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Sheer Curtains For Bedroom: Styling Tips & Ideas

30 Jan 2024 0 Comments
Sheer Curtains For Bedroom: Styling Tips & Ideas

Do you want new sheer curtains to make your bedroom look extra nice? But not sure where to start? I can help!

My name is James. I own, a store that sells custom curtains. For over 10 years, I've been helping people pick pretty sheers for their bedrooms.

In this guide, I'll share my best decorating secrets for sheer curtains:

  • How to layer sheers with other curtains

  • How to hang sheers to look awesome

  • How to use sheers to make your whole room prettier

My tips will help you turn your basic bedroom into a beautiful, comfy space you love! I'll also tell you about great Doclewe products to make your dream room.

Get excited...let's make your bedroom fabulous with fancy new sheer curtains!

Layering Sheer Curtains

Layering Sheer Curtains

I always say layering is key for sheer curtains in the bedroom.

Sheers alone may look insubstantial or fail to block light adequately. Combining sheers with other window treatments creates a tailored, polished look.

Layer with Blackout Curtains

One of my top tips is teaming airy sheers with vibrant room-darkening or blackout curtains.

The sheers filter natural light during the day while the opaque curtains shut out light for sleeping.

This paired look balances privacy and mood. I'd suggest hanging the sheers nearest the window so they frame the room's darkening panels.

With this method, you can also use sheer voile curtains for living room. Sounds great, right?

Double Rods for Flexibility

For the greatest flexibility, mount double rod brackets and hang sheers on one rod, and opaque curtains on the other.

Open the sheers alone on sunny days; close the opaque curtains when darkness or privacy is preferred.

With double rods and two layers, regulating lighting and visibility is easy.

Sheers and Drapes

Love the dreamy elegance of flowing sheers but also want substantial drapes? Combine them for the ultimate combo!

Position the rod closest to the glass for ethereal sheers, allowing them to soften incoming light.

Suspend thicker velvet or brocade curtains on the outer rod to define the windows and insulate against drafts when closed.

The sheer and drape pairing is a go-to for high-end hotels wanting that luxurious feel.

Layering Techniques Benefits
Layer with Room Darkening Curtains Ensures a balance between light control and privacy
Double Rods for Versatility Allows for customization of light and privacy levels
Sheers and Drapes Adds depth and visual interest to the window treatment


Use Color and Texture For Sheer Bedroom Curtains

One thing I love about sheer curtains is all the cool ways you can use color, patterns, and doodads to make them pop! Let me share a couple of my favorite tips:

Multiple Sheer Panels

Are you more into patterned or textured window treatments?

Show off your personality by mounting two or three different sheer panels side-by-side over the window.

You can opt for panels in bright solid hues or complementary patterns. Arrange them according to your personal taste.

Hanging different panels together is an easy and affordable way to get creative with sheer curtains.

Contrasting Pom-Poms

You found some great discount sheer curtains but they're looking a bit blah. No worries - we'll spice them up with some colorful embellishments!

Hot glue or hand-sew some fluffy pom poms along the edges or hems. Try bold neon rainbow shades to play up the light-filtering nature of sheers.

You can never go wrong adding a fun, eye-catching element like pom poms to take the curtains up a stylish notch.

So there you have it - two simple DIY approaches to make basic sheers pop with vibrant, artful personality.

What colors or textures would you combine for your dream sheer curtain panels?

Unique Sheer Bedroom Drapes Hanging Styles

window scarf

People often stick to bland, basic styles when hanging sheer curtains. But at, we try to think outside the box!

Let me share some unique sheer curtain display ideas to give your windows a one-of-a-kind look:

Window Scarf

For an unexpected twist, avoid the classic panel style. Instead drape your sheers loosely and asymmetrically, like a breezy window scarf.

Gather more fabric on one side, let the other side cascade toward the floor, or artfully criss-cross panels over each other.

The flowing, organic shape makes a bold yet elegant style statement.

Accessorize with Tiebacks

Don't settle for boring straight sheers - spice them up with colorful accessories! Sew or pin fun patterned tiebacks to the bottom corners for a gathered, ruched effect.

Or attach cute pom pom or tasseled swags along the top. For a punch of contrast, mount vibrant valances over the curtain rod too.

The right accents show off sheers' beauty and give the window fresh panache.

Enhancing Bedroom Spaces with Sheer Curtains

sheer curtains with string lights

Don't limit sheer curtains to just your windows - take advantage of their versatility to elevate other parts of the bedroom too!

