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Best Curtains for Eggshell Walls

14 Feb 2024 0 Comments
Curtains for Eggshell Walls

Hi there! I'm James, the owner of - an online store specializing in custom curtains and window treatments. With over 10 years in home décor, I've helped tons of customers find the perfect curtains to match their eggshell painted walls.

What is eggshell paint? Like cream wall, It's a popular choice for walls because it has a smooth, velvety look to it. Eggshell reflects some light, so the color can change a bit depending on the time of day. This makes matching curtains kind of tricky!

In this article, I'll walk you through the key things to think about when buying curtains for eggshell walls:

Key Takeaways Details
Assess room usage and lighting needs Determine if you need light filtering or blackout curtains based on how the room is used
Choose complementary or analogous curtain colors Complementary colors like navy blue or forest green contrast beautifully, while analogous color schemes like beige, warm grays and taupes promote harmony
Consider scale and contrast for patterns Smaller scale patterns or solids usually coordinate best with versatile eggshell walls
Explore different fabric textures Linens, cottons and velvets each impart unique qualities that impact decor and function
Mind window proportions Scale curtain style and length to flatter the size of your windows
Coordinate with existing furnishings Tie the curtains into the room's decor by matching style and color tone
Elevate with quality hardware Designer rods, finials and holdbacks further polish the window treatment look
Precision measure for the perfect custom fit Carefully measure each window before purchasing or making curtains
Follow care instructions by fabric Properly cleaning curtains according to fabric type helps preserve their beauty
Shop 200s of Styles at With custom sizes, quality fabrics and helpful guidance, Doclewe makes selecting stunning curtains easy!

I'll also share specific curtain ideas for living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and more. My goal is to make it super easy for you to pick window treatments that work beautifully with the elegant versatility of eggshell walls. Ready to get started? Read on!

What to Look for When Choosing Curtains

luxurious curtain textures

When picking curtains for eggshell walls, start by thinking about how you use the room. This helps narrow down the right style and features.

Light Filtering or Blackout Curtains?

Do you need to block outside light or just softly filter it?

  • Light filtering curtains use lightweight, semi-sheer fabrics that allow some light in. Great for bedrooms or living rooms.

  • Blackout curtains have thick, layered fabrics or built-in linings to completely block sunlight. Perfect for media rooms, nurseries or bedrooms when you want to sleep in late!

Finding the Best Curtain Colour Combination

curtain colour combination

What curtain color will look best with soft eggshell walls that showcase every hue?

  • Complementary colors like navy blue, forest green or burgundy make eggshell walls pop beautifully. They contrast while also coordinating.

  • Analogous colors are groups of three hues next to each other on the color wheel, like warm grays, taupes and light beiges. They create a soothing cohesive look.

  • Neutrals like white, beige, rustic brown, black or grey curtains blend seamlessly with eggshell, letting wall color take center stage while curtains frame the windows.

The right approach depends on your room’s existing décor and furniture. Trust your eye for harmony!

Pattern vs. Solid: Design Dynamics

Keep scale and contrast in mind when weighing patterns vs. solids. Small-scale florals or narrow stripes often pair more seamlessly with versatile eggshell than larger or overpowering prints.

solid color blackout curtain can ensure uninterrupted color flow and versatility. Whichever you choose, the key is cohesion – creating an ensemble that resonates with your vision.

Fabric & Texture

The fabric of your curtains impacts decor and functionality.

Lightweight linen and breathable cotton promote easy airflow while adding subtle texture.

Velvet offers depth and elegance for formal spaces like dining rooms.

Try different fabrics against your lighting and furnishings until you find that perfect match with your eggshell walls!

Curtain Inspiration for Eggshell Walls

Perfect Curtains for Eggshell Walls

Now that you know what to look for, check out these stunning curtain styles suitable for different rooms with versatile eggshell walls:

Living Rooms

Modern living rooms with sleek lines call for simple yet dramatic curtains. Try floor-to-ceiling paneled curtains in charcoal gray linen or muted velvet in navy for lush elegance.

