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Finding The Best White Bedroom Curtains & Drapes

30 Jan 2024 0 Comments
Finding The Best White Bedroom Curtains & Drapes

Hey there! I'm James, the proud storeowner of - your number one source for stylish, custom-made curtains and drapes. With over 10 years in the home decor business, I've helped transform countless bedrooms using the power of window treatments.

So let's chat about one of my favorite options: white curtains!

  • White brightens any room and gives you privacy while matching with anything. Sheer linen makes a breezy, casual vibe.
  • Thick blackout blocks all light for better sleep. And textured embroidered looks sharp for modern rooms.
  • At Doclewe, we custom-size all our curtains to flawlessly fit your windows. We use quality fabrics suiting your taste.

I'm thrilled to share my decor tips so you can relax in a peaceful bedroom oasis.

Let's explore your perfect white curtains! Ask me anything - I'm happy to help you create a home you love.

Types of White Curtains & Drapes

white sheer curtains

Sheer Curtains

If you love awaking to natural sunlight flooding into your bedroom, sheer white curtains are the perfect match.

These airy, lightweight panels filter light beautifully while preventing outsiders from peeking in. Sheers layer perfectly with existing blinds or darker drapes when full privacy is needed.

But on their own, they impart an angelic, dream-like quality - ideal for romantic spaces or rooms with ample window areas.

At Dolcewe, our gauze and lace sheer curtains are starting at $26.99. 

Linen Curtains

For texture and depth, the natural fabric of white linen curtains introduces an earthy, Bohemian personality into sleeping quarters.

The visible woven strands diffuse sunlight gently rather than blocking it out entirely for a cozier feel.

The casual wrinkles of linen lend any space a relaxed, informal vibe.

So if you want your master bedroom to feel welcoming and peaceful with a touch of European style, ivory linen panels could be just the ticket.

Blackout Curtains

When uninterrupted slumber is the priority or bedrooms feature extensive window placement, opt for thick, insulating blackout curtains like velvet curtains

Rather than simply darkening a room, true blackout panels prevent any outdoor light from infiltrating the space.

So if daylight disrupts your circadian rhythms, these window curtains eliminate bothersome morning brightness.

Our blackout curtains also provide thermal insulation - keeping summer heat outside and containing cozy air inside during the winter. Sweet dreams!

Textured Curtains

Textured white curtains add a tasteful dimension to contemporary bedrooms with a minimalist or modern design perspective.

Opt for panels with subtle woven patterns, embroidered accents or a unique three-dimensional style like a waffle weave.

Crisp white mesh beautifully with sleek grey tones, metal finishes, and clean architectural lines without visual clutter.

Choosing the Right White Window Curtains for Your Bedroom

Choosing the Right White Curtains for Your Bedroom

Consider Light Control

Start by honestly evaluating your needs for light filtration and privacy.

Do you require total blackout conditions for sleeping?

Do you want airy visibility or perhaps a middle ground of gentle diffusion?

Assess the quantity and placement of windows in your space as well. Rooms flooded with sunlight demand different solutions than areas with single slim casements.

Determine priorities like insulation or ease of layering additional coverings before selecting white curtains.

Think About Fabric and Style

Once you decide the necessary level of visibility and darkness, consider material and aesthetic to narrow choices further.

Sheer curtains promote an ethereal vibe suitable for Romantic or cottage-themes.

Textured white panels complement modern or contemporary spaces with clean lines.

Blackout curtains focus solely on insulation and blockage, available in various patterns to coordinate with existing furniture.

And don't overlook classics like crisp linen for light diffusion and effortless style.

Match Your Bedroom Decor

White curtains mix beautifully with virtually any color scheme or pattern thanks to their neutral foundation.

But do make sure to coordinate with current bedding, upholstered headboards, artwork and accent decor.

Crisp solid panels best match patterned quilts and decorative add-ons.

Subtle textured or embroidered curtains pair nicely with solid color bed linens. The key is cohesion between all elements so white can connect everything beautifully.

Measure Your Windows Accurately

Finally, don't ruin your lovely new curtains with an improper fit!

Carefully measure the precise length and width of each window then add minimum depth for optimal gathering when drawn.

Accounts for hardware dimensions too for perfect floor clearance.

Take your time for exact window measurements to avoid costly remakes.

At Doclewe, our white curtain panels are available in custom size for perfect fit. Plus, our curtains come in grommet, ring top, rod pocket and back tab headers for easy installation. 

Additional Tips for Styling White Curtain Panel in the Bedroom

Layer for Light and Style

As mentioned regarding sheers, don't be afraid to mix multiple white curtain types to control visibility while boosting dimensional allure.

A common choice is pairing breezy sheers behind blackout panels.

Draw the sheers alone for daylight or privacy during the day then close blackouts tightly at night.

Another creative option is overlapping semi-sheer linen panels behind textured tulle drapes. Creatively blending white curtains prompts innovative solutions.

Hang Curtains High for Grandeur

Minimize wall space visible above the curtain rod for a grand, sweeping look.

Extending rods wider than the window frame also expands the visual plane.

Select substantial decorative rods like wood beams or industrial pipe instead of thin utilitarian versions.

And you can add royal-looking details too! Curtains with fancy crown pleats or swag valances across the top give a rich, glam vibe. Makes basic windows way more dramatic!

Accessorize for Personalization

Never underestimate the power of accessories!

Swag tiebacks in coordinating colors add a pop of contrast when white drapes are drawn open.

Metallic bead or tassel trims along bottom hemlines introduce catching glimmers. Embellish panels themselves with embroidered motifs or hand-painted designs along soothing white backdrops for custom artisan details reflecting a personality.

Play with textures like ribbed cotton tie-tops or smooth satin-bound edges too.

Buy The Best White Curtains For Bedroom Online at Doclewe

I hope I've shown how white curtains open up lots of exciting possibilities for your guest bedroom or master's look!

At, we have so many styles to pick from:

  • Breezy lightweight sheers
  • Casual linen with natural texture
  • Thick blackouts that block all light
  • Patterned cottons with cool modern textures

We can custom-size any of our curtains to flawlessly fit your exact window sizes no matter you have short high windows or large windows. Just measure and enter the dimensions when ordering. Our talented seamstresses handle the rest for a perfect tailored fit.

For orders over $199, we offer free shipping. And custom pieces start at only $26.99 per panel - very affordable!

Swing by and explore your options. I'm always happy to guide you in picking that perfect white curtain to match your bedroom dreams. Transforming spaces is our specialty!

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