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Best Window Treatments For Lake House

23 Jan 2024 0 Comments
Best Window Treatments For Lake House

Having spent over a decade immersed in the world of home decor, and with the creation of, I've grown intimately familiar with the nuanced desires of homeowners, particularly those lucky enough to enjoy the idyllic panoramas a lakeside home offers.

It's clear that the best window treatments for lake views aren't just about aesthetics; they're a delicate balance of maintaining and enhancing those expansive, scenic views while providing necessary functionality like light control and UV protection.

Through careful selection of coastal window treatments, I aim to help you decorate your spaces to capitalize on natural light—without ever compromising on those breathtaking vistas that make lake house living so coveted.

Key Takeaways

  • Select options like sheer curtains, adjustable blinds, and transparent shades to get the functionality you need without sacrificing beautiful vistas.
  • Combinations of sheers, curtains, shades, and shutters allow adjustable privacy and visibility.
  • Select durable, weather-resistant window treatments made to withstand humidity, temperature changes, and other environmental factors common in lakeside homes. 
  •  Earth tones, lightweight fabrics, linens, and woods can reflect the natural surroundings and beautifully frame panoramic views.
  • Shop customizable, high-quality, and budget-friendly lake house curtains starting at $26.99 at 

Key Considerations for Window Treatments with Lake Views

Window Treatments with Lake Views

Below, I'll delve into the main considerations to keep in mind when choosing window dressings for a space that should marry practicality with style.


Maintaining privacy while enjoying uninterrupted lake views can seem like a contradiction, but it's entirely possible with thoughtful interior decor choices.

The privacy policy in your own home should never compromise the view you love.

Consider lightweight options such as sheer roller shades or sheer curtains, which offer a veil of seclusion without completely blocking your connection to the outdoors.

Light Control

I can't stress enough how much light control factors into protecting your decor from the harshness of UV rays.

An interior awash in natural light is beautiful, but without proper window treatments, that sunlight can damage furniture and create unwelcome glare.

It’s essential to manage the influx of light to keep the living spaces both functional and welcoming throughout the day.

Durability and Weather Resistance

Lakehouse window treatments need to withstand more than just the test of time; they combat humidity and the fluctuating conditions that come with proximity to water.

I always recommend materials known for their durability and weather resistance so that each drape or blind remains as pristine as the day it was installed.

Style and Aesthetics

Finally, never underestimate the power of style and aesthetics when it comes to window treatments.

These are the accents that complete the picture of a well-curated home. You want decor that harmonizes with the landscape and reflects the vibe of your lake house interior design.

Whether it's a crisp drape that catches the breeze or a tailored shade that frames the view, your choice should be an extension of your style and the natural beauty that surrounds your home.

Feature Importance Product Example
Light Filtering Essential for UV protection and managing the home's ambiance. Sheer Roller Shades
Privacy Keeps your private life concealed without sacrificing views. Sheer Curtains
Durability Must endure environmental effects particularly to lakeside properties. All-Weather Drapes
Aesthetic Should elevate the room’s interior design and enhance natural views. Custom Design Shades


Curtains for Lake Views & Beach House

Dolcewe Curtains for lake house view

Embracing the tranquil ambiance of lakeside living, the right curtains play a pivotal role in not just decorating your coastal home, but in marrying functionality with the natural beauty of the outdoors.

Let's explore how the draping of a curtain can transform your space into a scenic haven.

Flowing and Airy

The allure of a coastal home lies in its ability to foster a sense of peace and relaxation.

A flowing, airy drape captures the essence of this tranquility, creating an environment that complements the gentle lapping of lake waves with the soft movement of the fabric.

Sheer or Light-filtering Elegance

When I think of preserving the beauty of lake views, sheer or light-filtering curtains immediately come to mind.

They offer a delicate balance, providing privacy without forsaking your scenic backdrop — an ideal solution for those cherished moments when natural light bathes the room.

Dual-functional Layering

Sometimes, the need arises for complete seclusion or room darkening, and this is where the flexibility of layering sheers with blackout drapery panels becomes an invaluable aspect of home décor.

The ability to switch from unobstructed panoramic views to a blackout setting offers not just versatility but also enhanced insulation.

Layered curtains are not just an ideal choice for your living room, but for dining rooms, bedrooms, home offices, and other spaces as well

Colors and Textures That Echo Nature

Selecting colors and textures that synergize with the lake's environment is like bringing a slice of the outdoors into your home.

Fabrics that mimic the hues of water and sky, or those that evoke the surrounding natural habitat, contribute to an overall serene and cohesive décor.

