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Choosing the Perfect Curtains for Restaurants

16 Feb 2024 0 Comments
curtains for restaurants

Hey there! I'm James, the owner of We make custom curtains for all kinds of restaurants. I've been helping restaurants choose curtains for over 10 years. So I know a thing or two about what works best!

Curtains are so important for restaurants. They set the mood. They give guests privacy. They keep the right lighting. But with lots of foot traffic and rules about fire safety, finding the perfect curtains isn't easy!

Key Takeaways

Curtain Considerations Recommendations
Fabrics Mix natural and synthetic fibers to balance eco-friendliness, durability and breathability. Common options: linen, cotton, polyester, nylon, blackout, thermal
Styles Drapes for elegance; Roman shades to save space; Café curtains for windows and airflow; Noren curtains for decorative doorways
Functions Layered privacy and noise reducing panels for booths and loud areas. Total blackout options for private rooms. Weatherproof outdoor curtains with wind/UV protection.
Theme Fit Choose colors, patterns and designs that match your restaurant's aesthetic. Bold prints or muted solids. Traditional or modern elements.
Durability Opt for synthetic sheers and tightly woven fabrics in high traffic zones. Assess cleaning needs.
Safety Rules Flame retardant is a must. Verify certification labels adhere to fire codes.
Budget Set realistic spending caps. Custom sizing provides quality at lower average costs over ready-mades.
Extra Tips Layer sheers and blackout linings for light control. Accessorize with decorative trims and tiebacks. Seek professional installation assistance where needed. Follow fabric care instructions for cleaning.
Where to Shop Check out's fabulous collection of quality restaurant curtains, available in a variety of styles, fabrics, colors and sizes. Custom options start at $26.99 with free shipping over $199.


Restaurants Window Curtains Fabrics

eco-friendly linen curtains

When choosing curtains, you gotta decide which fabric and style fits best. Let's break it down!

Natural Fabrics: Cotton, Linen curtains

For proprietors passionate about eco-friendly home decor, linen curtain choices are exemplary. These natural textiles promote breathability and bring an effortless, organic aesthetic to any dining space.

However, while they underscore an eco-conscious philosophy, natural fabrics might require more maintenance due to their tendency to wrinkle and stain.

Synthetic Fabrics: Polyester and Nylon

In contrast, synthetic fabric curtains, such as those made from polyester and nylon, offer increased durability—a boon for high-traffic eateries.

Their resilience against stains and wear-and-tear means less frequent replacements, although they may not offer the same breathability and environmental benefits as their natural counterparts.

Specialty Fabrics for Unique Restaurant Needs

Sometimes, a restaurant's requirements go beyond the traditional. This is where specialty fabrics like blackout curtains, flame retardant window treatments, and thermal insulated drapes play vital roles.

Whether it's to maintain ambiance, enhance safety, or achieve energy efficiency, these fabrics are engineered to cater to specific challenges within the restaurant setting.

Fabric Type Benefits Drawbacks Best Use
Linen Eco-friendly, Breathable Wrinkles easily, Prone to stains Airy spaces, Casual dining
Synthetic (Polyester, Nylon) Durable, Stain-resistant Less breathable High-traffic areas, Family dining
Blackout Excellent light control Darkens room completely Private dining, AV presentation rooms
Flame Retardant Increases safety Potentially higher cost Kitchen areas, Exits
Thermal Insulated Energy efficient, Temperature control Heavier fabric Exteriors, Windows with direct sunlight


Restaurants Curtain Panels Styles

elegant drapes in restaurant setting

As a home decor expert with a niche in restaurant design, I've found that certain curtain styles can transform the dining experience with their function and flair.


Elegance is served up with full-bodied drapes that offer superior light control in a more formal dining atmosphere.

The lining and fullness of the material can be adjusted to suit the desired ambiance, whether to soften the daylight for a brunch space or create a dim, romantic mood for evening diners.

Roman Shades

Roman shades are a practical, stylish solution for eateries with limited space that can't afford the luxury of full-length drapes.

These window treatments work exceptionally well for achieving minimalistic elegance while still offering much-needed light control.

Café Curtains

A bistro or coffee shop setting deserves a more casual window treatment, making café curtains ideal.

Allowing light to filter through the upper portion of the windows, they maintain an airy and open atmosphere, perfect for a daytime spot where customers enjoy their lattes in a sunlit setting.

At Dolcewe, all cafe curtains and kitchen curtains are available in grommets, rod pockets, and ring tops for various curtain rods.

Noren Curtains

Embellishing a doorway with Noren curtains can add an element of Asian-inspired decor.

This style of doorway curtain serves a decorative purpose and can also act as a modest partition between kitchen and dining areas or separate dining sections within the restaurant.

Air Curtains

Pragmatic for entranceways, air curtains create an invisible barrier, providing temperature control, deterring pests, and enhancing energy savings.

While they may not add to the visual style of the restaurant, their benefits make them indispensable for the modern, environmentally conscious establishment.

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