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Best Curtains for Crank Out Windows

05 Jan 2024 0 Comments
Best Curtains for Crank Out Windows

At, we appreciate the unique blend of style and function that crank out windows bring to a home. For over a decade, we've helped homeowners dress these windows beautifully without limiting operation.

The crank mechanism poses specific challenges for curtain selection - treatments must allow full access without obstruction. Through experience with such intricate details, we skillfully guide you to customized window dressings that control light, ensure privacy, and complete your decor.

Key Takeaways

  • Choose custom-sized curtains to ensure the perfect fit for your windows without obstructing operation.

  • Opt for inside-mount brackets and lightweight, retractable fabrics to allow full crank functionality.

  • Consider sleek yet practical options like roman shades, roller shades, and plantation shutters that control light while complementing your decor.

  • Specialty curtains like cafe curtains and balloon shades blend whimsical style with practical privacy for crank out windows.

  • Work with specialists like Dolcewe for affordable custom-made crank out window curtains, starting at just $26.99.

Understanding Crank Out Windows

casement window treatments

As advocates for elegant and practical home designs, we recognize the unique attributes of casement windows and awning windows, which make them a favorite in homes across the country. 

Unpacking the Design and Functionality

Casement and awning windows operate on a simple yet effective principle. They are hinged on one side and swing outward, allowing for superior ventilation—something we find essential in areas like kitchens and bathrooms.

The window crank is an ingenious mechanism that aids in this process, and it's because of this component that these windows provide both functionality and a dash of sophistication to a variety of spaces.

The Impact of the Window Crank on Curtain Selection

Unlike traditional sliding or sash windows, the crank mechanism restricts certain window treatments, making it essential to opt for custom solutions that accommodate the unique design.

Our experience with glass doors and window cranks has taught us that not all curtains are created equal, and that the right treatment can offer not only light control but also enhance privacy with stylish privacy curtains.

Feature Benefits Considerations for Window Treatments
Operational Ease Easy to open with a twist or push Requires treatments that don't obstruct movement
Airflow Improved air circulation Choose lighter fabrics that allow breeze
Views Expansive outdoor views Opt for sheer or retractable treatments
Privacy Can be obscured when needed Custom privacy curtains for the perfect balance


Blinds & Shades for Crank Out Windows

Blinds & Shades for Crank Out Windows

When considering the assortment of window treatments available for crank out windows, we often find ourselves drawn towards various types of blinds and shades due to their ease of use and aesthetic versatility.

Let's delve into the advantages and considerations when choosing blinds or shades for your crank out windows.


Among the plethora of options, roman shades stand out for their timeless elegance, while roller and solar shades provide a minimalist and contemporary touch.

For those seeking energy efficiency, cellular shades are a prime choice, known for their insulation properties.

All these options can be customized to fit the unique dimensions of crank out windows, ensuring a smooth and easy operation that marries functionality with style.


While blinds and shades are convenient, we must keep in mind that certain designs may prevent the window from fully opening or may come in a restricted range of fabrics.

This warrants a thoughtful selection to find solutions that accommodate the movement of the crank without sacrificing the aesthetic appeal or functionality.

Considering these aspects, here's a comparison table to help you weigh your options:

Shade Type Light Control Privacy Level Maintenance Compatibility with Crank
Roman Shades Adjustable High Low High
Roller Shades Customizable Medium to High Low Medium
Solar Shades Customizable Low to Medium Low Medium
Cellular Shades Adjustable High Medium High


Shutters: A Timeless Choice for Window Treatments

shutters for crank out windows

When we consider enhancing our home's windows, plantation shutters emerge as a standout selection.

Not only do shutters add a layer of timeless elegance to your interior decor, but they also offer practical benefits that make them a preferred choice for casement windows

Pros: Excellent insulation and adjustable light and privacy

The allure of plantation shutters lies in their ability to control the amount of light entering a room while also serving as an insulating layer, potentially reducing thermal transfer and energy costs.

Their adjustable louvers allow for fine-tuning both privacy and sunlight, catering to your exact preferences at different times of the day.

Cons: Can be expensive and bulky

Despite their many advantages, choosing shutters as your window treatments can represent a significant investment.

These sturdy and durable window coverings can sometimes be seen as bulky, particularly in smaller spaces.

In addition, customized fittings are often necessary to perfectly marry style with the distinctive operational mechanisms of casement windows.

  • Ideal for light control and privacy
  • Provide a classic and refined aesthetic
  • Require custom fitting to accommodate hardware such as style openers

As we consider plantation shutters for our own spaces, it's important to weigh these factors and decide if they're the right window treatments for our needs.

For those who value light control, thermal benefits, and aesthetic appeal, shutters could be the perfect custom-made addition to a well-dressed window.

