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Choose The Best Curtains for Hot Weather: Thermal Curtains & More

23 Jan 2024 0 Comments
Best Curtains for Hot Weather

As a seasoned home & decor enthusiast with over a decade of experience, I've faced the annual dilemma of keeping my home sanctuary cool during the scorching summer months.

My secret to combatting the summer heat isn't just cranking up the AC—it's also about smart window treatments.

I'm talking about finding the best curtains for hot weather that not only enhance your space aesthetically but also provide functional, heat-blocking benefits.

My Suggestions

  • Fabrics: Choose breathable fabrics like cotton, velvet, linen, polyester, and lace to allow air flow and keep rooms cool.
  • Styles: Opt for functional styles like blackout curtains to block heat and light or insulating thermal curtains to reduce temperature fluctuations.
  • Size/Length: Long floor-length curtains and fuller widths provide the most coverage and insulation to shade rooms.
  • Tips: Close blinds/curtains during peak sun hours, use ceiling fans, plant trees for shade, and consider energy-efficient AC.
  • Check out the stylish and functional curtains from Dolcewe, with custom sizes starting at $26.99 and free shipping over $199, to keep your home cool this summer.

Understanding Heat-Blocking Curtains

heat-blocking curtains

Heat-blocking curtains are more than just decorative touches; they encompass innovative design and functionality to combat the summer heat effectively.

What Are Heat-Blocking Curtains?

Often referred to as thermal insulated curtains, these are window dressings designed with the primary aim to reduce heat transfer and prevent heat exchange between the interior of a home and the outdoor environment.

The seamless integration of multiple layers of fabric creates an insulated curtain that acts as a formidable barrier against external temperature variations, maintaining a constant and pleasant temperature indoors.

The Significance of Selecting Appropriate Curtains for Hot Climates

A curtain that is properly thermal insulated wraps the window frame, limiting the intrusion of warm air and offering UV protection.

The insulated material also ensures the longevity of your furniture by mitigating sun damage and fading.

Furthermore, an understanding of how these curtains function, their size, and material composition greatly enhances their efficiency in providing a cool sanctuary for your home during summer days.

  • Material quality: Selecting high-grade fabrics for maximum thermal insulation.
  • Size and fit: Curtains should overlap the window frame for ample coverage.
  • UV rating: Fabrics with UV blocking capabilities to shield interiors from the sun.

Understanding these components allows you to outfit your home with curtains that not only reduce the indoor temperature but also contribute to a serene, noise-reduced environment. 

Different Types of Curtains for Hot Weather

blackout curtains

Let's explore the various curtain types that are equipped to tackle the intensity of the sun's rays.

Blackout curtains: Block Heat, Light, and Noise

The robust blackout thermal technology in blackout curtains is a favorite for its multipurpose attributes. 

These window curtains assure reprieve from glaring sunshine, turning your interiors into havens of coolness and shade.

 Their thick fabric also serves as an acoustic buffer, muffling distracting outside noise, thus offering a dual benefit – thermal insulation and soundproofing, which enhances the privacy of your abode.

At Dolcewe, our blackout curtains start at $26.99 and can effectively block 99 percent of light. 

Thermal curtains: Insulating Against Extremes

Thermal-insulated blackout curtains are akin to guardians against weather extremes; they barricade the chill just as effectively as they deter heat.

With options such as lined or insulated, these elegant curtains are integral to creating an energy-efficient home.

Through their protective layers, they maintain your house as a sanctuary of stability amidst the fluctuating outdoor temperatures.

At Doclewe, our best thermal curtains are available in custom sizes, starting at $34.99. 

Sheer curtains: A Gentle Shield

Conjuring visions of flowing beauty and soft filtration of light, sheer curtains present a lighter touch in thermal defense.

They let in an abundance of natural light, diffusing the light and heat to prevent your rooms from feeling like a sweltering greenhouse, while their potential for pairing with a liner means privacy need not be sacrificed for the sake of breeziness.

Solar shades: Precision in Sun Protection

For those particularly blistering rays, we turn to solar shades, meticulously designed to grant us the best of both worlds.

Their innovative mesh fabric intercepts the fierce heat from the sun, translating to cooler indoor temperatures without casting our spaces into shadow.

