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Best window treatment for Horizontal Windows | Curtains, Blinds & More

15 Feb 2024 0 Comments
Best curtains for Horizontal Windows

Hey friends! I'm James, the proud storeowner of - your number-one shop for custom curtains and window treatments. I've been in the home & decor business for over 10 years now, so I know a thing or two about dressing different types of windows.

Today I want to talk to you about finding the perfect curtains for horizontal windows. These low and wide windows can be tricky to work with. It would help if you had curtains that enhance the window's shape rather than overwhelm it. The curtains also need to provide the right amount of light filtering and privacy for your room.

The good news? Doclewe has fabulous horizontal window curtain solutions for every style and budget! In this article, I'll overview:

  • Key factors for choosing horizontal window treatments
  • Different curtain & blind options that work for these windows
  • My best tips for making horizontal windows shine

Understanding Your Needs

Modern Light Filtering Custom Curtains

When selecting the perfect window treatment for horizontal windows and wide windows, it's essential to tailor your choice to suit both your functional needs and aesthetic preferences. 

Achieving a modern look with custom curtains or other window coverings requires attention to detail and considering how each option will serve your lifestyle.

Measuring Considerations for Varied Window Shapes

I always advise beginning with precise measurements, as proper fit is crucial for both coverage and style, regardless of your window's shape—be it a classic rectangular, an elegant arch, or a charming bay window.

It's about striking a balance: too small, and you'll compromise on privacy; too large, and you may overwhelm the space.

Opting for Light Control and Privacy

Are you seeking the soft glow that light filtering curtains provide, or do you prefer complete darkness for a restful sleep with blackout curtains?

Maybe room darkening is the happy medium for you. It's all about prioritizing whether you're aiming for mere decoration, ultimate privacy, or a blend of both.

Frequency of Curtain Usage

Think about how often you'll be opening and closing your curtains.

Are you in need of a window curtain panel that can easily whisk aside for daily use, or do you desire a decorative, functional window element that largely remains static?

Aligning with Your Home's Aesthetic

Let's not forget the power of cohesion with your existing décor. My goal is to help you choose a window treatment that complements your home's design and sets the desired mood.

The diversity in window coverings means there's something for everyone, whether you aim for a classic, timeless look or a bold, contemporary statement.

A quick checklist for a perfect window curtain choice:

  • Measure the exact width and height of your windows
  • Decide on the desired level of light control and privacy
  • Consider your daily lifestyle and how often you'll interact with your curtains
  • Assess your room's ambiance and ensure your choice enhances it

Suitable Window Curtains for Horizontal Windows

Elegant curtain panel pair for horizontal window

Narrow horizontal windows present a unique canvas for dressings that cater to both style and function. Let's explore the myriad of curtain options that can transform the ambiance of any room.

Single panels

For those who prefer minimalism, a single-panel curtain offers a clean and streamlined look.

It's perfect for smaller horizontal windows where simplicity is key to the room's harmony.

Multiple panels

Conversely, a curtain panel pair or multiple panels can add a sense of grandeur and depth to wider windows. They not only enhance the room's dimension but also allow for versatile window coverage.

Sheer curtains

I find that sheer grommet top curtain panels infuse a space with a soft, diffused light, maintaining an airy feel while offering a delicate window treatment layer.


For those spaces where you need a balance between natural illumination and seclusion, light-filtering drapes create a cozy yet bright atmosphere, making them an ideal choice for living rooms or dens.

Blackout Curtains

In my bedroom, the sanctuary for rest, I rely on blackout thermal curtains to block out city lights and ensure uninterrupted sleep, proving their worth as a vital window covering for deeper rest.

Texture curtains

A touch of texture can redefine a room's character, and textured window treatments bring an extra layer of sophistication to the decor, turning a mere window into a statement piece.

Patterned curtains

Patterned drapes have always been a personal favorite for adding a vibrant splash to a room, instantly elevating the overall design narrative with bold prints or subtle designs.

