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Right Way to Hang Curtains: Which Side Should Face Out

16 Jan 2024 0 Comments
Right Way to Hang Curtains

As a dedicated home decor enthusiast and a purveyor of fine window treatments at, I've encountered numerous design dilemmas, but the curtain orientation is a hotly contested topic that seems to resonate with many.

In the realm of interior design, curtains play a pivotal role not just in blocking light or providing privacy, but also in the overall aesthetic of our living spaces.

Often, we're faced with a decision: which side of the curtain should face out? Should the more elaborate side of the curtain grace the interior of our home or should we flaunt it to the world outside?

Key Takeaways

  • Hanging curtains with the decorative side facing inward is the widely preferred practice for interior decor enhancement.
  • The orientation of curtains does not impact their functionality but changes their contribution to room aesthetics.
  • Professional insights lean towards showcasing the more ornate side of curtains inside your space, aligning with common home decor norms.
  • Personal preference and style play a crucial role in determining curtain orientation in each household.
  • Regardless of the side you choose to exhibit, ensuring the curtain's design complements your interior design theme remains essential.

General Orientation

Choosing the Right Curtain Facing for Home Decor


In my years of curating home embellishments, I've observed that light control curtains and privacy curtains maintain their intended purposes regardless of which way they face.

This flexibility allows homeowners to choose their curtain's facing based on personal preference or aesthetic appeal, without compromising on functionality.

Hanging curtains in a manner that complements your living space contributes to both practicality and home decor finesse.

For Blackout Curtains

When it comes to blackout curtains, optimized performance is achieved when the curtain lining is oriented towards the window.

This setup capitalizes on their light-blocking proficiency, which is crucial for those seeking a restful night's sleep or wanting to prevent glare on television screens.

Therefore, when you hang curtains of this nature, the positioning is as critical as the quality of the curtain lining itself.

Here is a simple guideline on how to hang different types of curtains to achieve ideal functionality:

Curtain Type Desired Effect Proper Facing
Blackout Curtains Light Blocking Lining Facing Window
Decorative Curtains Aesthetic Appeal Pattern Facing Room Interior
Privacy Curtains Seclusion Opaque Side Facing Room
Sheer Curtains Diffusing Light Any Facing

Remember, hanging your curtains is more than just an installation task; it's an opportunity to express your home decor style while still addressing functional aspects such as light control and privacy.

With these insights, I encourage you to make informed decisions on how to best hang curtains to not only beautify your space but to create the comfort and ambiance you desire.

Pattern facing in - Aesthetic Considerations

Inward-facing patterned curtains

Whenever I guide my clients at on how to hang curtains, I love to emphasize the aesthetic benefits of turning those beautiful patterns inward.

This orientation not only satisfies the eyes but also serves as an intimate showcase of style in the privacy of your home.

Bold patterns on your patterned curtains become the centerpieces, drawing attention and complementing the room's interior with a sense of sophistication and creativity.

Appreciating the Beauty of Design

The intricacy of a curtain's design is truly appreciated when it's facing into the room.

Imagine sitting in your living space and being able to take in every detail—the weave, the colors, the way the light plays on the fabric—adding to the room's visual interest.

For me, this is what transforming a house into a home is all about: enjoying those small luxuries in the spaces where we spend our most cherished moments.

Adding Character to the Room

Your living space speaks volumes about your personality, and statement curtains are akin to a bold signature on a canvas.

When these curtains are hung with the pattern facing inward, they become part of the room's storytelling, infusing character and a unique flair that reflects your individual style and taste.

Showcasing Statement Patterns

For those standout pieces, the kind of statement curtains that capture the imagination, facing them inward is unequivocally impactful.

They're conversation starters, elements that convert your room into a gallery of personal expression.

As a window treatment specialist, I've seen firsthand how the right curtains can tie an entire room together, creating a harmonious balance between furnishing and decoration.

Part of the magic in interior design is the act of mixing and matching patterns.

There's a delicate art to combining diverse textures, colors, and motifs in a way that's cohesive rather than chaotic. It's not just about cohesion, it's also about making your home an extension of your essence. And sometimes, that means breaking the rules and choosing patterns that tell a new story together.

Enhancing Exteriors with Thoughtful Curtain Choices

Choosing to showcase curtains with the pattern outward is more than a mere preference; it's a strategic move to uplift home decor and enhance curb appeal.

It's a delightful method of introducing a welcoming vibe to any abode, greeting guests with a tantalizing glimpse of a homeowner's taste. 

Creating a Memorable First Impression

There's great potential in using your home's window dressings to make a positive, lasting impression.

By highlighting the patterns on the external face of your curtains, you create a focal point that draws the eye and conveys sophistication.

Committing to this choice sets a warm, alluring tone, giving your home an identity in the streetscape and piquing the curiosity of onlookers.

Window treatments with intriguing patterns can compel someone to take a second look, leaving them with a memorable image of your space.

Breaking the Monotony with Exterior Visual Interest

The exterior walls of a home often lack the dynamic quality found within interior spaces.

By making the distinction to hang curtains with the outer-facing fabric patterned, you inject a dose of personality into your home's exterior facade.

This is a smart tactic for pattern matching, creating rhythm and interplay between the architecture and the dynamic language of design.

Textile patterns can serve as visual punctuation in the residential tableau, breaking up the sameness in a manner that is both tasteful and unexpectedly captivating.

Choosing the Right Patterns for Exteriors

However, while statement-making is certainly on the agenda for some, maintaining a harmonious relationship between your home's style and the surrounding environment is key.

In my experience, neutral curtains can accomplish just that. Subtle patterns or understated designs contribute to a polished look without overwhelming the senses.

It's crucial for exterior decor enhancements to respect the aesthetics of the neighborhood while still asserting individuality.

That's why at, we advocate using nuanced designs that can stand the test of time and trends, ensuring a timeless appeal.

Pattern In or Out? Sunlight and Fading Concerns