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Sleeping Pods and Privacy Drapes: Curtains in Capsule Hotels

25 Mar 2024 0 Comments
curtains for Capsule Hotels

Hey there, James from here! Today, I want to talk about a unique and fascinating type of accommodation - capsule hotels.

Have you heard of them before? They're these super cool and unique hotels that started in Japan.

As the owner of a custom curtain store with over a decade of experience in home decor, I've seen firsthand how the right curtains can make a big difference in creating a comfortable and private space, especially in these innovative hotels.

What are Capsule Hotels?

Capsule hotels started in Japan. They have small sleeping spaces called "capsules" or "pods". The capsules are stacked on top of each other. Each capsule is a private space. You can close it with a curtain or door.

Inside the capsules, you'll find:

  • A comfy bed

  • Lights

  • Power outlets

  • Sometimes a small TV

The Capsule Hotel Experience

Staying at a capsule hotel is a fun and different experience. Here's what to expect:

  1. Take off your shoes. In Japan, people take off their shoes when they go inside. Capsule hotels give you slippers to wear.

  2. Put your stuff in a locker. The capsules are small. You keep your bags in a locker the hotel gives you.

  3. Use shared bathrooms. Capsules don't have their own bathrooms. Guests use shared bathrooms and showers. Some hotels even have Japanese-style baths!

  4. Enjoy the extras. Many capsule hotels have lounges, restaurants, or libraries for guests to enjoy.

Why Curtains are Important in Capsule Hotels

At Dolcewe, we make custom curtains that are perfect for capsule hotels. Here's why they're so important:

  • Privacy. Curtains give you privacy in the small space of the capsule.

  • Light control. Some hotels use thick curtains to block out light. This helps guests sleep better.

  • Style. Curtains make the capsules look nice. They can match the style of the hotel.

Types of Curtains Used in Capsule Hotels

There are a few different types of curtains used in capsule hotels:

  1. Roller Blinds: Simple and work well. Often made from thick fabric that blocks light.

  2. Sliding Door Curtains: Feel fancy and block noise well.

  3. Pull-Down Curtains: Like roller blinds but look more traditional.

  4. Fabric Curtains: Come in many materials, colors, and patterns. Can fit any style.

Fabric Curtains for Capsule Hotels

Fabric Curtains for Capsule Hotels

Fabric curtains are a popular choice for capsule hotels. They come in many materials, colors, and patterns to fit any hotel's style.


  • Cotton: Soft, breathable, and easy to clean. Makes the capsule feel cozy.

  • Polyester: Strong, doesn't wrinkle, and affordable. Great for busy hotels.

  • Velvet: Fancy, heavy, and good at blocking noise. Perfect for high-end capsule hotels.

  • Linen: Light, airy, and eco-friendly. Creates a relaxed, natural feel.

  • Blackout fabric: Thick material that blocks out light. Helps guests sleep better.

Colors and Patterns

The color and pattern of the curtains can change the whole look and feel of the capsule hotel. Here are some ideas:

  • Solid colors: Pick colors that go well with the hotel's color scheme. Bright colors add energy. Soft colors create a calm feeling.

  • Patterns: Stripes, polka dots, or shapes add visual interest and a fun touch. Floral or nature patterns create a peaceful, relaxing vibe.

  • Custom prints: Some hotels get curtains made with their logo or special artwork. This makes the hotel unique.

Tips for Choosing Curtains

  1. Think about the hotel's theme and style. Choose curtain fabrics, colors, and patterns that fit the overall look of the hotel.

  2. Put guest comfort first. Pick materials that help guests sleep better, like blackout fabric or noise-reducing velvet.

  3. Mix and match. Don't be afraid to use different curtain styles or colors in different parts of the hotel. This adds visual interest.

  4. Choose easy-to-clean fabrics. Look for materials that can be washed in a machine or easily spot-cleaned. This keeps the curtains looking fresh.

  5. Invest in quality. High-quality curtains may cost more at first but will last longer and look better over time.

  6. Work with a custom curtain company. At Dolcewe, we can help you find the perfect fabric curtains for your capsule hotel. 

Key Things to Think About When Choosing Curtains

Benefits of Curtains in Capsule Hotels

When picking curtains for your capsule hotel, there are some important things to keep in mind. Let's look at each one and some tips.

1. Size and Style of the Capsules

Think about the size and layout of your capsules when choosing curtains. Make sure the curtains fit well and don't block any lights or vents.


  • Measure your capsules carefully with our curtain size calculator

  • Choose a curtain style that matches the shape and design of your capsules. This could be a simple roller blind or a fancier sliding door curtain.

2. How Much Light and Noise You Want to Block

Think about how much light and noise you want to keep out for your guests' comfort. Some guests may want total darkness for sleeping. Others might like a little natural light.


  • Offer different curtain options for guests to choose from, like light-filtering or blackout curtains.

  • Use thicker, heavier materials like velvet or blackout fabric to block the most light and noise.

  • Think about adding a second layer of sheer curtains for guests who want some natural light.

3. Fire-Safe Materials

Safety should always be the top priority. Make sure your curtains are made from materials that won't catch fire easily. Follow local safety rules.


  • Look for curtains that are certified as fire-safe. Or choose materials that are naturally fire-resistant, like fiberglass or modacrylic.

  • Check your local fire safety codes. Make sure your curtains meet all the requirements.

  • Train your staff on fire safety. Make sure they know how to use and take care of the curtains properly.

4. Colors that Match the Hotel's Design

Your curtain colors should go well with your hotel's overall color scheme and design style. This creates a cohesive look.


  • Choose curtain colors that match or coordinate with your hotel's walls, bedding, and other decor.

  • Think about using different colors or patterns for different room types or floors. This creates visual interest and helps guests find their way around.

  • Don't be afraid to get creative with bold colors or unique patterns that show off your hotel's personality.

5. Durability and Easy Cleaning

Capsule hotel curtains get a lot of use. It's important to choose materials that are strong and easy to clean.


  • Look for curtains made from high-quality materials that can handle frequent use and washing.

  • Choose fabrics that can be washed in a machine or easily spot-cleaned. This keeps your curtains looking fresh.

  • Consider using a fabric protector spray to repel stains and make cleaning easier.

6. Space Efficiency (Retractable vs. Always Closed)

Think about whether you want your curtains to be retractable or always closed. Retractable curtains can help make the most of the small space in the capsules. Always-closed curtains provide more privacy.


  • Use retractable curtains in smaller capsules or those with limited space.

  • Consider always-closed curtains for capsules that are more spacious or where guests prefer more privacy.

  • Make sure your curtain hardware is sturdy and easy to use. This could be a simple pull-cord or a more complex track system.

Shop Custom Curtains for Capsule Hotels at

Well folks, there you have it - everything you need to know about capsule hotels and their curtains!

If you're planning a trip and thinking about staying in a capsule hotel, remember how important curtains are for creating a comfortable and private space.

And if you need high-quality, custom curtains for your own capsule hotel, be sure to check out!

We offer a wide range of options starting at just $26.99. We have free shipping on orders over $199 and an extra 10% off when you sign up with us.

Thanks for reading, and happy travels!

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