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How to Hang Pinch Pleat Curtains On Rings

07 Apr 2024 0 Comments
hang pinch pleats curtains on rings

Hi there, I'm James, the owner of Today, I want to share with you an in-depth guide on how to hang pinch pleat curtains using rings.

This is perfect for those new to curtains who want to achieve an elegant, tailored look.

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Main Section Key Takeaway
What are Pinch Pleat Curtains? Pinch pleat curtains offer a tailored, elegant look with uniform folds. Choose from double, triple, or top tack pleat styles to suit your decor.
Benefits of Using Curtain Rings Curtain rings provide a polished look, maintain uniform pleats, and allow for easy opening and closing. Adjust curtain height by moving rings up or down.
Measuring for Proper Fit Measure window width and length carefully. Curtain width should be 1.5-2x window width for fullness. Mount rod 4-6" above frame, extending 6-8" on sides.
Attaching the Curtain Rings Use clip rings for easy attachment or pin hooks for a sewn-in look. Space rings evenly, planning one per pleat plus ends.
Hanging the Curtains Thread rings onto rod before mounting. Hook curtains starting from the center, working outward. Adjust pleats and spacing for an even look.
Tips for a Professional Look Invest in quality, lined curtains with weighted hems. Choose medium weight fabrics and pleat sizes to suit your window. Consider budget-friendly DIY options.
Troubleshooting Common Issues Ensure hooks are evenly spaced and rod is securely mounted to fix sagging or uneven pleats. Re-hem panels if needed and check rod level for straight hanging.


What are Pinch Pleat Curtains?

What Are Pinch Pleat Curtains

Pinch pleat curtains are a classic and stylish choice that feature pleats pinched together at the top of the curtain panel.

This creates a neat, tailored look with uniform folds running the length of the curtain. The most common styles are:

  • Double pinch pleat (or two-finger pleat): Features two folds sewn at the top for a contemporary look
  • Triple pinch pleat (or three-finger pleat): Has three folds sewn at the top for a more traditional style
  • Top tack pleat (or Euro pleat): The pleats are tacked at the very top allowing the fabric to flare out

Hanging pinch pleat curtains on rings is an easy way to get this timeless look while allowing the curtains to slide open and close smoothly.

At Dolcewe, our sheer curtains, blackout curtains and layered curtains are all available in pinch pleats headers.

Benefits of Using Curtain Rings

  • Rings make it easy to open and close your curtains smoothly
  • They provide a polished, elegant look
  • Rings help maintain uniform pleats and folds
  • You can adjust the curtain height by moving the rings up or down

Using curtain rings is an easy way to hang a curtain

Materials Needed

  1. Pinch pleat curtains sized to fit your window
  2. Curtain rod that can support the weight of the curtains
  3. Curtain rings with clips or hooks (1 ring per pleat plus 1 for each outer edge)
  4. Drapery pins or hooks to attach curtains to rings if not using clip rings
  5. Tape measure, pencil, step ladder

Measuring for Proper Fit

pinch pleat curtains

Before purchasing curtains, carefully measure your window:

  1. Measure the width from one side to the other. The total curtain width should be 1.5-2x the window width for proper fullness.

  2. For length, measure from the top of the window frame to the floor. Add 2-3" if you want the curtains to lightly puddle.

  3. Mount the curtain rod 4-6" above the window frame. Extend it 6-8" on either side so the curtains fully clear the window when open.

At Dolcewe, our curtains are made to measure. You can custom curtain width, curtain length, and fullness. Sounds great. right. 

Attaching the Curtain Rings

  1. If using clip rings, space them evenly across the top of the curtain panel, clipping them to the back of each pleat. No sewing is needed!

  2. For hook rings, pin hooks are inserted into the back of each pleat. Hooks should be evenly spaced with one at each outer edge.

  3. The number of rings needed depends on the number of pleats. Plan one ring per pleat plus one for each end.

Hanging the Curtains

  1. Thread the curtain rings onto the rod before mounting it on the brackets. Attach one finial end to keep rings from sliding off.

  2. Hook the curtain pins or clips to the rings, starting from the center and working outward.

  3. Mount the rod on the brackets. Adjust pleats and spacing as needed for an even look.

  4. Style the curtains by gently pulling fabric between pleats to neaten. You can tie it loosely in place to train pleats.

Tips for a Professional Look

  • Measure carefully and double-check numbers before purchasing. Proper fit is key!

  • High-quality, lined curtains will hang best. Look for weights in the bottom hem.

  • Selecting the right fabric is important. Medium-weight fabrics like linen, velvet, and cotton blend work well.

  • Pinch pleat sizes range from 4-6" deep. Larger pleats create more fullness, best for taller windows.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Uneven or Sagging Pleats

  • Make sure all hooks or clips are spaced evenly. Adjust as needed.
  • For sagging, check that the rod is mounted securely and not bowing in the middle. Use a center support bracket if needed.
  • Retie curtains loosely for a few days to retrain pleats that are out of shape.

Curtains Not Hanging Straight

  • Check that the rod is level. Adjust mounting brackets if needed.
  • Make sure curtain panels are the same length. Re-hem if necessary for an even bottom edge.
  • If curtains still hang crooked, the fabric may have stretched unevenly. Try rehanging with the opposite vertical edge facing out.

Shop Custom Size Curtains online at Dolcewe

With this detailed guide, you now know to confidently hang pinch pleat curtains for a polished, tailored look. The key is in the details - precise measurements, quality curtains, and careful installation.

At, we specialize in custom curtains in a variety of styles, fabrics and sizes to fit any window perfectly. No matter whether you need sheer curtains, blackout curtains, or pinch pleat curtains, we got you covered. 

Our prices start at just $26.99 and we offer free shipping over $199. Sign up for our newsletter for an extra 10% off!

We're here to help you achieve the designer look you want at an affordable price.

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