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Best Curtains For Round Windows & Arch Windows

18 Feb 2024 0 Comments
curtains for round windows

As the owner of - a custom curtains store with 10+ years of experience in home & decor, I love the special charm that round windows give to homes. With their unique curves and cool shapes, round windows always attract the eye and add beauty.

However, finding the right curtains for these windows is hard work! With no straight lines to easily hang curtains on, customers get so fed up trying to dress them.

That's why I made this helpful guide. Here I'll share:

Topic What We Cover
Round Window Types Definitions and examples of porthole, bullseye, and oval round windows
Choosing Fabrics Fabric recommendations for light control, privacy, and style (sheer, blackout, etc.)
Curtain Styles Best curtain styles for round windows like swags, valances, tie tops
Hardware & Installation Appropriate extendable rods, tension rods, and ceiling mounts
Budget Concerns Tips for affordability like using tension rods, poly-cotton blends
Decor Integration Quotes from designers and links to more round window inspiration
FAQ Answers to common questions about blinds, window covering necessity, and large sizes
Doclewe Offerings Overview of custom sizing, styles, patterns, and savings from Doclewe's round window curtain collection, from $26.99

    After reading this, finding perfect curtains for your beautiful round windows will be a breeze! You'll discover stylish and affordable treatment ideas to amplify light or increase privacy.

    Common Round Arch Window Shapes 

    arch window styles 

    When shopping for curtains, the first step is understanding what shape of round window you actually have.

    Different names and styles will impact the fabric and rods needed to install your curtains well.

    Here are the main kinds of round windows people have in their homes:

    Porthole Windows

    Porthole Windows

    These are completely circular windows, resembling ship portholes. They have the most distinct round shape.

    Porthole window sizes often range from 2 to 4 feet across at most.

    Their main purpose is cosmetic - adding a cute focal point without letting in as much light or air as larger windows.

    Bullseye Windows

    Bullseye Windows

    Like their name suggests, these windows have a center circle pane surrounded by glass panes in a bowtie or flower shape. They let in more sunlight from their wider curved panes.

    Bullseye sizes vary widely, some extending over 5 feet. Their layered glass pattern catches the eye beautifully.

    Oval Windows

    As the name says, oval windows have an egg-like profile. Size depends on whether placed vertically or horizontally, but they often fall around the same dimensions as porthole circles.

    What sets oval windows apart is their softer, more elongated shape letting in good natural side light.

    They work well flanking doors or above other windows.

    Window Type Characteristic Features Recommended Treatment
    Porthole Small, circular, maritime ambiance Tension rods with lightweight curtains or frosted window film
    Bullseye Larger, segmented, historic appeal Decorative rods with tailored drapes or Roman window shades
    Oval Elongated, modern, allows ample light Streamlined shades or semi-sheer curtains for a soft diffusion of light


    Now that you know the basic round window types, let's explore how to best dress them in curtains...

    Choosing Fabrics, Styles & Hardware For Round Windows

    blackout curtain ideas for round windows

    When decorating your special round windows with curtains, getting the right fabrics, styles, and hardware makes all the difference.

    Follow these curtain ideas for a beautifully dressed window that controls light and adds privacy perfectly. 

    Fabric Tips Of Curtains For Arched Windows

    The fabric chosen needs to suit both your window's purpose and style.

    Consider these recommendations:

    • Sheer - Best to softly filter light while maintaining the view. Flowy fabrics like lace and voile work well.

    • Blackout - Essential for bedrooms. Dense fabrics like felt or suede block external light for sleep.

    • Patterned - Try medium-weight patterned fabrics with graphic prints or florals to complement the unique shape.

    • Textured - Add depth with nubby linen or cotton blends. These help hide imperfections in off-kilter DIY installations.

    For moisture-prone rooms like bathrooms or kitchens around sinks, stick to mold/mildew resistant fabrics like polyester blends. And select heavier fabrics to better withstand humidity.

    Room Type Fabric Choice Benefits
    Living Room Sheer Curtains Soft light filtration, gentle privacy
    Bedroom Blackout Curtains Complete darkness and privacy, energy-efficient
    Dining Area Linen Natural drape, aesthetic appeal
    Kitchen/Bathroom Synthetic Blend Mildew resistance, easy to clean


    Stylish Curtain Options

    Certain styles flatter round windows especially well. Consider:

    • Cafe Curtains - Perfect for porthole or oval windows, falling just below the sill. Choose lively patterned fabrics for a punchy cafe style look.

    • Swags - Elegant curved fabrics that echo the window's shape. Work with valances for a formal style.

    • Valances - Pretty top treatments, available in customized round shapes. Good for boosting privacy cheaply.