Curtain Type Benefits Ideal Use
Sheer Curtains Light filtering, subtle privacy Daytime use for softened natural light
Blackout Panels Complete privacy, insulation Nighttime or for media rooms
Layered Curtains Flexibility, functionality Variable light preferences, energy conservation



As a coastal home enthusiast, I often find myself drawn to the classic elegance of shutters as window coverings. Their sleek design makes them an unassuming yet stylish choice for lake house window treatments.

Not only do they provide unbeatable light control and privacy, but their unobtrusive nature ensures that your cherished lake views remain front and center.

One aspect of shutters that stands out is their durability. Whether you opt for vinyl options that resist humidity and warping, or the timeless appeal of real wood shutters that can be painted or stained to match any interior design, there's a shutter that can withstand the unique conditions of lakeside living. It's this resilience that makes them an ideal choice for anyone concerned with longevity and style.

But their benefits don't end there; shutters are also remarkably energy efficient. By adding an extra layer of insulation, shutters can help keep your home cool during the sizzling summer months and warm during the chilly winter season, contributing positively to your energy bills and comfort levels.

Available in various styles, such as wider-louvered plantation shutters or solid panels, these window coverings can be customized to suit the aesthetic of any coastal home.

Below, I've detailed a comparison of features that demonstrate why shutters are a premier choice for style-conscious homeowners:

Feature Description Benefits
Adjustable Louvers Allows precise control over lighting and visibility Enhances privacy and light management without sacrificing views
Material Choices Options include vinyl, composite, and real wood Durability and versatility for different coastal climates and styles
Energy Efficiency Insulation against external temperature changes Reduces heating and cooling costs
Interior Design Integration Custom colors and stains available Seamlessly matches any home decor and adds value
Solid Panels Non-louvered, full-coverage option Offers complete blackout and a different style option

In my experience, the right shutters can truly amplify the charm and functionality of a lake house's interior design. They embody a blend of style, energy efficiency, and durability that few other window coverings can match.

Roman Shades: Enhancing Lake House Windows 

As a devotee of chic home décor, I can't help but admire the timeless elegance of Roman shades. These versatile window treatments offer a sophisticated option that complements the serene aesthetics of coastal window treatment.

When opened, they can be neatly stacked high, practically disappearing, which allows homeowners to maintain that cherished expansive lake view.

In my experience, the appeal of Roman shades in a lake house setting is their dual functionality. They manage to offer a clean and contemporary look while also providing practicality. The choice of fabric weave and color can dictate the amount of natural light entering a room, ensuring that the right ambiance is set for any moment.

  • Hunter Douglas Roman shades, for example, are a testament to the fusion of luxury and utility. They're available in a spectrum of opacities from sheer to opaque, giving you control over your home's light and privacy needs.
  • Textured weaves can add an extra layer of sophistication to your décor, especially when chosen to echo the elements of the outdoors.
  • Roller shades offer a smoother, more modern aesthetic but can be combined with Roman shades for a layered look that's both functional and stylish.

Let's not forget that window treatments are an integral part of your home's style. Whether choosing between Roman or roller shades, it's about finding that perfect intersection of style, function, and the seamless integration into your lake home's unique vibe.

Roman Shade Qualities Roller Shade Qualities
Soft, foldable design that stacks neatly Smooth, sleek design for a minimalist look
Customizable in various patterns and textures Solid or patterned fabrics for design continuity
Option for blackout or light-filtering materials Often made with light-diffusing capabilities
Enhances cozy and traditional aesthetics Complements modern and contemporary styles
Operated via cord or cordless mechanisms May include motorized options for convenience


Blinds - Practical Advantages for Light Control and Privacy

When I think about window treatments that offer flexibility and functionality, blinds immediately come to mind. Not only do they provide essential light control and UV protection, but they also ensure privacy for lake house owners.

As someone with firsthand experience in home decor, I know that choosing the right blinds can make all the difference in preserving those sought-after lake views.

Let's compare the features of horizontal blinds and vertical blinds to understand why they are such popular choices for managing light and privacy in homes.

Blind Type Best Used For Operational Ease Design Aesthetic Light Filtering UV Protection
Horizontal Blinds Wider windows Adjustable with a simple tilt Sleek, suits various decor styles Varied settings from sheer to room darkening Effective when closed
Vertical Blinds Picture windows and sliding doors Smooth glide for easy operation Clean lines, contemporary look Can be rotated to control light intensity Depending on material, ranges from moderate to high

Moreover, blinds and shades are not just functional; they can greatly enhance the decor. Horizontal blinds offer a classic feel that can make a space feel more homey, while the vertical ones contribute to a modern and sophisticated atmosphere. Plus, when you want to soak in the uninterrupted beauty of the lake, you can simply retract them and let the natural light pour in.

