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High Ceiling Window Treatment Ideas

01 Jan 2024 0 Comments
High Ceiling Window Treatment Ideas

If you've got tall ceilings in your family, you know those lofty windows let in tons of light and make your rooms feel big and airy.

But dressing those sky-high windows can be tricky! When windows are that high up, getting the right curtains or shades can take some extra thought.

In this article, we'll walk through:

  • What makes high ceiling windows unique
  • The challenges of dealing with really tall windows
  • Different window treatment options that work for hard-to-reach spots
  • Tips for choosing and installing window treatments
  • Where to shop for custom curtains made for high ceilings

We'll make sure you've got all the info you need to pick window treatments that work for your space!

What Are High Ceiling Windows?

High ceiling windows are windows placed higher up than usual - about 10 feet up or more.

Often they go hand-in-hand with rooms that have way taller ceilings - we're talking 10 feet or more from floor to ceiling.

Some examples:

  • Vaulted ceiling living rooms
  • Two story entryways
  • Master bedroom suites

These tall windows have become popular because they make rooms feel more open and airy. Sunlight can stream in from all sorts of angles, filling the whole room naturally without having to turn lights on. Pretty nice perk!

The downside? All that height makes these windows a bit tricky when it comes to picking window coverings.

The Challenges of Tall Windows

Having windows way up high creates a few headaches:

Hard to reach. You practically need a ladder to operate shades or blinds that are 10+ feet off the ground!

Light control issues. Sunbeams shining down from above can cause glare and furniture fading.

Lacking privacy. When windows are that much higher than eye level, neighbors or passersby may get an unwanted peek into your home.

Tough to fit. The shape of arched or angled ceiling windows makes finding well-fitting curtains or shades extra tough.

But there are solutions out there made specifically for high ceiling windows

Window Treatment Options for Tall Windows

roller shades on tall arched windows

Luckily several types of window treatments are made specifically for hard-to-reach windows. let’s take a look the most popular choices:

Motorized Shades

Motorized shades are a smart solution, especially for ceilings where you practically need a step ladder to reach your windows!

How do they work?

  • Open and close with the simple click of a remote control
  • Option to program custom schedules so the shades raise and lower automatically at set times
  • Powered by battery or electric

Why motorized?

No cords to pull means no danger of falling off ladders or stools trying to adjust traditional shades. Plus setting schedules custom-tailored to your habits saves money on utilities without daily effort. Pretty nice perks!

You can find motorized options of many common shade styles like faux wood or solar screen blinds, cellular shades, roller shades, and more. Available in a variety of colors and textures to match any room's decor.

Key Benefits:

  • Convenient push-button operation
  • Customizable automated schedules
  • Child/pet safe since no dangling cords
  • Styles and sizes for any window shape

If staying far away from ladders sounds good to you, motorized is likely the way to go!

High Ceiling Drapes

If you prefer an elegant, dressed-up look with some nice textile textures and patterns, don’t shy away from draping those dramatic high windows!

Custom-made high ceiling curtain panels can be created to fit even the tallest multi-story windows. And they offer benefits beyond just looking refined and classy for decorative family room or apartment style.

Light & Noise Control - Blackout-lined or noise-muffling fabrics help darken home theaters & nurseries and create quiet spaces.

Energy Savings - Insulated drapery panels add an extra barrier against cold in winter,  helping cut heating costs in any family room or apartment. Lay blackout curtains over shutter for better result.

Safety First - Cordless drapes eliminate tripping and choking hazards of little ones and pets.

When choosing drapes for tall windows, pay special attention to:

  • Fire safety ratings
  • Using a professional installer for proper height and security
  • Durability and ease of cleaning for fabrics exposed to more sunlight

At Dolcewe, you can customize your curtain's width, height, and fullness for the perfect fit, whether you have a small window or an extra-wide window. 

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Don’t rule out blinds for covering soaring windows either! Consider easy-to-reach options like:

Remote-Control Blinds - Adjust tilting slats without climbing up to pull cords.

Extra-Long Wand - Twist rod lets you change blind angle from the floor.

Crank Rod - Rotate handle that raises/lowers blinds - no pulling needed.

Blinds made specifically for tall windows often use sturdier, thicker materials as well, made to handle extended time in sunlight without warping or damage.

Benefits of High Ceiling Blinds:

  • Light Filtering - Tilted slats let you control light amount.
  • Privacy - Adjust slat angles for visibility preferences.
  • Energy Savings - Redirect sunlight off surfaces to avoid overheating.

How to Choose Window Treatments

make ceilings appear taller

High ceiling windows have special considerations when picking curtains, shades or blinds:


What do you most want your window treatments to achieve? Key goals may be:

  • Light control
  • Easy accessibility
  • Adding privacy
  • Reducing noise/cold

Window Shape & Size:

Consider the measurements, angles and configuration of your dramatic windows. Custom-made gives the best fit.

Style & Decor:

Choose materials and colors enhancing your existing decor. Modern, rustic, minimalist, or bold & bright?


Special features like blackout linings, automated schedules, or cordless lift systems may be especially useful.

Installation & Durability:

Hire professional installers for high or awkward spaces. Seek out durable, sunlight-resistant fabrics as well positioned higher up.

Installing Window Treatments for High Ceilings

Getting window treatments properly installed at normal heights can be tricky enough. When you're dealing with extremely tall ceilings and hard-to-access windows, installation gets even more challenging.

Here are some tips to make placement of high window treatments successful:

Use Professional Installers

Hiring pros to hang curtains, shades and blinds for ceilings above standard height is highly recommended. They have the right equipment and know the techniques to safely measure, mount and secure window treatments at steep heights.

Invest in Sturdy Fixtures

For tall windows that will have heavy drapes or shades, robust brackets, rods and hardware ensure your window treatments will stay securely fastened for the long term. Don't skimp here!

Consider Ease of Use

If accessibility is difficult, motorized or remote control shades reduce the need for manual adjustment. Strategically placed handles or pulleys also help modify blinds/curtains from floor level rather than climbing up each time.

Schedule Regular Cleaning

Extended sunlight exposure means window treatments need more frequent care - vacuum drapes, dust shades, etc. Hire a service if high locations make it difficult to clean yourself.

Watch For Signs of Wear

Fabrics faded or damaged by sun should be replaced. Check pulleys, cords and motors periodically for signs of malfunction. Address issues promptly to keep window treatments functioning as they should.

Shop Dolcewe For Custom Curtains Up to 10 Feet Long!

Once you know what type of window treatments suit your tall windows, it's time for the fun part - picking out the perfect styles and fabrics!

Dolcewe makes ordering custom curtains, drapes and shades for dramatic high ceiling windows easy and affordable.

Custom Sizing For All Window Shapes

Dictate exact measurements for flawless fit. Rectangular, circular, arched-covered! Dolcewe tailors each window treatment piece to your one-of-a-kind windows.

Tons of Styles & Fabrics

From regal velvets to breezy linen sheers and everything between - peruse hundreds of on-trend fabrics like bohemian patterns and solids color for a minimalist aesthetic, and hot designer picks to complement your homeowner style. 

Specialty Window Options

Accent your ceiling-high picture windows or ornate palladium styles with matching swags, jabots and cascades. Freshen up old top-down-bottom-up shades or try out the latest motorized innovations.

Pro Tips & Inspiration

Stumped on what window treatment would work best in your living room or master suite?

Browse our style guides brimming with décor ideas and expert advice. Find confidence choosing window designs that balance form, function and flair.

Our custom window treatments are starting at $26.99. Shop our curtains and decorate your high windows today. 

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