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What Size Curtains Fit a 60-Inch Window

24 Nov 2023 0 Comments
What Size Curtains Fit a 60-Inch Window

Selecting the perfect curtain size for your windows can completely transform the look and feel of a room. But with so many options to consider - from length and width to fullness and style - choosing the right curtain size can be tricky.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know to pick the ideal curtain size for a standard 60-inch window.

Key Takeaways:

  • For a 60-inch window, choose curtain panels that are 90 to 180 inches wide (1.5 to 3 times the window width).
  • Standard curtain lengths include floor length (84+ inches), sill length (60-72 inches), and café curtains (36 inches).
  • Consider window placement, trim, and curtain rod positioning when measuring.
  • Plan for proper stacking allowance based on curtain style and fullness.
  • Accurately measure window height, width, and features to customize curtains.

When it comes to dressing your windows beautifully, curtain size reigns supreme. The right scale and proportions of window treatments can make all the difference in your room's overall aesthetic.

Determining Curtain Width

The first step in choosing curtain size is determining the appropriate width for your 60-inch window. In general, curtain panels should be 1.5 to 3 times the width of the window or wall to achieve the desired look and fullness.

For a standard 60-inch window, suitable curtain widths include:

  • 90-inch panels for a tailored appearance. Allow 1.5 times window width.
  • 120-inch panels for a elegant lightly-draped look. Allow 2 times window width.
  • 180-inch panels for an opulent, copious draped effect. Allow 3 times window width.

This means for most 60-inch windows, you’ll need curtain panels ranging anywhere from 90 inches to 180 inches wide. The fuller the curtains, the wider the panels required.

inches measure curtain size calculator
90 panels width tailored 60 1.5
120 lengths curtains lightly-draped 60 2
180 widths fullness opulent-draped 60 3

Narrower curtain widths like 60 or 72 inches risk looking undersized, while wider widths over 180 inches may overwhelm a petite window.

Consider your own personal tastes and interior design aesthetics to decide what curtain style suits your space best.

Choosing Curtain Length

Once you’ve selected your preferred curtain width, the next consideration is curtain length. Standard vertical window curtain lengths include:

Floor Length (84+ inches)

  • Reach all the way down to the floor for a dramatic, luxurious statement.
  • Best for formal spaces like dining and living rooms.
  • Allow 1 to 3 extra inches past floor for a generous puddle.

Sill/Aprons Length (60-72 inches)

  • Fall just below the window sill for understated sophistication.
  • Maintain visibility and brightness near window.
  • Well suited for most room types and casual spaces.

Café Length (30-36 inches)

  • Sit right at window sill level for a breezy, carefree look.
  • Allow maximum sunlight and visibility.
  • Best for kitchens, breakfast nooks, and informal settings.

Choosing the right length depends on your priorities for aesthetics, functionality, and ambiance in that particular space.

At Dolcewe, discover a diverse selection of curtains available in a variety of fabrics, colors, patterns, and styles. What's more? We provide custom sizes for all curtains, starting at just $26.99. Whether you require cafe curtains, apron-length curtains, or floor-length curtains, we've got you covered.

Factors Affecting Curtain Size

Beyond basic width and length, several other factors impact optimal curtain size and appearance:

Window Placement

  • Windows placed close to ceiling or other architectural details require adjusted lengths.
  • Nearby vents, trims, or switches also affect usable hanging space.
  • Mount curtain rod accordingly to accommodate space limitations.

Window Trim and Molding

  • Consider depth and protrusion of existing trim when mounting curtain rods.
  • Allow clearance so curtains hang cleanly without obstructing trim.
  • Deep trim may require side/corner mounts, deep rods, or additional clearance.

Curtain Rod Positioning

  • Height, width, and mounting style of rod influences how curtains hang.
  • Extend rod 2 to 6 inches past window frame for best light control.
  • Consider a second wider back rod for fuller stacked curtains.

Accurately measuring windows, ceilings, and existing architectural elements ensures proper clearances for flawless curtain hanging aligned with your windows.

Additional Considerations

Aside from fundamental sizing, here are a few final tips for choosing curtain dimensions:

Plan for Curtain Stacking

  • When opened, curtains bunch up at the sides stacking in accordion-like folds.
  • Wider curtains require more stacking space for draping without obstructing windows.
  • Calculate stacked width to prevent crammed curtains:
    • Lightly draped panels: Stacked Width = 1/4 Total Width
    • Heavily draped panels: Stacked Width = 1/2 Total Width

Select Appropriate Hardware

  • Hanging systems must be robust enough to handle full curtain weights for smooth operation.
  • Traverse rods easily glide back and forth instead of specialty curtain pulls or holds.
  • Sturdy mouse-proof wall anchors prevent sagging brackets over time.

Measure Precisely for Perfect Custom Fit

  • Utilize metal tape measures for accuracy since cloth tapes can stretch and distort readings over larger dimensions. Check our curtain size calculator for help
  • Record width and length from various spots along window to account for imperfections.
  • Include deductions and clearances needed to derive final ordered window treatment dimensions.

The Best Curtains for 60-Inch Windows

Now that you know how to measure and size curtains for a standard 60-inch window, explore our gorgeous curtain panels specifically tailored for petite widows just like these.

Ranging from 114 inches to 204 inches in width and 60 inches to 95 inches in length, we offer the ideal floor-length, sill-length, and café curtains to delightfully dress any 60-inch window.

With luxurious fabrics from featherweight sheers to opulent velvets, choose from a stunning spectrum of colors, patterns, and textures.

And the best part? Every single panel can be fully customized to your precise window dimensions starting from $2699. Shop our custom size curtains today!

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