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Choosing the Perfect Window Coverings for Your Large Arch Windows

07 Apr 2024 0 Comments
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Hi there! I'm James, the owner of We've been specializing in custom size curtains and window treatments for over a decade.

Today, I want to share some in-depth insights and actionable tips on choosing the ideal window coverings for your beautiful large arch windows.

My Suggestions

Main Section Key Takeaway
Challenges of Large Arch Windows Unique curved shapes and sizes make finding suitable coverings difficult. Prioritize solutions that maintain visibility of the arch's architectural beauty while providing light control, privacy, and insulation.
Custom Draperies Expertly tailored drapery panels can elegantly frame arches and allow light and privacy control. Hang them high and wide to enhance the grandeur of the arch. Draperies can reduce heat gain by 33% when drawn.
Cellular Shades Highly customizable cellular shades provide superior insulation and energy efficiency. They come in various opacities and can be motorized for hard-to-reach windows. Cellular shades can save 10-30% on heating and cooling costs.
Layered Treatments Combine multiple window treatments like cellular shades, draperies, Roman shades, and sheers for a custom look that maximizes light control, insulation, and style flexibility. Layering a sheer over a light-filtering shade can reduce glare by 50%.
Measuring and Installation Precise measurements are crucial for a perfect fit. For inside mounts, use the narrowest width and measure height from base to peak. For outside mounts, measure the widest width and height from frame top to bottom. Consider professional installation for optimal results.


Why Large Arch Windows are Both a Blessing and a Challenge

large arch windows challenge

Large arch windows are a stunning architectural feature that can add immense aesthetic appeal to any room. Their graceful curves and grand scale allow abundant natural light to flood your space. However, their unique shape and size also present some challenges when it comes to finding suitable window treatments.

Some common issues with arched windows include:

  • Difficulty finding ready-made coverings that fit the curved shape

  • Excess light and glare causing discomfort

  • Lack of privacy

  • Unwanted solar heat gain increasing cooling costs

  • Awkward proportions throwing off the room's visual balance

But don't let these challenges discourage you! With some expert insights and creative solutions, you can beautifully dress your arch window while reaping a host of practical benefits.

The Top Window Treatment Options for Large Arches

Here are the best window coverings that work wonderfully for expansive arch windows:

Custom Draperies

According to a study by the U.S. Department of Energy, draperies can reduce heat gains by 33% when drawn during summer days.

Nothing says elegance and luxury quite like flowing custom drapery. When expertly tailored to your arch window's exact dimensions, drapery panels can:

  • Frame your arch and enhance its architectural features

  • Allow you to control light and privacy with traversing drapery rods

  • Provide additional insulation against heat and cold

  • Introduce color, pattern, and texture to elevate your decor

Pro tip: Hang drapes high and wide, extending past the window frame, to create the illusion of an even grander arch!

At Dolcewe, we offer custom sizes for all curtains. You can custom curtain width, length and fullness to fit your unique windows.

Cellular Shades

Cellular Shades for Large Arch Windows

Also known as honeycomb shades, cellular shades are an excellent choice for boosting your arch window's energy efficiency. Their unique construction traps air in pockets, providing superior insulation. They're also:

  • Highly customizable to fit arches of all sizes and shapes

  • Available in light filtering to blackout opacities

  • Sleek and minimal, virtually disappearing when raised

  • Able to be motorized for hard-to-reach windows

Fun fact: Arch window shades can reduce heat loss through windows by up to 40% during cold months!

Real data: The U.S. Department of Energy states that cellular shades can save 10-30% on heating and cooling costs when used properly.

Roman Shades

arched shades

For a tailored look with an elegant pleat, consider Roman shades. These fabric shades artfully fold up into neat pleats when raised, making them a stylish and versatile option. Roman shades can be:

  • Customized to your arch's exact measurements

  • Mounted inside or outside the window frame

  • Lined with blackout or thermal fabrics for added functionality

  • Adorned with trims, tapes, or decorative details for a personal touch

Style note: Choose a flat fold Roman shade for a crisp, modern aesthetic or a soft fold style for a more relaxed vibe.

