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Finding the Best Curtains for Your Kiddo's Top Bunk

25 Jan 2024 0 Comments
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Hey everyone, James here! As the owner of, where we make stylish custom curtains and drapes for homes across the country, I've helped outfit hundreds of top bunk beds over my 10+ years in the world of décor.

I know the struggle of finding the perfect curtains to match your little one's style while also keeping practical things like safety and light blocking in mind.

That's why I wanted to write this quick guide going over the biggest factors to weigh when selecting window treatments for your kid's lofted bed in their bedroom or dorm.

The right curtains can make their personal "nest" up top more functional and more fun.

My Suggestions

  • When shopping for bunk bed curtains, prioritize safety features first, like flame-retardant fabrics, secure rods, and breakaway hardware to prevent hazards.
  • Measure bunk alcoves carefully and choose the right curtain size, length, and number of panels for complete coverage without light gaps.
  • Select curtain materials that stand up to daily use, allow airflow, and match your child’s personal style - decorate their unique space!
  • For one-stop access to bunk-friendly curtains in custom sizes, myriad styles, and budget-friendly pricing, shop the exceptional selection at today.


Key Curtain Features to Nail for Your Top Bunk

When you start browsing all the different curtains available for bunk bed spaces, don't get overwhelmed! Keep these 3 key categories in mind while you shop to make sure you end up with the perfect window treatments:


Since the curtains will hang over an elevated sleeping area, we need to make safety the top priority. Here's what to look out for:

  • Fabric flammability standards - Check that any fabrics meet flammability testing standards for use around beds and sleeping areas. This reduces fire hazard.

  • Secure attachment methods - The last thing you want is for curtains to fall down and pose strangulation or entanglement risks. Opt for reliably secure rods and mounting hardware.

  • Breakaway curtain rods - These rods detach from brackets when pulled too hard, minimizing choking hazards from neck entrapment. Consider pairing breakaway rods with lightweight curtains.


You want curtains that serve their intended purpose flawlessly. Double check that:

  • The curtains provide full coverage without major gaps. Take precise measurements of the bunk nook.

  • Kids can easily pull the curtains open and closed on their own each day. Test mechanisms.

  • Light blocking aligns with your needs - choose blackout curtains for sleeping if desired.


The fabric and materials used impact the longevity, breathability, and style of the curtains:

  • Durability is key since kids will handle them daily. Avoid delicate sheers prone to tearing.

  • Fabrics that allow airflow prevent stifling spaces. Breathable cottons or linens work well.

  • Decorate in your kid's favorite colors and patterns! This is a chance to reflect style.

Keep these key categories in mind while browsing and you'll be sure to find the perfect bunk bed curtains.

My Top 5 Fave Bunk Bed Curtain Picks

With over a decade of helping families decorate unique bunk bed sleeping spaces, I've rounded up my tried-and-true fave curtain recommendations. We'll cover the pros and benefits of each style:

 Blackout Curtains

  • Provide complete darkness for better sleep
  • Good for kids sensitive to light when napping or sleeping
  • Often made of heavyweight fabrics that help insulate and regulate temperature
  • My top pick for optimizing sleep!

Privacy Curtains

  • Allow some daylight in while obscuring view
  • Made of lighter weight, sheer or semi-sheer fabrics
  • Perfect for siblings sharing a room but desiring some privacy
  • Offer a simple separation without creating a cave-like nook

Themed Curtains

  • Make your kid's space reflective of their passion
  • Fun way to incorporate favorite characters, colors, sports teams, etc.
  • Coordinate with existing bedsheets, wall art, rugs to pull room together
  • Opportunities are endless when it comes to decorative themes!

Canopy Curtains

  • Fabric draping creates a cozy, secluded space up top
  • Often paired with twinkle lights or paper lanterns for a whimsical feel
  • Can use sheer, voile, mesh or textured fabrics based on preferences
  • Take their bunk from basic to dreamy fantasy land!

Curtain Rods and Tracks

  • Secure mounting mechanism needed for properly hanging all curtain types
  • Breakaway rods minimize risks while still allowing cute treatments
  • Track systems provide smooth opening and closing of curtains
  • Invest in quality hardware that will last for years to come

    Here are some additional tips for section IV regarding choosing the right curtains for a top bunk bed:

Bonus Tips for Finding Perfect Bunk Bed Curtains

To recap, here are a few extra pointers to keep in mind so you end up with stunning, functional curtains for your kid's unique bunked bed:

  • Carefully measure the precise height, width, and depth of the bunk nook so the curtains you select or custom order provide full coverage without major gaps. Having exact dimensions ensures proper fit.

  • Factor in your child's age, interests, and maturity level when settling on curtain style and features. Privacy and independence become bigger priorities as kids grow. Allow them to express their preferences!

  • Routinely machine wash curtains to eliminate dust, grime from little fingers, and other buildup. Refer to fabric care instructions for proper cleaning methods. Well-maintained curtains stay fresh and fully functional.

  • Check curtains periodically for signs of excessive wear, tearing, loose threading or malfunctioning hardware. Replace components or entire curtains as needed to prevent safety hazards. Don't take chances with damaged goods!

I hope these insider tips help you tackle bunk bed curtain selection like a pro! Let me know if any other questions come up during the process.

Over a decade specializing in custom window treatments has taught me a thing or two, so I'm happy to lend my expertise!

Here is a draft conclusion for section V focusing on available curtain options at

Shop Top Bunk Curtains at

I hope this guide gave you a helpful overview of the key factors to consider when selecting the perfect curtains for your kid's bunk bed! The good news is has all styles covered at affordable prices.

As your one-stop shop for window treatments, we carry an array of on-trend bunk bed curtains available in the exact custom sizes, fabrics, colors and patterns you need to execute your child's vision.

Choose from:

  • Blackout
  • Privacy
  • Themed
  • Canopy
  • Various curtain rods and tracks

Our quilted blackout panels start at just $26.99. All custom-sized orders over $199 ship free right to your door.

Don't waste time shopping multiple retailers! As home décor specialists with over 10 years of experience outfitting unique bunked beds, has all the safe, durable, and stylish curtain options to take your kid’s space to the next level.

Browse our unbeatable collection today!

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