Doorway Enhancement

Make your small doorway nice by putting up a sheer curtain. Get one that's the same as your window curtains.

Hang it over the door opening or over the actual door

The breezy, elegant sheers add a soft filter while still allowing light through. Hung over closet doors, they obscure contents while still enabling you to see silhouettes when selecting outfits.

Sheers transform plain doors into pretty, polished statements.

Combine with String Lights

Create a cozy sleeping nook by mounting double curtain rods and hanging sheers on the inner rod, cute string lights on the outer.

Turn the lights on at night for a festive accent that still lets in the sheers' peaceful moonlit glow.

The combo exudes hygge and makes the bed room feel like a global-chic boutique hotel. For summer vibes, swap the string lights out for cheerful pom pom fringe!

Functional Bedroom Decor with Sheer Curtain Panels

glass doorways and sheer curtains

Sheer window curtains aren't just decorative - they serve important practical purposes too. Here are two of my top functional tips:

Over Glass Doors/Large Windows

Use floor-to-ceiling sheers to soften expansive glass doors or tall windows while still allowing ample light in.

The romantic, graceful panels prevent the space from feeling too sterile and exposed while letting you enjoy open views.

For privacy, strategically gather panels on hooks to each side rather than fully closing them. This trick from 5-star hotels lends cozy style perfect for bedrooms.

Drape Over Roller Blinds

Like your room darkening roller shades but wish they were prettier?

Mount a sheer curtain rod several inches in front of the roller and hang lightweight, breezy panels over top.

Draw the blinds up for soft filtered daylight; lower them when darkness or insulation is needed. The sheers beautify the shades and grant you customizable light control and visual impact.

As you can see, sheers boost bedrooms' comfort, ambiance and functionality in subtle but powerful ways.

Bedroom Visual Interest with Sheer Curtains

Tired of boring, flat window treatments? Take advantage of sheers' innate versatility to create captivating focal points.

Varying Panels

Avoid flatness by layering sheers of contrasting hues and textures.

For example, hang a crisp white voile panel in front of a silky champagne one or combine sheer linen curtains with lightly patterned polyester.

The depth and play of light through the layers makes for mesmerizing impact.

 For extra dimension, choose alternating lengths or mount the panels at slightly different heights along the rod.

Sheer Curtains with Designs

Opt for subtle embroidery, jacquard damask prints, delicate scallops or layered sheer and lace panels.

The sheer base allows daylight through while the intricate details grab attention against the window.

For romantics, we stock stunning floral vine and rose sheer panels perfect for a grown-up yet feminine aesthetic.

Sheers effortlessly infuse bedrooms with artistic passion and life.

Color/Texture Design
White sheer panels Solid Colors
Gray linen sheer panels Subtle striped texture
Beige embroidered sheer panels Delicate floral design
Blue patterned sheer panels Geometric pattern


Practical Tips for Sheer Bedroom Curtains

Don't overlook these everyday sheer curtain tips for enhanced bedroom functionality:

Tiebacks for Flexibility

Install holdbacks or tiebacks on your sheers instead of just letting them hang straight.

During the day, securely hook them to the walls to draw back and bunch the panels, welcoming abundant natural light from the fully exposed window.

At night, simply unhook to release the panels and allow them to filter streetlights for gentler illumination. Tiebacks grant customizable light control.

Semi-Sheer Alternatives

For bedrooms desiring more privacy, opt for thick semi sheer panels instead of ultra-wispy sheers.

Light colors like blush pink or blue-gray work great for semi-sheer curtains. They still let soft light in while keeping privacy. The medium-heavy fabric blocks what's outside enough to be cozy but still lights up the room nicely.

Please reach out with any other questions - whether specification needs or design advice, I'm here to help craft your ideal oasis!

Buy Custom Sheer Bedroom Curtains Online at Doclewe

I hope you liked my tips for making pretty sheer curtains in your bedroom! If you want some for your room, shop at

We sell custom sheer curtains online for over 10 years. You can buy:

  • So Many Styles and Colors: We have delicate embroidered sheers, lightweight voiles, breezy linens and more. Any color you want! Bold solids, soft pastels, fun flower or leaf name it! Mix and match.

  • Made Just for Your Windows: Enter your window size when ordering. We'll sew your sheers to the perfect length and add grommets or pleats. Guaranteed to fit right!

  • Start at Only $26.99: Our prices for custom curtains are super low. We also ship them to your house free if your order is over $199.

Need help choosing? Have questions? Reach out anytime! I'm always happy to help you pick pretty sheers for your bedroom. Let's make your room comfy and beautiful!

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