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Best Curtain For Rings with Clips | A Guide

18 Feb 2024 0 Comments
curtains for clip rings

Hey friends! I'm James, the owner of - an online store selling top-notch custom curtains for over 10 years. Today, I want to talk about an awesome little gadget that makes hanging curtains super easy: clip rings!

These handy metal rings simply clip right onto your curtain rod. Then you can slide your curtains onto the rings without any hooks or sewing needed. The rings grip the fabric tightly while still letting the curtains move smoothly.

At my shop, I've used clip rings with all kinds of curtains:

  • Grommetless curtains with built-in holes
  • Casual tab-top curtains
  • Flowy flat panel curtains

In this article, I'll share my best tips for choosing perfect window treatment curtains to go with your clip curtain rings. I'll explain everything in simple steps to help you make your windows look fabulous!

So read on to learn:

Section Key Takeaways
Introduction Clip rings slide onto curtain rods for easy hanging without hooks or sewing
Choosing Fabrics Ideal fabrics are lightweight and wrinkle-resistant like, gauze ,linens and cottons
Heading Styles Choose heading styles like grommetless, tab-top, or flat panels
Size and Fullness Calculate curtain width based on window size and desired fullness
Styling Curtains Finish and layer curtains creatively with decorative clip rings
Additional Tips Troubleshoot issues like noise or sliding with felt pads and tight clipping
Conclusion Custom clip ring curtains available at, starting at $26.99

Let's get started sprucing up those windows!

Picking the Perfect Fabrics For Clip Rings Drapery

When using clip rings, go for lightweight curtains that will drape nicely. The clips work best with fabrics that are:

  • Thin and breezy - Avoid heavy materials or else the clips could slide off from the weight.
  • Smooth texture - Very textured or nubby fabrics may get caught in the clips.
  • Wrinkle-free - The clips can cause a bit of bunching, so pick a fabric that won't look messy.

I'd suggest airy linens, gauze, crisp cottons, or sleek faux silks. Stay away from heavy fabrics like canvas or thick woven textures.

Heading Styles For Curtain Rings 

decorative clip rings for stylish curtains

You've got 3 main heading options for clip ring curtains:

Grommetless Curtains

Grommetless curtains have holes along the top, perfect for sliding metal curtain rings with clips through for a modern, minimalist look. Just make sure the holes are at least 1 inch wide - anything smaller and the clips won't fit!

At Dolcewe, all curtains are available in ring tops and grommets which are easy to install.

Tab-Top Curtains

The tabs on these casual curtains need to be wide enough for clips to pass through. I'd look for at least 1.5 inch tabs to be safe.

Flat Panel Curtains

These versatile curtains have no built-in holes or tabs. So you'll need to pinch and gather the fabric by hand to create neat folds.

It's a bit more work but allows for very full, elegant curtains.

Size and Fullness Consideration For Curtain Rings with clips

First, accurately measure your curtain rod and window frames. This gives the exact width needed for your custom curtains.

You can then choose how full you want the curtains:

  • Light fullness - Each curtain panel gets 1.5-2 times wider than the window. Gives a smoother look.
  • Heavy fullness - Each panel gets 2-3 times wider. Creates an opulent, billowy effect.

At Doclewe, all curtains comes with 1.5 times of fullness already. 2 Times of fullness is available at affordable prices.

Just keep the weight of your curtains in mind so the clips can securely hold all that fabric!

Jazz Up Your Curtain Clip Rings

A nice thing about drapery rings is you can find them in fancy finishes to match your room's decor. I offer customers different metal colors like:

  • Matte black - For modern, sophisticated style
  • Polished brass - Classic and elegant
  • Brushed nickel - Cool-toned and contemporary

So have fun picking rings that work with your color scheme and curtains!

Layer Different Curtains

Clip rings make layering curtains a breeze! Simply hang two separate rods, one behind the other. Then clip up different panels on each:

This lets you control light and privacy while adding dimension to your window.

Create Unique Pleat Styles

The way you space out and arrange the clip rings affects how the curtains hang. You can manipulate the fullness to make different pleat designs:

  • Pinch pleats - Dramatic ripples
  • Goblet pleats - Even, rounded folds
  • Japanese pleats - Flat, overlapping panels

Have fun playing around with the clips until you find your perfect pleat style!

Caring for Your Clip Ring Curtains

To keep your curtains and rings looking fresh:

  • Wash curtains gently in cold water, line dry only
  • Wipe down clip rings with a soft cloth and mild cleaner
  • Check clips periodically for damage and replace if needed

I recommend buying 2 extra clip rings per curtain panel. That way you have spares if any get bent or break.

Troubleshooting Clip Ring Issues

If your curtains seem crooked or keep sliding around, check that all rings are clipped on tightly. Make sure they are evenly spaced for proper hanging.

The metal rings can sometimes clink against the rod. Try padding with felt strips if noise is an issue.

Where to Buy Clip Rings

You can find clip rings in most stores with home or curtain accessories. Many ready-made curtains come with complementary rings included.

At, all our custom ring top curtains come with durable clip rings designed specifically for each fabric. 

Let me know if you have any other clip ring questions - I'm always happy help!

Get Your Clip Ring Curtains & Drapes at Doclewe!

I hope this article gave you plenty of tips for choosing and styling the perfect curtains to use with your clip rings. If you're ready to upgrade your windows with beautiful new clipped curtains, come check out!

At my custom curtain shop, I offer an amazing selection of fabrics and sizes designed specifically for clip rings.

Browse chic grommetless panels, breezy linen tab tops, and luxurious pleated drapes. Special heading styles to perfectly accommodate your clip rings.

Choose from tons of colors and patterns like:

  • Rich solids
  • Vibrant florals
  • Bold stripes
  • Blackout opaques

Accent your room with on-trend shades like emerald green or blush pink. Or keep it neutral with timeless whites and ivories.

The best part? Every Doclewe ring top curtain comes with durable clip rings included! I handpick rings that securely grip each type of fabric without snagging or tearing.

Order custom sizes drapes to flawlessly fit your windows - prices start at just $26.99. Enjoy free shipping on orders $199+ and an extra 10% off when you sign up for our newsletter!

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