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Curtains for Tilt and Turn Windows: An Ultimate Guide for Online Shoppers

13 Feb 2024 0 Comments
Curtains for Tilt and Turn Windows: An Ultimate Guide for Online Shoppers

Hey there! James here, the owner of, your number one store for custom curtains and window treatments. I've been helping homeowners like yourself find the perfect curtains for over 10 years.

Let me start by explaining what tilt and turn windows are all about. These windows are special because, unlike regular windows that just slide up and down, tilt-and-turn windows can open in two ways:

  • You can tilt the window inwards from the top to let in a nice breeze.

  • Or you can turn the window inwards like a door to fully air out a room.

Pretty neat, right? But here's the catch - with these windows moving in different ways, finding suitable curtains can be confusing. Will regular curtains block the sunlight properly? Will they get in the way when you tilt or turn the window? I've seen customers struggle with these concerns way too often.

Figuring Out What You Need Size, function, light control, look and feel
Curtain Options Stationary, slide, integrated
Extra Tips Fabrics, installation, care
Quality Custom Curtains Styles, prices, shipping

That's exactly why I've put together this guide. In simple words, here's what you can expect to learn:

With the right information and curtains tailored to your windows, you can enjoy controlling light and airflow while maintaining privacy. Ready to get started?

Understanding Your Needs

When choosing curtains for tilt and turn windows, there are a few important things to consider:

Window Measurements

Getting the dimensions right is crucial for the curtains to fit properly and work with your windows.

Take careful measurements of both the height and width. Remember to measure across the entire window frame opening.

For tilt and turn models, also check if there is enough depth for your desired curtains.


Think about how you plan to use the tilt and turn functionality.

Do you need maximum ventilation and easy cleaning access or is privacy a bigger priority?

The curtains can either fully cover the window when closed or allow the top sash to tilt while partially drawn.

Some can conveniently slide out of the way along a smooth track.

Light Control

Light filtering curtains let in a soft, diffused light. Blackout curtains block external light for sleeping or media rooms. 

Thermal curtains can increase your energy efficiency and reduce your energy bills.

Sheer curtains provide basic coverage while allowing light through.

Consider the level of light control you want at various times.

Style and Looks

The possibilities are endless when dressing up your windows!

Choose curtain styles like pleated, grommet, panels and more paired with beautiful fabrics like faux silk or linen in colors and patterns that fit your internal decor.

Let me know your priorities for each of these considerations and we can narrow down the options that will work best!

Curtain Ideas for Tilt and Turn Windows

Alright, let’s explore some of my top curtain recommendations for your tricky tilt and turn windows:

Rod Pocket/Grommet Curtains

The good old regular curtains can work for tilt and turn or shallow windows if you mount them a few inches above the window frame. This gives clearance so you can still tilt the top sash inwards without issues.

Consider lighter-weight fabrics that drape nicely. Make sure to measure the extra height required!

You can combine honeycomb shades or rollers with curtains for better light control. 

Café Curtains

Café curtains primarily cover the bottom half of windows. So they leave space for you to tilt the top half of the window for ventilation! A stylish and functional option.

At Dolcewe, all the cafe curtains are available in custom size, starting at $26.99.  Plus, our cafe short curtains come in grommet or ring top and they can be easily installed. 

Glide/Wave Curtains

These curtains slide smoothly along a discreet ceiling track, moving elegantly out of the way when required. No matter how you tilt or turn the window, the curtains adjust seamlessly thanks to the flexible track system.

Pleated Curtains

Pleated curtains mounted very close to the frame adapt well to tilt action thanks to neatly arranged pleats. The narrow stack also takes up little space for turn operation.

Built-in Blinds

As the name suggests, these custom blinds for tilt and turn windows clip right onto your window frame with no drilling or screws needed and are widely regarded as the best-integrated option!

Let me know if you have any other questions about which of these options may suit you best!

Extra Curtain Tips

Here are some extra handy tips when choosing curtain window Coverings for your tilt-and-turn windows.

Fabric Choice

Consider lighter, flowing fabrics that can adapt to the movable windows without obstructing them. Check the drape and translucency as well.

Lining Options

Add linings to your curtains to block outside noise, insulate from weather or prevent fabric damage from the sun. I recommend lined curtains for most tilt and turn installations.

Professional Installation

For specialty track systems or perfectly fitted integrated blinds, professional installation ensures the best positioning and performance. 

Care and Cleaning

Regular gentle vacuuming with a soft brush is ideal for most curtain fabrics. Refer to the manufacturer’s guide for each fabric type. Spot treat spills gently with a mild cleaner.

Let me know if you need any guidance on picking fabrics, linings or installation! I'm always happy to offer my curtain expertise to find you the perfect solution.

Shop Quality Custom Curtains

Ready to browse some curtain options and get a tailored solution for your tilt and turn windows?

At, we offer beautiful, custom-sized curtains in a wide range of:

  • Styles - Rod pocket, back tab, pleated and more

  • Fabrics - Faux silks, linen, velvets, cotton, and beyond

  • Colors - Vibrant, neutral, dramatic - select from hundreds

  • Patterns - Florals, geometrics, stripes, solids

  • Headers - Grommets, back tabs, ring tops

I work with our expert sewing team to custom-make each curtain order to your exact window measurements.

Our curtains start at just $26.99 per panel with free shipping over $199.

Shop Today and Let's get your windows styled perfectly.

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