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Choose The Right Curtain Length & Width for 6 Ft Windows

19 Mar 2024 0 Comments
Curtain size for 6 Ft Windows

Hey there, curtain enthusiasts! James here, your friendly neighborhood curtain expert and store owner of

With over a decade of experience in the home decor industry, I'm here to help you find the perfect curtains for your 6-foot windows.

Key Takeaways

  • Measure window width and multiply by a fullness factor (1.5x for standard, 2x for enhanced, 3x for luxurious)
  • For a standard look, use curtains with a total width of 144" (2x a 72" window)
  • Choose a curtain rod 6-12" wider than the window on each side
  • Select curtain length based on desired style: sill (63"), floor (84"), or puddle (96")
  • Factor in curtain stack-back, style, and fabric when making your final decision


Why Choosing the Right Curtain Size for Your 6-Foot Window Matters

Choosing the Right Curtain Width

The size of your curtain window treatment can make or break the look and functionality of your 6-foot window. Here's why getting it right is crucial:

Proper coverage

Curtains that are too narrow won't provide adequate privacy or light control.

You'll want to ensure your curtains extend at least 2-3 inches beyond the window frame on each side to prevent gaps and ensure full coverage when closed.

Visual balance

Curtains that are too short or too long can throw off the proportions of your room. And make your window look awkward.

For a 6-foot window, aim for curtains that just graze the floor or sill (depending on your preferred look) for a clean, polished appearance.


Curtains that are too long can be cumbersome to open and close. If curtains are too short, they may not provide the insulation or light-blocking benefits you need.

Choosing the right size ensures your 6-foot window curtains are both beautiful and practical.

Style impact:

The size of your curtains can influence the overall style of your room.

For example, floor-length curtains lend a more formal, elegant feel, while shorter curtains create a casual, relaxed vibe.

Selecting the correct size for your 6-foot window helps you achieve the look you want.

Standard Window Size vs. Standard Curtain Size Fullness

Curtain Fullness for a 6-foot Window

First things first, let's talk about the relationship between window size and curtain size. Curtains are typically wider than the window itself to create a sense of fullness and luxury. This is where the concept of fullness multipliers comes into play.

Fullness multipliers are used to determine the total width of your curtains based on your window width. Common multipliers include:

  • 1.5x: Standard fullness

  • 2x: Enhanced fullness

  • 3x: Luxurious fullness

Most experts agree that a 2x times the width of windows is perfect for standard windows, providing a nice balance between functionality and style.

Fullness Multiplier Total Curtain Width Visual Fullness
1.5x 108 inches Modest
2x (Standard) 144 inches Balanced
3x 216 inches Dramatic


How To Measure Your Windows

Before you start shopping for curtain panels, you'll need to know how to measure for windows. Here's how:

Measure the width of The Windows

  • Using a measuring tape, measure the width of your window frame from left to right.
  • For a 6-foot window, the width should be approximately 72 inches.
  • Add an extra 12-24 inches to the width measurement to ensure your curtains have enough fullness and coverage when closed.
Window Width (inches) Minimum Rod Width (inches) Recommended Curtain Width (inches)
24 - 36 32 - 44 48 - 72
36 - 48 44 - 56 72 - 96
48 - 60 56 - 68 96 - 120
60 - 72 68 - 80 120 - 144


Measure the length

  • Decide on the desired length of your curtains (sill length, floor length, or puddle length).
  • For sill-length curtains on a 6-foot window, measure from the top of the window frame to the bottom of the sill and add 2-4 inches.
  • For floor-length curtains, measure from the top of the window frame to the floor and add 1-2 inches for a clean, grazing effect.
  • For puddle-length curtains, measure from the top of the window frame to the floor and add 6-8 inches for a luxurious, pooling effect.


Consider the curtain rod placement

  • If you plan to hang your curtain rod higher than the top of the window frame, factor this additional height into your length measurement.
  • A common rule of thumb is to hang curtain rods 4-6 inches above the window frame, but you can adjust this based on your desired look and the height of your ceiling.

You can simply opt for our curtain size calculator to measure for curtains.

