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Top 8 Affordable Curtains & Drapes You Shall Consider

29 Jan 2024 0 Comments
Affordable Curtains & Drapes

Hey friends! James here, your trusted decor expert and owner of the popular online store, which specializes in stylish yet affordable custom curtains and drapes.

With over 10 years in the home decor industry, I’ve helped countless customers find the perfect window treatments to suit their budget and style needs.

In this blog, I’ll be sharing my top picks for affordable curtains that can elevate any room without breaking the bank. Whether you’re doing a full home reno or just looking to refresh a few windows, these curtain ideas will help you achieve a put-together look at half the price!

Top Affordable Window Curtains

Here are some of my favorite budget-friendly cheap curtain styles that look far more expensive than their price tag suggests:

Affordable Sheer Curtain Panels

Sheer curtains, a must-have for any well-designed space, like gauze or lace curtains, gracefully allow natural light to filter into a room.

This not only brightens the space but also ensures a gentle and soothing ambiance while providing the essential feature of light filtering for added comfort and privacy

I recommend hanging sheer curtains and another light-blocking curtain layer for the best of both worlds! Some top inexpensive picks include:

  • Rod pocket sheer panels - These no-fuss sheer curtain panels simply slide onto a curtain rod for easy hanging. With prices starting at just $26.99 for a set of two at, you can’t beat the value.

  • Back tab sheers – Another budget-friendly option, these pretty sheers have back tabs instead of rod pockets, creating a gathered look when open.

Affordable Blackout Curtains & Room Darkening Curtain

For bedrooms and home theater rooms, affordable blackout curtains and room darkening curtains are a must for blocking light and noise. Some ideas:

  • Grommet blackout panels – Find these versatile blackout grommet curtain panels starting at just $34.99. The grommet top easily slides onto a curtain rod for hanging.

  • Thermal blackouts – Upgrade to thermal blackout curtains to add insulation against sound, cold, and heat. I recommend hanging them behind lighter curtains to prevent a “cave-like” feeling.

At Dolcewe, all blackout drapes are available in custom size for perfect fit. 

Affordable insulated drapes Thermal Curtains

Speaking of thermal drapes and curtains, a fantastic window coverings alternative to traditional curtains can help reduce your energy bills. Prices are low too – I’ve seen basic thermal curtains for only $34.99 per panel.

Layer them behind sheer or printed curtains to keep rooms insulated and stylish.

At Dolcewe, thermal insulated room darkening curtains are available in custom size for perfect fit. 

Affordable Velvet Curtains

Rich and elegant velvet curtains instantly create a luxurious look, available from $43.99 per panel.

Tip: Go for crushed velvet curtains in lighter neutrals to prevent a dated look.

Affordable Gauze Curtains

Breezy semi-sheer gauze curtains filter light beautifully and impart an airy vibe. I love them for kitchens and summer porches! stocks lovely embroidered gauze curtains from just $26.99.

Affordable Color-Blocking Curtains

Make a style statement with on-trend color-block curtains!

Contrasting stripes and color blocks lend visual interest while the subtle pattern disguises flaws.

Find color-block curtain panels on Doclewe starting at $34.99 for a set of two.

 Affordable Linen Curtains

100% linen curtains impart natural texture and crisp tailoring to any space. The breathable fabric also helps regulate room temperature. 

Doclewe stocks simple linen curtain panels from only 26.99 in versatile neutrals like white, ivory and gray.

Affordable Multi-layer curtains

Get the look of custom multi-layer drapes without the designer price tag! We offer matched sets of two to three printed/textured curtain panels that are meant to hang together on separate rods.

Prices start at $34.99 for a coordinated set.

Now that you’ve got curtain inspiration for days, let’s talk about how to pick the best fabrics and styles for your needs...

Choosing the Right Fabric

The fabric is what makes or breaks your curtains – get it wrong and poorly-made or unsuitable fabrics can look cheap even at higher price points. Here are the essential factors to consider:


Match the wall color for a cohesive look. For patterned curtains, make sure a color from the print ties back into the walls.

Neutrals like off-white, gray and tan are always safe bets for versatility.

