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Best Curtains For jalousie windows - A Guide

17 Feb 2024 0 Comments
curtains for jalousie windows

Hey there! James here, the proud storeowner of, your number one shop for custom curtains and window treatments. I've been in the home & decor business for over 10 years now, so I know a thing or two about sprucing up your windows.

Today I want to talk about a very unique type of window called jalousie windows. Jalousie windows are also called Louver windows. These windows have adjustable horizontal louvers that allow air to flow through while still providing privacy.

The thing about these jalousie windows is, regular curtains don't really work well with them. When you try to put up normal drapes, you get:

  • Ugly gaps around the sides

  • Poor light control

  • Loss of privacy

But not to worry! In this handy guide, I'll teach you everything you need to know about picking the perfect curtains for your jalousie windows. Whether you need help blocking light, enjoying breeze, or just making your windows look fab, I've got you covered.

Section Main Takeaway
Jalousie windows have adjustable slats that leave gaps, causing poor light control and privacy with regular curtains
Understanding Your Needs Consider factors like desired light blocking, privacy level, maintaining ventilation, decor style, and budget when choosing curtains
Types of Curtains Exterior roller shades and storm shutters allow ventilation but can be costly; interior panels, shades, vertical blinds and sheers work with specialty hanging methods
Additional Considerations Use heavy-duty hardware suited for windows; fabric affects look, durability and lighting; custom sizes ensure fit; professionals can handle complex installations
Shop at Dolcewe offers custom-sized curtains for jalousie windows, starting at $26.99 with free shipping on $199+ orders


What Do You Need From Your Louver Windows Curtains?

adjustable window treatment

When you shop for curtains, it's really important to think about what you want them to do. Jalousie windows have some unique needs, so keep these key factors in mind:

Light Control

How much light do you want getting through your jalousie windows?

  • Do you need full blackout curtains to make the room pitch dark?

  • Would you prefer light-filtering drapes to dim the light?

  • Or are basic sheer curtains enough for you?

Figuring out your light control needs guides us to the right window treatments.

Privacy Level

Next, decide how much privacy you want. Jalousie louvers have cracks between them - so even when closed they don't block views.

  • If you want full privacy, we'll need curtains that completely close the gaps.

  • If some light peeking through is fine, options that just soften sight lines could work.


A major perk of jalousie windows is having adjustable louvers to control airflow.

  • Will you want to open and close the louvers a lot? Then we'll want curtains that don't get in the way of that.

  • If you'll keep the louvers shut most of the time, any curtain type could work.


Make sure your new window treatments match your decor style! Do you dig...

  • Modern Boho looks with bold lines and materials?

  • Rustic or farmhouse vibes with natural textures?

  • Or maybe traditional drapes with elegant details?

Finding curtains that suit your vibe ties your whole room together.


Finally, think realistically about how much you can spend. Custom or specialty curtains can have higher price tags.

  • If you need to save money, simple rod pocket panels or tension rod options could work.

  • For a higher budget, invest in bespoke curtains tailored to your exact window size and shape.

Window Treatment Light Filtering Privacy Ventilation Style Price Range
Jalousie Window Blinds Adjustable High Does not obstruct Modern to Classic $$$
Roller Blinds Blackout to Sheer Medium to High May obstruct slightly Sleek/Contemporary $ - $$$
See Through Curtains Sheer Low Does not obstruct Ethereal/Soft $$
Custom Curtains Varied Varied based on material Customizable Bespoke $$

Figuring out your priorities helps me recommend the perfect jalousie window curtains for you! What matters most - light? Privacy? Style? Ventilation? Budget? Tell me in the comments!

Options For Dressing Up Your Jalousie Windows

Custom Sized Curtains for Jalousie Windows

Now that you know what features you want from your window treatments, let’s explore some options! From exterior shades to interior panel curtains, here are top ideas for jalousie windows:

Outside Window Treatments

Adding shades outside your jalousie windows has some unique benefits:

Shading Fabrics

  • Mount solar roller shades or screens along the house exterior to block sunlight before it enters window.

  • Attach an awning above the window for stylish shade against sun or rain.

Pros: Provide shade and energy savings without blocking inside airflow. Cons: Can be pricey to install. At mercy of the weather.

Storm Shutters

Install specially fitted louvered panels to protect windows from heavy winds and storms. Materials like aluminum and polycarbonate hold up against harsh weather conditions over time.

Securing storm shutters helps safeguard windows from damage during hurricanes or tropical weather. But they aren’t usually decorative.

Inside Window Curtain Options

For indoor jalousie window treatments, popular choices include:

Panel Curtains

These are basic flat fabric curtain panels. To overcome tricky fits with jalousie windows, opt for specialty hanging options:

  • Spring loaded tension curtain rods expand to press inside window frames.