They achieve an optimal middle ground, welcoming light minus the associated rise in mercury.

Type of Curtain Light Blocking Insulation Noise Reduction Privacy
Blackout Curtains Excellent High High High
Thermal Curtains Variable High Medium to High Medium to High
Sheer Curtains Low Low to Medium with Liner Low Low to Medium with Liner
Solar Shades High Medium to High Medium Medium


Best Fabrics for Summer Curtains

fabrics for summer curtains

Here's a breakdown of the best curtain materials that can help reflect heat and enhance comfort during those warm, sunny months.

Cotton Curtains

Cotton curtains are a favorite of mine due to their breathability and lightweight nature. The fabric's ability to allow air to flow through makes sure that any room feels breezy and less stifling.

As a plus, cotton has a casual elegance that can effortlessly fit into various interior styles.

Linen Curtains

Linen curtains boast a relaxed texture that brings a touch of effortless sophistication to any space.

 This fabric's high absorbency and loose weave are key in repelling the summer heat, helping to keep rooms pleasantly cool even when the sun is at its peak.

Velvet Curtains

Contrary to what you might think, velvet curtains can be incredibly effective during summer.

Their thick pile helps to block out sunbeams and insulates against heat, ensuring a cool and darkened refuge perfect for those intense midday rays.

Velvet curtains keep heat out and cold in, making them suitable for summer and winter.

Polyester Curtains

For a more budget-friendly yet equally effective option, polyester curtains are my go-to.

This fabric deftly balances cost and functionality, working well under various climate conditions and proving robust against both heat and sunlight.

Lace Curtains

There's an ethereal quality to lace curtains that I find truly charming.

They provide gentle shading from the sun without compromising on natural light, all while adding a delicate pattern play to the lighting in any room they adorn.

Gauze Curtains

If you're aiming for a laid-back ambiance, gauze curtains might just be the answer.

Similar to lace, gauze fabric diffuses light beautifully while still allowing for that soft, soothing light to enter – perfect for a serene summer vibe.

Acrylic Curtains

Lastly, acrylic curtains offer a fantastic lightweight alternative to heavier drapes.

They imitate the look of more sumptuous fabrics and play a part in keeping the heat at bay, ensuring your living spaces stay refreshing throughout the season.

Color Selection for Heat-Blocking Curtains

When I outfit a room with curtains to ward off the summer heat, the color choice is as critical as the material.

This isn’t just a matter of aesthetic preference—it’s a strategic decision impacting the overall climate of any given space.

Reflective Qualities of Light-Colored Curtains

The science behind light-colored curtains is simple but effective.

These soothing pastels and neutrals have a natural propensity to reflect heat, diverting the sun's rays away from your interior spaces.

Imagine these curtains as a shield, reflecting sunlight much like a mirror, which stops your room from turning into a greenhouse.

The Heat Absorption of Dark Curtains

On the other side of the spectrum, we have dark curtains.

While they can be striking design elements, their ability to absorb heat can make a noticeable difference in the temperature of a room.

Think of them as sponges, soaking up solar energy, which might inadvertently increase the heat during those bright, sunny days.

  • Dark curtains - Suitable for cooler, shaded rooms or areas with minimal direct sunlight.
  • Light-colored curtains - Perfect for sun-drenched rooms where reflecting heat is a priority.

Based on my experiences at Dolcewe, as well as industry best practices, I advocate for using lighter hues in spaces that bathe in sunlight to optimize comfort and keep the heat transfer at bay.

Below is a simple guide to help you choose the right curtain color based on your room's exposure to sunlight.

Room's Sun Exposure Recommended Curtain Color Expected Benefit
High Light Colors (e.g., Cream, Beige) Reflects sunlight, reduces heat gain
Moderate Medium Shades (e.g., Dusty Rose, Sky Blue) Balances warmth and cooling
Low Dark Colors (e.g., Navy, Chocolate) Absorbs some heat, adds warmth


Choosing The Perfect Length and Size For Summer Drapes

When I talk about dressing up my windows, I don't just consider style; I focus on the functionality of the curtains too. It's fascinating how the right length and fullness of curtains can alter a room's temperature.

Let's delve into exactly how the dimensions of curtains contribute to a more comfortable and energy-efficient home.