Grommet Curtains

My studio benefits from the practicality of grommet curtains. They glide easily across the rod, ideal for when I need swift access to the window or want to let in an afternoon breeze.

Rod Pocket Curtains

And in the guest room, the rod pocket curtain panel contributes to a traditional and homey look, keeping things casual but stylish with fabric gathered gently at the top.

Here's a quick comparison of curtain styles:

Style Function Best Used In
Single Panel Minimalist design Smaller windows, casual settings
Panel Pairs/Multiple Rich appearance, full coverage Living rooms, master bedrooms
Sheer Curtains Diffused light, soft aesthetics Areas needing natural light
Light-Filtering Privacy without darkness Common spaces
Blackout Thermal Room darkening, energy-saving Bedrooms, media rooms
Textured Visual depth, tactile interest Formal sitting areas
Patterned Decorative flair Spaces needing a focus point
Grommet Easy to move Frequent access points
Rod Pocket Stationary elegance Infrequently adjusted windows


Other Window Treatments for Horizontal Windows

Elegant Roman Shades

Let's explore some of the most popular options that fit various decor themes and offer unique benefits like light control and privacy.

Horizontal Blinds

For a time-honored look with versatile light management, I find that horizontal blinds are a go-to option.

They come in an array of materials including rich woods and modern faux alternatives, each providing that classic slatted appearance that complements any room.

Roman Shades

Roman shades add a splash of elegance with their signature soft folds that cascade down the window.

They're perfect when I'm aiming for sophisticated decor and can be selected in various fabrics to control the amount of light entering the room.

Roller Shades

If I'm seeking a clean-line, minimalistic design, roller shades are ideal.

Their simplicity doesn't take away from their functionality; they're effective at blocking out light and can be the finishing touch to a contemporary space.

Cellular Shades

I'm also impressed by the efficiency of cellular window shades, known for their energy-saving honeycomb design. Not only do they help insulate my home, but they also ensure privacy without compromising on style.

Motorized Options

For convenience and a touch of opulence, motorized window treatment options have transformed how I interact with my window coverings.

A simple press of a button adjusts my window blinds, making them a smart choice for hard-to-reach windows or for those who love modern tech conveniences.

These alternatives to curtains enhance my horizontal window spaces in ways that suit my lifestyle and decor preferences, offering a perfect blend of covering functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Styling Tips for Horizontal Windows

Elegant window treatment setup

Elevating the look of horizontal windows can be quite delightful, especially with a few practical and creative styling tips.

Engaging in pattern play, optimally maneuvering sheer curtains and blackout blinds for dynamic light control, and choosing the right accessories can make an impactful difference in your space.

Emphasize height

Have you ever noticed how rooms with taller windows seem more spacious and grand?

You can replicate this effect by simply hanging your curtains a bit higher than the window frame, creating an illusion of loftiness that enhances the room's dimensions.

This strategy aligns perfectly with my love for graceful spaces that feel open and airy.

Consider layering

Layering is like the secret sauce in the world of window covering. I find that pairing sheer curtains with room-darkening blackout blinds offers a versatile solution for light control.

Not only does it allow me to alter the ambiance effortlessly from radiant and clear to cozy and intimate, but it also serves the practical purpose of ensuring privacy when needed.

Check our layered curtains.

Pattern play

Inviting patterns into your curtain styling can embolden the room with a touch of creativity.

Horizontal stripes have a marvelous effect, perceptually widening the window, whereas vertical stripes seem to elevate the ceiling height.

This element of pattern play is an avenue where I enjoy experimenting to achieve a unique and stimulating visual appeal.


Just like the perfect pair of earrings can complete an outfit, the right accessories can crown your window treatment.

Eloquent valances, robust cornices, and charming tie-backs contribute layers of character and style, solidifying the window's role as a pivotal point of home decor.

It's these finishing touches that infuse the space with personality and poise.

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Doclewe has the fabrics, sizes, and accessories to create a showstopping window display in any room. Shop now to beautifully dress your horizontal windows!

Let me know if you have any other questions about upgrading your horizontal windows friends!

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