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Best Curtains For UPVC Windows

16 Feb 2024 0 Comments
Best Curtains For UPVC Windows

Hey everyone, James here - owner of, your one stop for custom curtains. We have been helping customers for over 10 years pick the best window treatments.

uPVC windows have gotten very popular lately. These rigid plastic window frames keep your energy bills low and don't need painting. More folks get uPVC windows installed instead of old wooden frames now.

But finding good curtains for uPVC windows can be hard! The sleek plastic makes regular curtains slip and slide. And you can't just screw brackets into them like wood. I made this article to help you out.

With my experience at Doclewe, I'll give you tips on finding curtains that match your uPVC windows perfectly! I'll cover:

  • How to measure your plastic windows right

  • Fabrics and styles that work with the smooth surface

  • Hanging options that don't damage the frames

Let's get you set up with stylish, functional curtains made for your modern uPVC windows!

Understanding Your Needs

stylist curtains for uvpc windows

When getting new curtains, there are a few things to think about first. Let's look at the key options so you can pick what works best in your home.


What do you need your curtains to do? Control light? Give privacy? Help insulate the room?

  • Do you need full blackout to darken a bedroom or home theater?
  • Light-filtering fabrics let in some light while softening glare. Great for living rooms.
  • Need full privacy from neighbors or the street? Choose lined curtains in heavier fabrics.
  • Well-insulated curtains can reduce heat/cooling loss through uPVC windows.


Match your curtains to your room’s look and feel. Consider these popular options:

  • Grommets fit sleek modern spaces with their clean metal rings sliding onto rods
  • Tab tops have looped fabric instead of grommets for a casual cottage vibe
  • Rod pockets slide right onto the rod for that classic gathered look

Make sure to pick styles made specifically for smooth surfaces like uPVC.


From casual cottons to luxurious velvets, fabric choice impacts appearance, durability and maintenance.

  • All-natural fabrics like linen and cotton suit more laidback decors.
  • Polyester blends resist fading and are budget-friendly.
  • Blackout lining helps darken rooms fully – great for media spaces or bedrooms.

At Dolcewe, our curtains are made of quality materials, starting at $26.99. 

Choosing the Right Curtains for Your uPVC Windows

elegant curtain designs for uvpc windows

Now that you know the basics, let's match specific curtains to your needs.

Light Control

Blocking light entirely? Go for:

  • Blackout curtains in thick fabrics like velvet with blackout lining
  • Silent roller blinds that roll down and block all light

For simple softening, try:


Concerned about privacy? Choose:

  • Lined curtains in heavier, draping fabrics obscure views
  • For full coverage get lined curtain + sheer combinations. Opt for our multi-layer curtains
  • Lightweight voile curtains soften sightlines when privacy isn’t critical


Well-insulated curtains improve energy efficiency. Ideal options:

  • Thermal blackout-lined curtains reduce heat/cooling loss
  • Velvet or other thick pile fabrics also insulate rooms
  • Install floor-to-ceiling for maximum insulation capability


Match your room’s aesthetics with:

  • Modern grommet curtains on sleek uPVC windows
  • Rustic charm with casual tab top curtains
  • Rod pocket curtains for a gathered customary look

At Dolcewe, we provide grommet/eyelet and ring top headers for all curtain panels to fit various curtain rods.


Get the right fabric for your needs:

  • Easy-clean poly blends stand up to moisture and use
  • Natural fabrics like linen or cotton suit casual decors
  • Rich velvets in bold colors make dramatic accent pieces

Coordinate materials and styles for the perfect finished look!

Additional Considerations

Measuring for uPVC Windows

Getting accurate measurements ensures a perfect, custom fit:

  • Measure window width from edge to edge
  • For length, measure top to where you want curtains to fall
  • Note depth to choose appropriate curtain style
Measurement Description Tips
Width Distance across the window Measure the frame’s inside edge to edge
Length Desired drop of the curtain Measure from the top of the frame to where you want the curtains to end
Fullness Desired width of curtains when closed Generally, aim for 1.5 to 2 times the width of the window for a full look

Having trouble measuring? Contact and we can come take professional measurements of your uPVC windows.

Hanging Options

Install your curtains without damaging frames:

  • Clip on spring tension rods sit snugly inside frames
  • Adhesive curtain tracks stick securely without screws
  • Pole pockets slide onto specialty accessory poles

Avoid drilling into uPVC frames to maintain structural integrity.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Follow this care guide to keep curtains looking their best:

  • Gentle machine washing maintains most curtain fabrics
  • Choose wrinkle-free poly blends if pressing required
  • Spot treat stains quickly with mild detergent
  • Allow curtains to fully dry before rehanging to avoid mildew
  • Come to for expert curtain cleaning/repairs

There you have it - everything you need to know to get beautiful, functional curtains for your uPVC windows! Reach out if any questions come up.

Shop Custom uPVC Curtains Online at

Find the perfect curtains to complement your modern uPVC windows over at!

Choose from a wide range of stylish curtains specifically designed for smooth plastic window frames, available in various:

  • Fabrics: linens, cottons, faux silks, velvets, more
  • Colors: bold brights to neutral earth tones
  • Lengths: cafe to floor-puddling
  • Headers: rod pockets, tab tops, grommets

Find the ideal size no matter the dimensions of your uPVC windows, with custom-sized curtains solutions available made to your exact measurements.

Pricing starts at just $26.99 with special discount offers like:

  • Free shipping for orders $199+
  • Extra 10% off when you sign up for email updates

Come browse 200+ uPVC-friendly curtains in patterns, colors, and styles for every decor.


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