Drapes & Panels

custom curtain panels for crank out windows

Drapery and panel drapes offer a stunning blend of style and function for crank out windows.

Not only do they provide a layer of privacy curtains that is highly sought after, but their capacity to seamlessly integrate with various window shapes and sizes makes them an ideal choice for home improvement ventures.

Let's explore the advantages and considerations you should keep in mind for this elegant window treatment.

Pros: Stylish and Versatile Options

There's a reason why curtain panels are a staple in interior design.

They offer an effortless way to add a dash of elegance to any room. Custom curtains, especially when crafted with a pinch pleat design, lend an air of sophistication that can either stand out as a focal point or blend smoothly with your existing decor.

The beautiful fabric choices available mean that each drape can complement your home's style, while also affording the flexibility to pair them with blinds for a more layered look.

Cons: Considerations for Crank Operation

Although panel drapes are a fashionable choice for window treatments, they come with their nuances.

A key consideration is ensuring the curtains don't hamper the function of your crank out windows.

The selection of fabric is critical; too heavy or light and you risk the curtains billowing with the breeze, possibly impairing the operation.

It's a delicate balance to strike, being mindful of both the material's weight and the window's mechanics.

Affordable Elegance with Custom Curtains

Did you know customizing your window treatments doesn't have to break the bank?

While the typical range for custom curtains is between $300-$500 per window, we offer options for high-quality, elegant drapes starting just around $26.99 at Dolcewe.

Our custom solutions mean you don't have to sacrifice style for affordability—you can have both.

Specialty Options

As proponents of inventive window dressings, we recognize the charm and function that specialty curtains bring to spaces with crank out windows.

Cafe curtains and balloon shades stand out as delightful additions to our curated collection, each selection bringing its own blend of style and practicality.

Cafe Curtains: A Cozy Touch for Your Decor

Cafe curtains are a nod to quaint European bistros, offering a comfortable ambience while preserving an open view to the world outside.

As a preferred choice for crank out window curtains, they cover just the right amount to ensure privacy without sacrificing that gentle breeze or appealing decor aesthetic.

Our range of cafe curtains showcases various fabric choices, perfect for accommodating different window sizes.

Balloon Shades: Whimsy and Warmth for Every Room

Balloon shades are a whimsical window treatment that brings a playful vibe to any room, particularly spaces designed for children.

These shades offer a tasteful balance between functionality and festive style, ensuring the window's crank remains accessible.

Window Treatment Style Appeal Functionality Ideal Locations
Cafe Curtains Relaxed, charming decor touch Privacy without blocking views Kitchens, Breakfast nooks
Balloon Shades Festive, playful design Decorative, maintains window operation Children's rooms, Play areas

Considerations for Choosing the Best Curtains for Crank Out Windows

Take a glance at our tips below to enhance your living space with curtains that perfectly merge aesthetics with practicality.

Window Size and Shape

First off, proceed by measuring your windows with precision. Whether you're drawn to stylish pinch pleat designs or sleek cordless curtains, it's crucial to ensure they stack neatly when drawn aside, allowing unhindered use of your windows.

Check our curtain size calculator for help.

Function and Desired Light Control

Do you wish to plunge your room into darkness for a restful night's sleep or simply filter the daylight to create a serene ambiance?

Blackout curtains are your allies for complete light control, while light filtering curtains can brighten a room with soft light.

If you're seeking both light management and solitude, consider the aptly named privacy curtains.

Style and Material

Defining your room's character with custom curtains that mirror your décor is a transformative move.

Choose materials that will allow your curtains to operate smoothly without hampering the function of your crank out windows.


Lastly, let's talk finances. The investment in window treatments can be significant, but rest assured, there's a range to fit every purse.

Whether you pick ready-made or custom curtains, your budget will significantly influence your final choice.

At Dolcewe, all custom sizes are starting at $26.99

Curtain Type Function Material Average Cost
Blackout Curtains Complete light blockage Thermal insulated fabric $50 - $150
Light Filtering Curtains Diffuse light, retain privacy Semi-sheer materials $25 - $100
Privacy Curtains Privacy with some light allowance Dense fabrics $35 - $120
Custom Curtains Tailor-made to window specifications Varied; based on selection $100 - $500+


Tips for Installing Curtains on Crank-Out Windows

When it comes to dressing crank-out windows, the installation approach is key to ensuring both aesthetic appeal and functionality.

By following our adept installation tips, you'll discover seamless ways to incorporate curtains into rooms with these window types.

Use of Inside-Mount Brackets and Tension Rods

Our first piece of advice centers on the hardware used to hang your curtains.

We highly recommend opting for inside-mount brackets or tension rods. This strategic choice prevents any encroachment on the mechanical crank, preserving the integrity of both your window and the curtain's function.

When utilized, these installation methods offer a streamlined look and do not detract from the window's original design.