Data: Roman shades with a blackout lining can block up to 99% of incoming light, making them ideal for bedrooms and media rooms.


Shutters for for large Arch Windows

Interior shutters lend an air of timeless sophistication to arch windows. Their sturdy slats offer excellent light control and can be customized to fit your arch's curve. Shutters are also:

  • Highly durable and long-lasting

  • Effective at blocking solar heat and UV rays

  • Available in moisture-resistant finishes for humid areas like sunrooms

  • Able to be split into upper and lower tiers for flexible control

Insider insight: Did you know plantation shutters can increase your home's value? They're seen as a permanent upgrade!

Real data: Solid wood shutters have an average ROI of 75%, making them a wise investment.

Layered Treatments

Can't decide on just one option? Combine multiple treatments for a truly custom look that maximizes functionality. Some winning combinations include:

  • Cellular arch shade + drapery panels

  • Roman shade + sheer curtains

  • Shutters + valance or cornice

  • Solar shades + blackout curtains

The possibilities are endless! Layering allows you to fine-tune your arch window's light control, insulation, and style to suit your exact needs and preferences.

Real data: Layering a sheer curtain over blinds or a light-filtering shade can diffuse natural light and reduce glare by up to 50%.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Arch Window Treatments

Before committing to a window treatment, assess your arch window's specific requirements. Here are the main factors to keep in mind:

Light Control

Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can fade fabrics, furniture, and artwork by 40% or more.

Consider how much natural light you want to let in or block out. If your arch receives intense direct sunlight, you may want to prioritize light-filtering or blackout options.


A survey by the International Window Film Association found that 50% of homeowners cite privacy as a top concern when choosing window treatments.

Evaluate your arch window's position and the room's function to determine the level of privacy needed. Bedrooms, bathrooms, and home offices often demand more coverage for daytime privacy.

Energy Efficiency

 Windows account for 25-30% of residential heating and cooling energy use.

If your region experiences extreme temperatures, insulating window coverings can help regulate your interior climate and lower energy bills. Cellular shades and shutters offer the best energy savings.

Style and Aesthetics

According to a survey by the Window Covering Manufacturers Association, 55% of consumers consider style the most important factor when selecting window treatments.

Choose window treatments that complement your room's overall design style, color palette, and existing furnishings. Consider the visual impact you want your arch window to have in the space.

Mounting and Installation

Determine if an inside mount or outside mount works best for your arch's depth and surrounding wall space. Account for any obstructions like moldings or cranks when you install arched window treatments.

Real data: Proper installation can improve a window treatment's energy efficiency by up to 20%.


Set a realistic budget based on your arch's size and your desired materials and features. Keep in mind that custom arched window treatments, motorization, and premium fabrics will increase costs.

On average, custom window treatments cost 30-50% more than off-the-shelf options, but offer superior fit, function, and longevity.

At Dolcewe, our custom curtains are starting at $26.99. Sounds great?

Measuring and Installing Arch Window Treatments

For a perfect arch fit, precise measurements are key. Here's a quick guide:

  1. For inside mounts, measure the arch's width at the base of the arch, the midpoint, and the arch at the top of the curve. Use the narrowest width. Then measure the height from the base to the peak of the arch.

  2. For outside mounts, measure the width from one edge of the window frame to the other at the widest point. Then measure the height from the top of the frame to the bottom.

  3. Always double check your measurements before ordering. Consider hiring a professional installer to ensure your treatments look and function flawlessly.

Elevate Your Arch Windows with Dolcewe Custom Curtains

At, we're passionate about helping you find the perfect arched window coverings for your home. Our custom curtains and drapes are:

  • Available in over 200 designer fabrics and patterns

  • Completely customizable, from size to header style to lining

  • Affordable, with prices starting at just $26.99 per window panel

  • Eligible for free shipping on orders over $199

Plus, when you sign up for our newsletter, you'll receive an extra 10% off coupon instantly!

Ready to transform your large arch windows from a design dilemma to a stunning statement? Visit us at to get started today!

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