    • Tie Top - Allow perfect gathers with adjustable tie tops instead of rigid rods. Great for oval and slightly irregular windows. 

    Curtain Style Window Type Functionality Aesthetic
    Cafe Curtains Standard Round, Partial Arch Privacy, Light Filtering Casual, Welcoming
    Swags Full Arches, Large Round Decorative, Light Diffusing Elegant, Formal
    Valances All Sizes, Especially Smaller Arches Decorative Top Treatment Enhances Window Shape


    Choosing Curtain Rods, Hardware & Installation

    Special rods or tracks best fit round windows, like:

    • Flexible curtain rods that can bend to any shape. These arched curtain rods can be attached in or outside the window frame
    • Tension rods that adjust to grip irregular openings
    • Ceiling mounts that hang curtains away from the frame

    Aim to install rods wider and taller than the window itself to allow the curtains to stack attractively when open. For tension rods, extend 1-3 inches past the circular opening on each side for stability.

    I'll later share my pro tips for measuring, hanging, and seamlessly integrating your new lovely curtains!

    Here is a draft section covering additional considerations and expert opinions:

    Extra Tips For Arched Window Treatments

    Custom Curtains for Arched Windows

    I know deciding on window treatments can be daunting. Here I'll address some common concerns and provide extra resources so you can nail your round window curtain project with confidence!

    Budget Concerns

    Having custom curtains made does cost more than buying standard sizes. But good news - round windows are rather small, keeping customization affordable! For more cost-effective options:

    • Opt for simple cafe panel styles instead of fussier swags
    • Use quality poly-cotton blends rather than silk; still offer great drape
    • Install tension rods yourself instead of hiring for specialty tracks

    And remember, a well-chosen pattern or texture hides flaws better if taking shortcuts to save money.

    If your style is more modern, consider alternative shades instead of fabric curtains.

    Pleated cellular shades offer insulation and soften light beautifully.

    At Dolcewe, curtain panels are starting at $26.99. Sounds great, right? 

    Style Notes

    Round windows make awesome style statements! Leading interior designer Nate Berkus says:

    I love using round windows as an opportunity for whimsy - don't be afraid to go for something playful!

    When coordinating with your existing decor, pick a complementary color and style from fabrics you already have in the room. Add touches like trim or tie-backs to tie everything together.

    For more home consultation tips, browse the decorating ideas at Houzz or Good Housekeeping.

    And if you need more specialized help with your distinctive windows, contact to request custom measurement and installation services.

    With over a decade of experience perfectly dressing unique round windows, we're here to help!

    Your FAQs on Round Window Curtains - Answered!

    Over the years helping customers find the perfect curtains, I've been asked all sorts of questions about styling round windows.

    Here I'll tackle some of the most frequent ones:

    Q: Can I install blinds on my small porthole window instead of curtains?

    A: Possibly! Custom-fit faux wood or aluminum blinds are available. Just keep in mind that rigid blinds won't curve perfectly to a round shape, leaving tiny light gaps. For best coverage, curtains are still ideal.

    Q: My high oval window adds nice light - do I really need to cover it?

    A: Sheer curtains can retain that sunlight while boosting privacy from street views. For bedrooms, light filtering or room darkening options prevent waking at dawn too! Even uncovered oval windows benefit visually from framed dressing.

    Q: I have huge 8 ft diameter round windows - help! How do I handle covering giants?

    A: No worries! Extra large custom rods are made to handle substantial stacked fabric for big windows. For huge shapes, a ceiling mounted curved track ensures even gathering without sagging. And consider breaking up treatment into two lower segments instead of giant single panels.

    Have a round window question I didn't cover? Feel free to reach out to directly and I'm happy to offer my curtain consultation advice!

    Curtains for Round Windows: Wrap-Up

    I hope this guide has helped shed light on the joy and challenges of styling the beautiful round windows in your home.

    We explored the unique types of porthole, bullseye, and oval windows, along with tips for choosing fabrics, styles, and hardware that flatter their distinctive shapes. I also tackled common questions and concerns about customizing window treatments.

    So take all this knowledge and have fun dressing your windows beautifully! Don't forget, offers an amazing selection of round window curtains ready to order:

    • Swags, panels and valances specially shaped for rounds
    • Custom sizing starting at just $26.99
    • Variety of colors and patterns to suit any style
    • Available in light filtering sheers to room darkening blackouts

    For perfectly tailored looks, you can also request exact window measurements and optional professional installation from Doclewe's decade-strong team.

    Browse the complete line of Doclewe round window curtain collections here. Enjoy free shipping at $199+ and take an extra 10% off your order when you sign up.

    Let your gorgeous bullseye, porthole or arched windows shine with elegant new curtains today!

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