Selecting Appropriate Fabric and Accessibility Features

Choosing the correct fabric weight can make a significant difference in operational ease.

Lightweight fabrics like gauze grant fuss-free manipulation of both the curtains and the window.

Incorporating tie-backs can add a decorative touch while also providing a practical way to hold curtains aside, allowing for complete window usage.

Here's where design meets convenience, bringing forth an effective window treatment solution.

Opting for Custom-Made Curtains

A comprehensive approach to addressing the requirements of crank-out windows is the customization route.

Custom-made curtains take into consideration window size and window shape, leading to an impeccable fit and unimpeded functionality.

This bespoke service ensures that every detail, from the placement of curtain rods to the overall finish, aligns immaculately with both your windows and design sensibility.

As you embark on the journey to elevate your crank-out windows through curated window treatments, here's a comparative overview to assist in your decision-making:

Installation Method Pros Cons
Inside-Mount Brackets Does not interfere with window mechanics, offers a clean look May not suit very heavy fabrics
Tension Rods Easy to install and adjust, no drilling required May not support excessive weight
Custom-Made Curtains Tailored to specific measurements, accommodates crank mechanisms Typically higher cost than standard options
Lightweight Fabrics with Tie-backs Easy to open windows, promotes good airflow May offer less insulation than heavier materials


Shop Custom Curtains for Crank Out Windows at Dolcewe

Searching for the perfect window treatments to complement your crank out windows can often feel overwhelming, but your quest ends with us at Dolcewe.

Our dedication to creating and delivering custom size curtains has flourished for over ten years, offering you not just curtains but a seamless blend of style and function designed for the unique demands of crank out windows.

Custom Size for Perfect Fit, Starting at $26.99

We understand that every window is unique, which is why our curtains come customizable to the exact dimensions of your crank out windows.

With prices starting as low as $26.99, our range extends from the light and airy wide width sheer drapery to the privacy-ensuring heavy blackout curtains.

Whether you're selecting polyester for its durability, cotton for its classic feel, or linen for that breezy elegance, rest assured, we’ve got your desires covered.

Shop Today - Extra 10% Off First Order & Free Shipping on Orders Over $199

Transform your homes with window treatments that speak your style and address functionality seamlessly.

Shop at our online store and discover the advantage of Dolcewe's affordable curtains that don’t skimp on quality. Revel in the diversity of our curtain designs and make the most of our special offer—an extra 10% off your first purchase, plus free shipping on orders exceeding $199.

Dive into the Dolcewe experience, where elegance meets affordability. Embrace the change, uplift your decor, and let us enhance your home improvement journey, one custom curtain at a time.


What are the best curtains for crank out windows?

The best curtains for crank out windows include options like roman shades, cellular shades, and custom curtains that can be tailored to accommodate the crank mechanism without hindering the window's operation.

How does the crank mechanism of casement windows affect curtain choices?

The crank mechanism can limit the type of window treatments you can use. It's essential to choose curtains that allow full access to the crank and do not obstruct the window's functionality.

Are blinds and shades a good option for crank out windows?

Yes, blinds and shades can be excellent options for crank out windows as they provide easy operation, light control, privacy, and maintain a sleek look. However, they may limit how fully the window can open if not properly fitted.

What are the pros and cons of using shutters on casement windows?

Shutters offer excellent insulation and light control and have a classic look. The downside is they can be more expensive and, if not custom fitted, might appear bulky or interfere with the crank mechanism.

Are drapes and panels suitable for crank out windows?

Drapes and panels can add elegance and style to crank out windows. However, they might interfere with the crank if not chosen correctly and require careful selection of fabric to avoid issues when the window is open.

What is the average cost of custom curtains for crank-out windows, and how does Dolcewe compare?

Custom curtains for crank-out windows generally range between $300-$500 per window. In contrast, Dolcewe offers them starting at an accessible price point of $26.99.

What are some specialty curtain options for crank out windows?

Specialty options such as cafe curtains and balloon shades can be ideal for crank out windows. Cafe curtains offer privacy while maintaining a view, and balloon shades add a decorative touch, particularly in children's rooms.

How do I choose the best curtains for my crank out windows?

Consider the window's size and shape, the function and desired light control, the style and material that match your decor, and your budget. Custom curtains are worth considering for the best fit and functionality.

What tips can you give for installing curtains on crank out windows?

Use inside-mount brackets or tension rods that won't interfere with the crank mechanism. Choose lightweight fabrics or curtains with tie-backs to ensure ease of operation.

Where do I find affordable custom curtains for my crank out windows?

Dolcewe offers a range of affordable custom curtains for crank out windows. Bespoke sizes ensure a perfect fit, starting at just $26.99, with an additional 10% off your first order and free shipping on orders over $199.

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