  • Custom inside mounts attach rod brackets directly to side window moldings.

With the right hardware, panel curtains work great!

Blinds and Shades

For built-in light control, pick sleek fitted options like:

  • Roller blinds roll up and down to reveal or conceal window.

  • Roman shades lift up into tidy horizontal folds.

  • Cellular shades have honeycomb-shaped chambers to insulate.

For jalousies, lean towards more rigid fabrics like faux wood or vinyl over floppy cloth. Clean lines complement slatted windows.

Vertical Blinds

With horizontal slats like your jalousie louvers, vertical blinds are a natural fit! The dangling louvers can be tilted open and shut like your window panes. Custom-cut tracks and contours hug the windows neatly.

In addition to controlling light, vertical blinds allow continued airflow when louvers are open.

Sheer Curtains

Lightweight sheer panels won't weigh down jalousie windows. While too diaphanous for real privacy, sheers elegantly filter light. For more coverage, add blackout lining behind panels or opt for double layered drapes.

The gauzy translucence of sheers adds breezy style and softness to industrial-style louvered windows.

Type Material Light Control Privacy Level Additional Benefits
Adjustable Roller Blinds Synthetic fabrics, Screens High - Complete blackout possible Adjustable Modern look, Low maintenance
Cellular Shades Fabric with honeycomb design Medium - Filtered light High due to layering Energy efficient insulation
Roman Shades Various fabrics, including silks and cotton Varies - From sheer to opaque Adjustable Elegant, decorative folding
Vertical Blinds Plastic, Fabric, Wood Adjustable from full light to full shade High without blocking window mechanics Flexibility, Easy to clean
Sheer Curtains Lightweight fabrics like voile Low - Softly diffused light Low - Provides a hint of privacy Soft, airy ambiance, Layering for more privacy


Other Jalousie Window Curtain Tips

Before deciding on your perfect window treatments, keep these extra tips in mind:

Mounting Hardware

The right hardware ensures curtains hang properly on jalousies:

  • Sturdy curtain rods specially sized for your window dimensions

  • Tension rods that grip inside irregular openings

  • Brackets, tracks, and other fittings suited for louvered panes

Using heavy duty, custom-fit mounting gear prevents sagging issues down the road.

Type of Hardware Best for Curtains Type Window Frame Compatibility Installation Difficulty
Tension Rods Lightweight Fabrics Small to Medium Widths Easy to Install
Ceiling Mount Brackets Heavier Drapes Wide Window Frames Moderate
Inside Mount Brackets Sheer and Light Filtering Curtains Shallow Window Frames Moderate
Double Rods Layered Curtain Solutions Sturdy Window Frames


Fabric Material

Consider both aesthetics and functionality when selecting curtain fabrics:

  • Light blocking fabrics like blackout lining help darken rooms

  • Thermal drapes maintains indoor temperatures

  • Moisture resistant material handles humidity well

  • Easy to clean fabrics like microfiber save maintenance headaches

Understand how different textiles affect decor goals, durability, and practical needs.

Made to Measure

For the perfect custom fit, have curtains tailored specifically for your unique jalousie windows. Provide the exact dimensions and get drapes cut and sewn to flawlessly suit your window sizes and structures.

Though more expensive than off-the-rack, bespoke curtains look amazing and function optimally for tricky spaces like jalousies.

At Doclewe, all curtains are made in custom sizes. You just need to submit your curtain width, length no matter you need window sill curtains or floor to length drapes. 

Professional Help

Some specialty curtain installations work best handled by experts. If tackling complex window shapes or large treatment projects, consider hiring professional services.

Qualified installers have the knowledge and tools to perfectly execute challenging designs. Custom builds and contractor relationships also provide access to hard-to-find quality materials.

The investment pays dividends in outstanding results!

I hope these extra tips help you make informed choices about your jalousie window curtain project! Let me know any other questions.

Shop The Best Jalousie Curtains Online At Doclewe

Now that you know your jalousie window treatment options, why not pick up some stylish new curtains?

At, I offer an amazing selection of window curtains specially designed to match unique spaces like louvered windows.

Browse our catalogue to discover diverse curtains including:

  • Various styles - rod pocket, back tab, goblet pleat

  • Assorted fabrics - polyester, linen, blackout lining

  • Many colors and vivid patterns - solids, prints, sheers

  • Different headers - Eyelet, ring tops, rod pocket, back tab, grommets

Find the perfect light filtering, room darkening, or room dividing window curtains for your needs.

I offer most curtains in standard plus custom sizes to flawlessly fit jalousie window dimensions.

Prices start at an affordable $26.99 for budget friendly options. Or explore premium details and fabrics for a touch of luxury. With free shipping on orders $199+ and an extra 10% off when you sign up, updating your window decor has never been more affordable!

Happy shopping! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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