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Best Curtains for Velux & Roof Windows

17 Feb 2024 0 Comments
Best Curtains for Velux & Roof Windows

Have you ever felt frustrated trying to find the right curtains for your Velux windows? As James, the owner of - an online store helping folks pick custom curtains for over 10 years, I get it!

Velux windows are unlike regular windows. They sit up on ceilings and rooftops at an angle to let light in. Their special energy-saving glass also keeps rooms warm. But their shape and placement make picking curtains so annoying!

Most normal curtains won't do. You have to find ones that look nice and fit the slanted Velux frame right. Oh, and also block light and heat properly! No wonder finding the perfect Velux curtains makes you wanna pull your hair out!

Well, stress no more, buddy! In this article, I'll share foolproof Velux curtain solutions I've put together for all types of rooms over the years.

Issue Solution
Finding suitable curtains for angled Velux windows Specialty curtains designed for Velux roof windows like blackouts, sheers, shades and their combinations
Light control for rooms under skylights Room-darkening and blackout curtain fabrics with dense weave that block light
Privacy along with light filtering Layered curtains that combine sheer overlays for coverage with opaque blackout base layer
Insulation against heat/cold through roof windows Thermal blackout curtains made of thick fabrics like velvet, linen, cotton etc
Fitting and installing curtains on slanted and high windows Velux-specific hardware like angled rods, ceiling tracks, no-drill suction cups
Taking accurate measurements Consider exact slope, height and width of angled Velux shape while measuring
Finding suitable styles, fabrics and colors Shop specialty Velux curtain collections online for more options at better prices
Ongoing curtain maintenance Regular gentle cleaning according to fabric care instructions for longevity
One-stop Velux curtain shopping offers the widest range of customizable curtains for Velux roof windows, competitive pricing and great service


Understanding Your Needs

light control for velux windows

Before picking Velux curtains, first decide - why do you need them in the first place? Light control? Privacy? Making the room darker or cooler?

Finding ones that match your room's look? Knowing the purpose will make settling on the right curtains way quicker.

Goals for the curtains

A bedroom window needs total blackout curtains for sleeping in.

But for a bathroom skylight, you may want just light-filtering translucent curtains so some daylight still passes through.

Do you need to block light for sleeping or viewing TV/movies? Then room-darkening blackout curtains work best.

Does the Velux window make your room too bright to work or relax in? Go for UV ray-blocking curtains to cut the glare.

Do you want insulation against cold in winters or heat during summer noon? Check out thermal blackout curtains. They trap temperature inside.

Do you need privacy along with light control? Choose layered curtains with inner blackout lining and decorative sheer outer overlay.

See - no one curtain type fits all needs! Once you decide the why, picking Velux curtains that tick all boxes becomes much easier!

Room Goals Window Treatment Type Style Preference Budget Level
Bedroom Privacy, Light Control Blackout Curtains Cozy and Warm $$$
Bathroom Privacy, Moisture Resistance Blinds Functional $
Living Room Decorative, Light Filtering Customized Treatments Modern Chic $$


Window Locations

And another major factor is of course where your window is located. Is it a bedroom, living room, bathroom, hallway or even stairwell? The room purpose should guide your curtain fabric, design and setup choice too.

Curtains Budget & Styles

Finally, set a budget so I can recommend the best value Durlewe curtains for your money. Virtually any custom look, from casual to formal is possible if planned right!


Let me know your exact Velux window situation and priorities. Then we'll zero in on that perfect skylight curtain solution faster than you can say abracadabra!

Curtain Options for Velux Windows

blackout curtains

Believe it or not, there are several options to darken or smartly dress up your Velux windows. Let's look at the best picks:

Blackout curtains

When full light-blocking is a must for bedrooms, home theaters or even nurseries, 100% blackout curtains can’t be beat!

Thick polyester, cotton, linen or velvet blackout curtains are available in loads of colors, textures and patterns.

They stop most light and UV rays and offer insulation too.


For functional light control rather than style, roller blinds, pleated shades, Venetian and honeycomb blinds for Velux skylights work great.

Of these, pleated paper shades control light beautifully while letting some soft illumination pass through.

They layer well with blackout or sheer curtains too. For skylights over sinks, moisture-resistant vinyl roller blinds prevent mold.

Sheer Curtains

To filter bright daylight and get privacy, choose breezy, sheer curtains in polyester, linen, lace or other light fabrics.

Crisp white sheer curtains evoke an airy, dreamy effect.

Warm glowing sheer amber curtains create cozy sunlit spaces. Sheers also pair well with solid blackout under layers


You can perfectly tailor any Velux window by cleverly layering blackout liners with decorative sheers.

Want privacy AND total darkness? Try a blackout undercurtain topped with stylish lace sheers.

My Velux window layered curtain combos let you enjoy both effective light/heat control AND beautiful window dressing!

Type Light Control Privacy Insulation Style UV Protection
Blackout Curtains Full blockage Complete High Varied Yes
Sheer Curtains Light filtering Partial Low Elegant Minimal
Room Darkening Curtains Partial blockage High Medium Cozy Good
Layered Solutions Adjustable Adjustable High Customizable Yes
Venetian Blinds Precise control Adjustable Medium Classic Good
Roller Blinds Easy adjustment Complete Medium Modern Yes
Pleated Shades Varied diffusion High Low Minimalist Variable

With the right curtains or combinations, you can tune your Velux windows all ways - from dimmed theaters to cheerful glowing sunrooms and everything in between. 

Now that you know all top options, tell me your needs and priorities so I can narrow down YOUR best fits!

Installation and Care Considerations For Roof Window Curtains

Getting Velux window curtains up right is half the battle won. And keeping them looking pristine is important too. Here are useful things to consider

Installation Methods

For standard curtain rods and brackets just get the angled Velux attachments.

For adhesive-free options, I recommend the adjustable sucker rods/clips - no need to drill holes!

Skylight shades usually come with special clamp or no-drill suction-cup hardware. Follow individual mounting guidelines carefully for a snug, crease-free blind fit.

When layering sheers over blackout panels, attach the opaque first layer tightest against window. Clip/drape the decorative top layer more loosely to allow adjustable light filtering.


Measure curtain width and height precisely for each Velux shape. Leave room for foldbacks if desired. Track/ceiling-recessed systems also work great.


Hand or machine wash removable curtain fabrics like polyester, linen etc gently only a few times annually. Let air dry fully. Dry clean embroidered, embellished styles.

Velux blinds and pleated shades just need vacuuming and rare dusting. For stained window liners, spot clean immediately before it sets. Harsh chemicals damage protective coatings over time.

Sturdy fittings tailored to Velux angles are key for any window dressing to look awesome. 

Shop Velux Curtains at My Online Store

Now that you know which Velux window curtains suit you, it’s time to actually shop! Instead of wasting time driving around from shop to shop, I recommend picking from the wide collection available right at my online store

As the proud owner of Doclewe for over 10 years, I exclusively showcase quality custom-cut curtains in tons of fabrics, colors, and designs made to smartly dress up those tricky angled skylights and roof windows.

You can pick from total light blocking blackout curtains to breezy sheer linen curtains and more at highly affordable prices - starting at just $26.99!

I also offer free shipping across US and Canada on all standard and customized curtain orders above $199. And enjoy an extra 10% welcome discount once you sign up at Doclewe!

So do feel free to browse my personally curated Velux window curtains range and leverage my years of home decor experience.

Find the perfect made-to-measure curtains, shades or their smart combinations for ALL your unique skylights without needing to step outside!

Let me know if you need guidance picking suitable styles, colors or getting spot on window measurements too. I'm here to help! Happy Velux curtain shopping!

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