Choosing Curtain Width for a 6-foot Window

Curtain Rod Selection Guide

Now that you have your window measurements, let's determine the ideal curtain width for your 6-foot window. Using the recommended 2x fullness multiplier, here's the math:

  • 6-foot window width (72 inches) x 2 = 144 inches

This means you'll want to look for curtains with a total width of 144 inches, or two panels that are each 72 inches wide.

If you prefer a sleeker look, you can opt for a 1.5x multiplier, which would give you a total curtain width of 108 inches. For a more dramatic, luxurious look, go with a 3x multiplier, resulting in a total curtain width of 216 inches.

Curtain Rod Width Selection

Don't forget about your curtain rod! To accommodate the fullness of your curtains, your curtain rod should be wider than your window.

We recommend choosing a rod that extends at least 6 inches beyond the window frame on each side, for a total of 12 extra inches.

For example, if your 6-foot window is 72 inches wide, your curtain rod should be at least 84 inches wide.


Choosing Curtain Length

When it comes to curtain length, you have a few options:

Sill length

Curtains that fall just below the window sill, perfect for smaller windows or a casual look.

For a 6-foot window, sill length curtains should be approximately 63 inches long.

This length allows the curtains to fall just below the window sill for a casual look. Perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, or children's rooms

Floor length

Curtains that graze the floor, creating a clean, modern appearance.

For a clean, modern appearance on a 6-foot window, choose curtains that are 84 inches long.

This length allows the curtains to graze the floor without pooling. Create a streamlined and sophisticated look that suits most decor styles

Puddle length

Curtains that extend a few inches onto the floor, adding a touch of elegance and drama.

To add a touch of elegance and drama to a 6-foot window, opt for curtains that are 96 inches long.

This extra length allows the curtains to extend a few inches onto the floor, creating a luxurious puddle effect. For Blackout curtains, better for puddle length. 

Additional Considerations

When selecting curtains for your 6-foot window, keep these factors in mind:

  • Curtain stack-back: The space your curtains occupy when they're open. Make sure to account for this when choosing your curtain rod width.

  • Curtain style: Different styles like grommet, rod pocket, or tab-top can affect how your curtains hang and drape.

  • Fabric choice: Heavier fabrics may require more fullness, while lighter fabrics can be less full and still look great.

If you have unique window sizes or specific design needs, don't hesitate to consult with a curtain specialist like myself for custom solutions.

Product Recommendations

Floor length curtains creating a tailored look

At, we offer a wide range of curtains perfect for 6-foot windows. Here are a few of our top picks:

  1. Dolcewe Classic Grommet Curtains: Available in 72" x 84" panels, these versatile curtains offer a 2x fullness for a 6-foot window. Choose from a variety of colors to match your decor.

  2. Dolcewe Luxe Velvet Curtains: For a touch of luxury, try our velvet curtains in 72" x 96" panels. The 2 x fullness creates a rich, sumptuous look.

  3. Dolcewe Sheer Delight Curtains: If you're looking for a lighter, airier feel, our sheer curtains in 72" x 108" panels are a perfect choice. The 2x fullness adds a dreamy, ethereal touch to your space.

Dolcewe Classic Grommet Curtains Our Classic Grommet Curtains in a stunning living room setting.

Shop Custom Size Curtains For Your 6 Foot Windows

Choosing the right curtain size for your 6-foot window doesn't have to be a daunting task. By following our expert guidelines and recommendations, you'll be well on your way to finding the perfect curtains for your space.

Our extensive collection features a wide range of styles, from classic to contemporary, in an array of fabrics, colors, patterns, and header options. Whether you're looking for light-filtering sheers or room-darkening panels, we have the ideal curtains to suit your needs and preferences.

At Dolcewe, we specialize in custom-sized curtains to ensure a flawless fit for your 6-foot windows. Prices start at just $26.99, making it affordable to achieve the look you want without compromising on quality.

Plus, enjoy free shipping on orders over $199 and an extra 10% off when you sign up for our newsletter.

Shop now and transform your 6-foot windows with custom curtains from!

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