Rustic living rooms with overstuffed sofas beg for layers of cozy texture. Ivory crochet lace curtains or mirrored pewter and taupe stripe panels fit beautifully.


Privacy and light control are musts for restful bedrooms.

For a romantic bedroom, softly diffused light sets the mood. Go for semi-sheer linen curtains with delicate leafy vine embroidery along the hems or flowing panels of pale champagne silk.

For kids' rooms, durable blackout curtains in fun colors like citrus bright yellow or robin’s egg blue give the option to sleep late and keep early risers entertained in their rooms.


Kitchen window treatments must stand up to cooking messes and moisture while still looking stylish.

Gingham café curtains in tomato red and white check or blue and ivory check echo traditional country kitchen décor.

Or install easy-to-wipe vinyl striped curtain panels in moss green and white for a cottage kitchen.

Room Recommended Curtain Style Color Advice Material Suggestion
Living Rooms Elegant Drapes Earthy Tones or Bold Pops of Color Luxe fabrics like Velvet or Linen
Bedrooms Blackout Curtains Soft Neutrals or Cool Blues Dense fabrics for sound insulation
Kitchens Cafe Curtains Vibrant Yellows or Reds Moisture-resilient, easy-clean Cotton

On Trend

Bold black and white buffalo plaid curtains complement eggshell walls beautifully while adding lively contrast.

For boho chic style, try airy macrame or crochet curtains in natural linen hues. Or create an elegant, cohesive look with curtains mimicking eggshell’s soft color. The options are endless!

More Things to Consider

Beyond color, fabric and style, keep these key points in mind for the perfect custom curtain design:

  • Mind the proportions. Make sure your curtains fit the size and shape of your windows. Floor-length panels suit tall windows while café styles work for small kitchen windows.

  • Coordinate with furnishings. Your curtains should tie into the room's existing décor for a cohesive style. For modern rooms, try bold solid panels. In traditional spaces, embroidered sheer curtains coordinate beautifully.

  • Elevate with extras. Designer curtain rods, decorative finials and holdback hooks polish the look. Avoid room clashes by keeping hardware finishes consistent.

  • Precision measure. To ensure made-to-measure accuracy, carefully measure each window's height and width. Note ceiling height as well if selecting floor-length curtains.

  • Follow fabric care tips. Washable cottons resist kitchen stains while dry clean only velvets require professional care. Check tags for cleaning codes and instructions. Proper care preserves curtain beauty.

Choosing that perfect curtain to complement elegant eggshell walls is easier when you assess the whole room, from window size to furnishings to lifestyle needs. Keep these tips in mind and you can't go wrong!

For custom size curtains made to suit your unique space, visit With quality fabrics, tailored options and helpful guidance, we make it easy to realize your decorating vision.

Shop The Best Curtains for Eggshell Walls Online at Dolcewe

At, I offer a gorgeous range of curtains that complement the soft elegance of eggshell painted walls beautifully.

Browse our stunning selection of:

  • Fabrics like linen, cotton, velvet and more

  • Colors spanning neutral solids, vibrant shades and striking patterns

  • Styles from casual café curtains to formal floor-length panels

  • Features like blackout lining and insulation for functionality

With custom sizing catering to windows of every shape and size, I guarantee you’ll discover that perfect set of drapes or curtains for your space.

Ready to dress your eggshell walls with beautiful, made-to-fit window treatments?

Doclewe Perks:

  • Hundreds of fabrics, colors and styles to browse

  • Custom sizing starting at just $26.99

  • Free shipping for orders $199+

Explore our catalog today! Have questions? Reach out anytime for personal shopping assistance.

I’m always happy to offer decorating advice to help you pick the ideal curtains to complement your home’s elegant eggshell walls.

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