator for help.

Order Samples First

Have fabric samples and swatches sent to your door to see the real colors and textures.

Samples let you confirm you'll love the fabric before purchasing.

Communicate Details

Discuss custom details with customer service - measurements, preferred headings, lining, everything!

Clear communication prevents errors.

At Dolcewe, we are proud of top-notch customer service!

Read Reviews

See what other real customers say first in ratings and reviews. This gives insight into the product quality and brand service.

Shop The Best Budget Custom Curtains & Drapery

Ready to shop for affordable custom made curtains? At Doclewe, I strive to make stunning curtains accessible and at affordable prices

We offer 100 + fabrics and styles to match any decor, including:

  • Sheers, blackouts, linens, velvets, pleat styles and more

  • Ring top, Rod pocket, grommet, tab top headers

  • Variety of colors and patterns

And the customization options are endless! Order curtains tailored to your exact window sizes, lengths, and fullness preferences.

Our cheap custom curtains start at just $26.99. Plus get free shipping on orders $199+!

I aim to provide quality tailoring and friendly service after 10+ years in home decor.

Check out our custom curtain selection and elevate your windows while staying on budget!

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