Fabric finish

Look for curtains with a subtly lustrous finish instead of a flat matte look. This helps the fabric drape beautifully.

Crisp fabrics like linen and cotton pop more against glossy finishes.


Consider layering different textures like flat chintz with breezy sheers or textured cottons for visual interest.

Mix sheers over colorful patterned panels.


Stick to small-scale patterns for a tailored livable-with look. Leave large graphic prints for throw pillows – these can overwhelm a room when in curtains.

Drapery weight

Heavier drapery-weight fabrics properly drape into lush folds while flimsy sheers can look sparse and cheap. Check the fabric specifications before buying.


When selecting curtains, always measure your windows carefully first, then pick either custom-sized panels or those sized wider than your windows to prevent sagging.

Please note that at Doclewe, all curtains are sold as single curtain panels. If you need to order a set of 2 panels, you just need to add them to cart one by one.


To achieve that ruched café curtain effect, buy curtain panels a size or two longer than the window height.

In my experience, the fabric weight matters most for that luxurious draped effect. Lightweight fabrics like voile can cling unattractively to curtains rods while heavy drapery-weight fabrics gracefully cascade into soft folds.

I would suggest medium-weight fabrics like linen or textured cotton as the best compromise for achievable elegance on a budget! Sheer fabrics also drape beautifully when layered over these opaque curtains.

Other curtain fabric favorites are:

  • Velvets – Luxe looking and great at absorbing sound! Crushed varieties hide wrinkles.

  • Faux Silk – More durable and affordable than real silk with the same elegant drape.

  • Cotton-poly Blends – Easy-care, retain shape well and have a lightly nubby texture.

I would avoid cheap polysatin or polyester blends – these just lack the sophisticated drape of finer fabrics.

Now that you know how to assess curtain fabrics, here’s how to pick styles for each room’s needs...

Choose The Best Curtain Window Treatment for Different Rooms

Beyond just looking pretty, curtains serve necessary functions like insulation, light/noise control and privacy. The right curtains can set the overall mood of a room too!

Here are my tips on matching curtains to room purpose:


As to the bedroom curtains, the function is most important here - block light and muffle noise for better sleep.

  • Blackout curtain essential – Layer with sheers if the cave effect bothers you.
  • Side note for kids’ rooms: Bright patterned blackout curtains make their inner sanctum more fun!

At Dolcewe, grommet blackout curtains for bedroom are easy to installation. 

Living Rooms

As to the living room curtains, make a style statement with textured fabrics like linen or velvet; floor-to-ceiling for drama.

  • Sheers behind filtered incoming light nicely during the day for your living space.
  • Draw fuller blackout curtains at movie nights for ambient lighting.


Block outdoor distractions with neutral solids or simple patterns.

  • Insulated thermal curtains reduce street noise interference.
  • Sheers over these moderate incoming daylight to prevent screen glare.


Weather-resistant fabrics like canvas help protect patio spaces while letting breezes filter through.

  • Impart cozy ambiance with loosely draped canvas overhangs overhead and at your back.
  • Side curtains in matching canvas can enclose the area.


Sweet nurseries need blackout curtains to regulate baby’s sleep cycles + exciting accent patterns as décor.

  • Use whimsical prints featuring animals or kid-friendly themes like space, woodlands etc.

With the right curtains or drapes lending aesthetics, privacy, insulation or just a decorative focal point, every room gets transformed. And you needn’t spend a fortune either...

Which brings me to where savvy shoppers like you should buy these budget-friendly beauties online!

Where To Buy Affordable Curtains And Drapes Online (2024)

To save you research time, I’ve rounded up the best spots for quality curtains that won’t break the bank:

As the owner of, I can vouch for our stylish yet value-driven curtain collections! With hundreds of affordable curtain and drape options starting at just $16.99, we are committed to bringing you dramatic windows at half the typical prices.

Our custom-sized curtain panels are cut specifically to your window measurements for a tailored look. Expect the latest colors and on-trend fabrics, from textured linens to faux silks.

Perks like free shipping and easy returns make updating your windows entirely risk-free. 

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