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Choosing the Right Curtain Length for an 8 ft Ceiling

01 Sep 2023 0 Comments
Choosing the Right Curtain Length for an 8 ft Ceiling

When it comes to finding the right curtains for 8 ft ceiling, one of the most crucial aspects is ensuring that the length is just right. Choosing the wrong length can throw off the entire look of the room and make it appear disproportioned.

At Dolcewe, we understand the importance of selecting the correct curtain length for your specific space. That's why we've created this guide to help you find the right curtain length for 8 ft ceiling.

We'll provide you with expert advice on measuring, selecting styles, and exploring a variety of options that will make your room look stylish and well-balanced.

how long curtains for 8 ft ceiling

Key Takeaways

  • Choosing the correct curtain size for 8 ft ceiling is essential to achieve a well-proportioned look.
  • Consider measuring from the floor, selecting the desired curtain style, and choosing the right color, fabric, and pattern.
  • Customizability options are available at Dolcewe, starting at $26.99.
  • Free Shipping Orders $199.

Standard Curtain Length For 8-Foot Ceiling Height

For rooms with 8-foot ceilings, the standard length of curtains is typically between 84 inches to 96 inches. This allows you to hang curtains about 6 inches above the window frame, creating a nice cascading effect. 

Going a bit longer can make ceilings appear taller, while a shorter length may lower the perceived height.

The 6-inch clearance is the sweet spot that smoothly drapes without altering dimensions. Experiment to see what works best for your space. The right length can visually enhance both the curtains and the proportions of the room.

Finding the Right Curtain Length For 8-Foot Ceiling 

Choosing the perfect curtain length for an 8 ft ceiling can be a daunting task, but with a few tips and tricks, the process can be simplified. At Dolcewe, we understand the importance of finding the right curtains for your home, which is why we have compiled a guide to help you determine the best curtain length for an 8 ft ceiling.

Measuring from the floor

One of the most common methods for determining the ideal curtain length is by measuring from the floor.

To achieve a classic and traditional look, curtains should just skim the floor. However, if you prefer a more contemporary look, the curtains can be slightly longer or even puddle on the floor for a dramatic effect.

When measuring from the floor, it is essential to account for the hardware, such as the curtain rod and finials.

The hardware should be installed first, and then the curtains can be measured from the bottom of the rings or the top of the rod. Check our measurement guide for referrence

Considering the desired curtain style

Another factor to consider when choosing the right curtain length is the desired style.

For example, if you prefer a casual or relaxed look, curtains can have a slight break or pool on the floor.

On the other hand, if you want a tailored and formal look, curtains should just skim the floor.

It is also essential to think about the type of fabric and how it will drape.

Thicker fabrics, such as velvet or brocade, may require additional length to create a proper fullness, while lighter fabrics like linen or voile may require less fabric to achieve the desired effect.

Proportion and balance

Finally, proportion and balance are crucial when selecting the perfect curtain length. If your ceilings are exceptionally high, opt for longer curtains to create a sense of height and drama.

Similarly, if your ceilings are low, shorter curtains can create the illusion of height. It is also important to consider the width of the window and the amount of wall space above and below the window when determining the right curtain length.

Check our size calculator tool for suggestions

finding the right curtains for 8 ft ceilings

At Dolcewe, we offer a wide range of curtain options, including custom sizes and fullness customization, to ensure you find the perfect curtains for your 8 ft ceiling.

Finding that perfect set of custom curtains doesn't have to drain your wallet. Our curtain prices start at an affordable $26.99, whether you need standard sizes like 36 inches or 72 inches, longer 84- or 96-inch panels to suit 9 ft ceilings or anything in between. Cafe curtains, floor-length curtains, even specially measured—all available to fit your windows flawlessly.

Please note that our curtains are sold as single panels.

Curtain Options for 8 ft Ceiling

When it comes to selecting best curtain length for 8 ft ceiling, there are a variety of options available to choose from.

The right curtain panels can finish off a room like nothing else, adding a touch of elegance and warmth to your living space.

Below, we will explore different curtain styles, colors, patterns, and fabrics to help you make an informed decision.

Fabric and Pattern Choice

Your choice of fabric and pattern can have a significant impact on the overall look and feel of your room. It's important to choose a fabric that matches the mood you want to create, whether it's a bold or subtle statement.

  • For a more formal look, consider heavier drapes such as velvet curtains, silk, or damask.
  • For a more casual look, opt for lighter, breezier fabrics such as linen, cotton, or sheers.
  • Patterned curtains can add an eye-catching focal point to a room or complement a current design scheme. Stripes, florals, and geometric prints are popular options, but make sure to choose patterns in proportion to the size of the room.
  • Large patterns can quickly overwhelm smaller spaces, while small patterns can be lost in larger areas.

Curtain Header Style

There are several styles of curtains available, but choosing the right one is essential for achieving a cohesive look. Consider your room's decor and the mood you want to create to ensure a perfect fit.

Grommet Curtains: Provide a clean, contemporary style while also being extremely functional - they glide smoothly along the rod and are easy to open and close frequently.

Ring top curtains: These curtains have metal rings at the top, which slide directly onto the rod. They're easy to open and close, making them a great choice for frequently used spaces. The rings create a slightly more ornate look than grommets.

Pleated curtains: these curtains have a tailored look with pleats that run vertically down the length of the fabric. They are a great option for more formal rooms.

Tab top curtains: these curtains have fabric loops at the top that the rod passes through, creating soft pleats. They work well in informal settings.

Color Selection

The color of your curtains can have a significant impact on the overall look and feel of the room. Darker shades can create a sense of coziness, while lighter shades can make a space feel brighter and more open.

When choosing a color, consider the tone of your walls. If you have neutral walls, you can opt for bold or bright curtains to add a pop of color.

On the other hand, if your walls are already vibrant, you may want to choose curtains in a more subtle shade that won't compete with the walls for attention.

Tips for Selecting Curtains for an 8 ft Ceiling

  • Choose curtain lengths that hit a few inches above the floor to create the illusion of taller ceilings.
  • Consider the furniture and decor in the room when selecting curtain fabric, pattern, and color.
  • Don't forget to factor in the amount of light you want to let in when selecting curtain fabric.
  • For a modern look, consider monochromatic curtains that match the wall color
Curtain Options for 8 ft Ceiling


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A room's look can change big time based on the curtains you pick. This is extra true for rooms with tall ceilings, where the wrong curtains can make the area seem unbalanced or too busy. Like we've talked about, getting the length right is key to making stylish, proportional curtains for an 8-foot ceiling.

At Dolcewe, we get that nailing that perfect set of curtains for your place matters. That's why we offer a bunch of customizable options for curtains made just for tall ceilings. Our prices start at an affordable $26.99, so you can upgrade your decor without breaking the bank.

When curtain shopping, think about the different choices out there. At Dolcewe, we've got curtains in all kinds of colors, fabrics, prints, and styles. Whether you want breezy sheers to let more light in or blackouts for total privacy, we have the perfect pick.