Longer and Fuller Curtains for Optimal Insulation

It's all about creating a barrier between your cozy room and the harsh temperatures outside.

My experience has shown me that longer curtains, sweeping right down to the floor, are particularly adept at providing better heat insulation.

By extending past the window sill, they effectively keep heat in during cooler months and repel it during the hot season.

It's not just a matter of height, though; the fuller curtains also play a critical role. Their generous width ensures ample coverage of the window frame, minimizing any pesky drafts that might sneak in.

Benefits of Fullness: Blocking Drafts and Maintaining Coolness

Fullness isn't only about aesthetics—though I love the grand, luxurious look it adds to my windows.

Having fuller curtains means more fabric to overlap the window and even the surrounding wall, which is a handy trick to block drafts.

Especially here in the States where we experience a variety of climates, reducing drafts is crucial for keeping that air-conditioned or heated air where it should be—inside.

Another perk of having my curtains open with substantial fullness is the flexibility it provides; I can adjust the coverage based on the weather outside, remaining in control of my living space's temperature and ambiance.

At Doclewe, customers can choose from 1.5 times of fullness and 2.0 times of fullness.

Additional Tips for Keeping Your Home Cool in Hot Weather

As we revel in the glory of sunny summer days, it's crucial to take steps to reduce heat loss and keep your room cool. While dressing our windows with the right curtains is a start, combining several approaches can significantly improve our living comfort.

Let's explore some practical strategies to keep that cool air circulating and our indoor spaces pleasant.

Close curtains and blinds during peak heat hours.

During the most intense sunlight hours, it's effective to use window blinds to our advantage.

I make it a point to draw them shut to fend off the unrelenting sunrays.

Coupled with my chosen thermal window treatments, this practice is one of the simplest yet most effective ways to reduce indoor temperatures and protect my sanctuary from the heat.

Use ceiling fans for air circulation.

There's something utterly refreshing about the movement of air on a hot day.

To maximize ventilation, I switch on the ceiling fans, ensuring that the cool air keeps circulating throughout the rooms.

This method not only contributes to a more agreeable atmosphere but is also energy-efficient when compared to relying solely on air conditioning.

Plant trees and shrubs around your home for shade.

Thinking outside the box—or rather, outside the home—I've invested time in planting trees and shrubs around my property.

These natural elements serve as a verdant barrier against the sun, offering shade and reducing the ambient temperature around my home. 

Outdoor curtains can also add an aesthetic touch while contributing to cooler spaces on my patio or deck.

Consider installing energy-efficient air conditioning.

On those days when the heat becomes relentless, an energy-efficient air conditioning system is a godsend.

Investing in an HVAC unit that's tailored to the size of my home has been a decision I've never regretted. It brings down indoor temperatures and provides a crisp respite from the outdoor heat, all while managing my energy consumption responsibly.

I've found that a combination of these tactics works wonders for maintaining a cool home during the sweltering summer months.

From smart use of window blinds to green outdoor strategies and modern air conditioning, these methods amount to a formidable defense against heat, ensuring I can enjoy summer days to their fullest.

Shop Best Curtains For Hot Weather at Dolcewe, Starting at $26.99

I'm excited to share that at my store,, we've curated a collection of heat-blocking solutions that address just that.

Our extensive selection of window curtains has been thoughtfully designed to complement diverse personal tastes while serving the critical purpose of keeping homes temperate and stylish.

Available in Various Fabrics, Styles, Colors

Dolcewe curtains come in an array of exquisite fabrics, each promising durability and elegance. Whether you're drawn to the classic charm of cotton or the sleek appeal of polyester, our variety of options will no doubt satisfy your design inclinations.

Additionally, our styles range from the timeless appeal of sheer lace to the innovative utility of thermal insulated blackout curtains, all available in a palette of colors that can transform and enliven any space.

Custom Size Starting at $26.99 & Free Shipping $199

My commitment to delivering exceptional value is reflected in our custom-size curtains, starting at an accessible price of $26.99. We understand that each window frame is unique, and so should be its dressing. That's why we ensure a perfect fit for every order to maximize the heat-blocking properties of our drapes.

To add more delight, Dolcewe provides free shipping for orders over $199, making it easier and more economical to outfit your entire home with premium-quality window treatments that promise comfort and savings every summer.

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