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Best Curtains For Hooks | A Guide

15 Feb 2024 0 Comments
best curtains for hooks

Hey friends! James here, the owner of - your number one shop for custom curtains and window decor. I've been in the home and decor game for over 10 years now, so I know a thing or two about dressing up your windows beautifully and affordably.

One question I often get from customers is what are the best curtain styles for using hooks? Curtain hooks allow you to hang your drapes from a rod or track easily. They come in all sorts of forms like:

  • Drapery hooks - extra sturdy for heavy curtains

  • Pinch pleat hooks - specially made for fancy pinch pleat headings

  • Cup hooks - simple rounded hooks fitting most headings

I love curtain hooks because:

  • You can adjust curtain gathers to get that perfect drape

  • They allow for stylish heading styles for a polished look

  • Versatile for casual to fancy room designs and window sizes

  • Durable hooks properly hold up even thick heavy fabrics

In this article, I'll share everything you need to know about finding the best curtains to go with hooks. Here's what we'll be looking at:

Section Key Takeaways
Introduction - Curtain hooks allow for easy hanging and adjustable gathers - Various hook types suit different heading styles and weights
Curtain Types - Match hook type to heading style (rod pocket, grommet, tab top, etc.) - Light, medium and heavy fabrics need compatible hooks
Choosing Hooks - Consider heading style, fabric density, drape and decorative factors - Hook size and materials impact durability and functionality
Hanging Tips - Carefully measure window and calculate panel fullness - Space hooks evenly for consistent gathering and support
Shop at - Huge selection of hook-friendly curtains and heading styles - Custom sizing starting at $26.99 with free shipping over $199

Let's get started and give those windows an awesome makeover!

Types of Curtain Heading Styles

grommet curtains

When looking for curtains to use with hooks, one of the first things to think about is the heading style. The heading is the top part of the curtains that attaches to the rod or hooks.

Let's look at some top-heading options that work beautifully with curtain hooks!

Rod Pocket Curtains

These classic curtains have a pocket sewn directly into the top. Just slide your curtain rod through the pocket openings. Rod pockets are:

  • Versatile - Casual enough for every room but still polished looking

  • Affordable - Simple style makes them very budget friendly

  • Easy to hang - Just glide onto your rod and attach hooks

Rod pocket curtains go with all types of hooks - drapery, pinch pleat, cup hooks and more. It's an effortless style!

Grommet Curtains

For a modern, sleek look try grommet-top pleated curtains. Small grommet holes line the top hem instead of a pocket. Grommets work best with:

  • Drapery hooks - Easy to secure grommet holes onto hooks

  • Adjustability - Allow more or less gathering as you like

Tab Top Curtains

Tab top curtains use little fabric tabs instead of built-in pockets or grommets. The tabs:

  • Give a casual, relaxed style

  • Often have loops for hooks but not necessary

  • Let you easily install a curtain rod too

Tab tops are versatile, fuss-free and budget-friendly!

Curtain fabrics suitable for hooks: sheer curtains, blackout curtains & more

heavyweight curtains

The fabric used for curtain panels makes a difference in choosing suitable hooks too.

You'll want hooks that can properly support the curtain weight and glide smoothly.

Lightweight Fabrics

Delicate sheer curtains or breezy linen curtains work with most basic hook types like:

  • Pinch pleat

  • Cup hooks

  • Drapery hooks

Just avoid flimsy or sharp hooks that could snag the fabric. You may also pair sheer curtains with blinds for better light control. 

Medium-Weight Fabrics

For common medium-weight fabrics like cotton, polyester, or faux silk, go for:

  • Drapery hooks - nicely sustain the curtain weight

  • Curtain rings with clips - glide smoothly along rods

Reinforced rod pocket headings help medium-weight curtains hang beautifully. 

Heavyweight Fabrics: Velvet curtains & more

Thick fabrics like blackout curtains, velvet curtains, layered curtains and ornate damask genuinely need:

  • Extra sturdy drapery hooks - support heavy fabric weight

  • Back tabs - stabilize heading so no pulls occur

  • Strong support rods - evenly hold all that density!

The right hooks prevent sagging and maintain the gorgeous draping effect.

At Dolcewe, all window curtains are available in custom size, starting at $26.99. Sounds great, right? 

Choosing the right Drape & Curtain hooks

Now that we've covered curtain styles and fabrics, let's talk about how to select the perfect hooks to match! The hooks you choose depend mainly on:

  • Heading style - Rod pocket, grommet, tab top, etc.

  • Fabric thickness - Sheer to heavy density

  • Desired drape - Smooth glide to heavy gathering

But a few additional factors play a role too...

Size Matters

  • Small cup hooks suit most light fabrics

  • Go for large drapery hooks and rings for heavy fabrics

  • Measure heading casing depth first

Material Considerations

  • Metal hooks best for durability and strength

  • Plastic pin hooks are decorative and affordable

  • Steel pinch pleat hooks handle frequent shaping

Added Features

See if hooks offer:

  • Curved arms - smoothly draw curtains open and closed

  • Attachments for decorator rods

  • Swinging ability for rippling waterfall effects

The Finishing Touch

Consider if hooks should:

  • Blend in discreetly

  • Make a decor statement themselves

  • Match other accessories like rods

Choosing the perfect hooks completes your curtain style! Bring on the compliments...

Tips for hanging curtains with hooks

tips for hanging curtains with hooks

You've got gorgeous new curtains and hooks - now it's time to hang them up for an incredible window makeover! Follow these pro decor tips:

Measure Twice, Hang Once

  • Use a metal measuring tape for accuracy

  • Small windows under 4 ft wide need 2 panels

  • For larger windows calculate panels at 1.5x to 3x width

Mark mounting points evenly with a pencil. Opt for our curtain size calculator for help.

Figure Fullness for Drapery Goals

  • Light, breezy curtains = 2.0 to 2.5x fullness

  • Soft romantic drapes = 2.5 to 3x fullness

  • Heavy luxurious drapes = 3x to 3.5x fullness

Space Hooks Consistently

  • Mark hook locations evenly across the mounting points

  • Place them about 3-5 inches apart

  • Outside hooks go about 1.5 inches in from curtains edge

Use more hooks for heavyweight fabrics.

Affix Hooks Correctly

  • Push/squeeze open drapery hook claws

  • Capture heading fabric onto claw tightly

  • Makes sure hooks catch every pleat and pocket

It's crucial for proper hanging and adjustment!

With the right techniques, your lovely windows will impress everyone with a polished, designer look in minutes. Enjoy!

Shopping The Best Curtains for Hooks online at

I hope you're feeling inspired to decorate your windows beautifully with some fabulous new curtains and hooks!

Well, you're in luck because we carry a gorgeous selection of styles suitable for hooks right here at

As your go-to shop for custom curtains and window décor for over 10 years, we truly offer you the best variety and quality around!

Hook-Friendly Curtains Galore

Browse our expansive collection of:

  • Rod pocket, grommet, tab top styles

  • Sheers, linens, velvets, embroidered, and more

  • Solids, prints, stripes, patterns, boho, blackout & textured

Finding the perfect colors and designs for your space is a cinch.

Custom Sizing Makes It So Easy

Order bespoke curtains tailored to all your weird window measurements no matter if you need x 84 inches, 96 inches sizes. 

Custom sizing starts at just $26.99 with FREE shipping over $199 in the US. Plus we offer an extra 10% off discount upon registration!

Get ready to reinvent your rooms affordably with functional style statement curtains made to maximize natural light and your decor vision!

Visit now to unlock your next home makeover and happy hanging!

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