  • Horizontal blinds are ideal for light filtering as they offer flexible slat adjustment.
  • Vertical blinds are a statement piece that blend privacy with style.

Choosing between horizontal and vertical blinds boils down to personal preference and the specific needs of your space.

Rest assured, both options will provide the functionality you desire without sacrificing those stunning lake vistas. 

Color and Material Selection

As an enthusiast of coastal decor, I believe selecting the right colors and materials for your window coverings can significantly enhance your home's lake view.

It's about creating a visual harmony between your decor and the natural surroundings of your coastal home.

The ideal palette and textures can amplify the natural light, frame the scenic lake view, and ensure the landscape remains the focal point.

Choosing Complementary Colors

Opting for colors reflective of nature's palette is a smart strategy.

Earthy tones can bridge the gap between your indoor space and the outdoor expanse.

Think of the tranquil blues of the water, the lush greens of the foliage, or the rich browns of the earth—these colors can seamlessly integrate with your lake view, turning your window into a living landscape painting.

Natural and Lightweight Materials

I cannot stress enough how vital it is to choose materials that maintain the integrity of the lake view.

Lighter-colored woods, bamboo, and natural weaves not only resonate with the aesthetic of a lakeside setting but also contribute to the soft diffusion of light.

These materials, along with light finishes, can frame your windows without overbearing the natural beauty that lies beyond the glass.

Color Palette Reflective of Recommended Materials
Tranquil Blues Lake and Sky Sheer Fabrics, Light Filtering Weaves
Lush Greens Surrounding Foliage Bamboo, Organic Cotton
Rich Browns Earth and Trees Lighter-Colored Woods, Linen


Maximizing Views

I’m excited to share how the proper installation and choice of window treatments can preserve the lake view we all cherish.

Consider the mounting choices, materials, and styles that bring both form and function into harmony.

Installation Tips

For those memorable lakeside vistas, think kindred with nature; mounting your shades or drapes above the window casing does wonders.

This technique not only draws the gaze up, enhancing the room's sense of space, but it also keeps your window completely clear when the blinds or curtains are drawn, leaving your scenic view wholly unobstructed.

Transparent and Semi-Transparent Solutions

Utilizing transparent or semi-transparent materials is key. They offer the dual benefits of protection from the elements and privacy without stealing away your view.

Just imagine a wall of windows shielded by gossamer-like fabrics that block harmful UV rays yet still allow you to drink in the beauty of the outside world.

  • Transparent Roller Shades – Ideal for a minimalist aesthetic
  • Semi-Transparent Cellular Shades – Excellent for energy efficiency

Contact me for a personalized consultation today, and let's explore the options that will elevate your space, keeping that pristine lake view the focal point of your home.

Window Treatment Visibility Level UV Protection Style Impact
Transparent Roller Shades High Moderate Minimalist
Semi-Transparent Cellular Shades Medium High Casual
Light-Filtering Blinds and Shades Adjustable Variable Customizable


Shop Custom Curtains for Lake Views, Starting at $26.99

In my journey to offer exquisite lake house decor, I've curated a selection of window treatments that not only enhance the natural beauty of your home but also meet your specific needs.

At, it's all about personalizing your space with custom-sized curtains that reflect your style and complement the serenity of lakeside living.

With prices beginning at just $26.99, we make sure that every homeowner has access to premium quality without breaking the bank.

Curtains Available in Various Styles, Fabrics, Colors, and Styles

Whether you're after the lightness of sheer drapes or the solidity of blackout curtains, my range caters to every preference.

The plethora of fabrics and a vibrant spectrum of colors at your disposal allow you to play with textures and hues to curate a look that is genuinely your own.

 Redecorating your abode with these tailored window treatments can transform your living space into a refreshing and stylish sanctuary.

Custom Size, Starting at $26.99 & Free Shipping $199

I understand that fitting window treatments to the unique dimensions of lake house windows can be challenging.

That's why my custom-sized curtains are so popular among those who wish to redecorate while preserving those stunning lake views.

Along with the allure of a personalized fit, I am delighted to offer free shipping on orders over $199.

If you're contemplating a fresh look for your home, a consultation at is the first step to seamlessly marrying function and elegance in your lakeside retreat.

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