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2024 Boho Curtains Ideas For Bohemian Windows Treatment

17 Nov 2023 0 Comments
2024 Boho Curtains Ideas For Bohemian Windows Treatment

Crave a dash of whimsy and unrestrained style for your windows? Embrace the vibrant tones, unique patterns, and artistic flair of Boho curtains! Perfect for any room in your home, they can both transform and uplift your space into a bohemian haven.

Boho curtains are a veritable feast of aesthetic options catering to your personal style – from gossamer-like sheers and tassels to intricate macramé and beadwork. By mixing and matching, a layered, textural Boho chic look awaits.

Dive into our exploration of boho curtain ideas for varied spaces and amass tips on where to snag them online or in-stores. Our detailed guide offers direction on choosing the quintessential curtain to elevate your bohemian decor, focusing on color choice, patterns, and materials. Craft your dream home with boho curtains, and live the boho chic life.

Key Takeaways:

  • Boho curtains are a great way to add a free-spirited and chic bohemian touch to your home decor.
  • There are endless possibilities for creating a unique and personalized look with boho curtains, from DIY options to stylish window treatments.
  • Boho curtains can be incorporated into any room in your home, adding warmth, texture, and personality to your decor.
  • Consider elements like color, pattern, and texture when choosing the perfect boho curtains for your space.
  • Find boho curtains at online marketplaces or physical stores for unique and high-quality options.


Types of Boho Curtains

Dolcewe boho curtains ideas

In this section, we'll explore different types of boho curtains that you can use to add a touch of free-spirited charm to your home. From sheer curtains that create an ethereal ambiance to tasseled curtains that bring a playful vibe, there are plenty of options to choose from. Let's dive in!

Sheer Curtains

If you're looking to create a dreamy, light-filled atmosphere, sheer curtains are an excellent choice.

They let in plenty of natural light while providing a bit of privacy. Sheer curtains come in various textures, from lightweight cotton to flowy linen, and can be paired with other curtains for added depth and texture.

Tasseled Curtains

Tasseled curtains are a boho classic, adding a playful touch to any room. They come in various lengths and colors, with tassels in different styles and materials that offer a unique flair.

Pair them with other textured curtains or let them stand alone as a statement piece.

Macrame Curtains

Macrame curtains add a touch of boho charm with their intricate knotting and fringe. They come in various styles, from simple braids to elaborate designs, and can be customized to fit your space. Hang them in a doorway or over a window as a boho-chic statement piece.

Beaded Curtains

Beaded curtains add a touch of glamour and sophistication to any boho space. They come in various styles, from simple wood beads to intricate patterns, and can be customized to fit your space. Hang them in a doorway or use them as a room divider to create a dramatic effect.

Indian Block Print Curtains

Indian block print curtains offer a unique and exotic touch to any boho space. They come in various colors and patterns and are made using traditional Indian techniques. Hang them alone or pair them with other textured curtains for added depth and visual interest.

Repurposed Curtains

Repurposed curtains offer a sustainable and boho-chic option. Use fabric scraps or vintage curtains to create a unique and personalized look. Mix and match patterns and colors to create a visually captivating space.

As you can see, there are plenty of boho curtain options to choose from. Whether you prefer sheer curtains for a light and airy look or tasseled curtains for a playful vibe, there's a style that will suit your taste. In the next section, we'll discuss how to choose the perfect boho curtains for your home.

Choosing the Right Boho Curtains

choosing the right boho curtains

When it comes to boho curtains, there are several factors to consider to ensure they fit seamlessly into your home decor. Let's explore some of the key elements:


Boho style is all about vibrant colors that exude warmth and energy. So, don't shy away from bold hues like deep reds, oranges, and purples.

But if you prefer a more subdued look, opt for earthy tones like browns, greens, and grays. Check our curtains colors guide for help.

Pattern and Texture

Patterned and textured fabrics are a hallmark of boho style. Look for curtains with intricate designs like paisley, florals, or geometric shapes. You can also incorporate texture through materials like macrame or fringe.

Mixing and matching patterns and textures can create a visually dynamic and interesting look.

Pattern Texture
Paisley Macrame
Florals Fringe
Geometric Shapes Knit


Boho curtains can be made from various materials like cotton, linen, or even silk. Consider the durability and maintenance requirements of each material to determine which is the best fit for your lifestyle. 

Check our curtains fabrics guide for reference.

Layering and Multi-Texturing

Layering curtains with various materials and textures can add depth and create a cozy atmosphere in your home. Consider layering sheer curtains over heavier curtains or adding a colorful scarf as a decorative accent. Don't be afraid to mix and match materials like cotton and macrame for a multi-textured look.

Now that we've covered the key elements to consider when choosing boho curtains, you're well on your way to creating a free-spirited and stylish look for your home. Remember to experiment with color, pattern, texture, and layering to find the perfect combination that reflects your unique style and personality.

Boho Curtains Ideas for Different Rooms

Bohemian style curtains can add a touch of warmth and character to any room in your home. Here are some boho curtain ideas to consider:

Living Room Curtains

For the living room, consider using curtains with vibrant prints or bold colors to create a lively and inviting ambiance.

Sheer boho curtains can also be a great option for letting in natural light while offering some privacy. Layering curtains can create a cozy vibe, and pairing them with colorful throw pillows and rugs can complete the bohemian look.

Bedroom Curtains

For the bedroom, consider using curtains that are both functional and stylish. Floor-length boho curtains can make a bold statement and also help to block out light for a better night's sleep.

Beaded curtain tiebacks and tassels can add a playful touch, and layering curtains with different textures can create a dreamy and romantic look.

Home Office Curtains

For the home office, consider curtains that can create a calming and inspiring atmosphere. Soft, muted colors and simple prints can help reduce distractions and promote focus.

Sheer curtains can also provide natural light without causing unwanted glare on computer screens.

Dining Room Curtains

In the dining room, consider using curtains that can enhance the dining experience. Long, flowy boho curtains can create a romantic ambiance, while shorter curtains with playful prints can create a more casual feel.

Consider using beaded or tassel tiebacks to add a touch of glam to your dining area.

Boho curtain ideas for different rooms

With these boho curtain ideas, you can transform any room into a cozy and inviting bohemian oasis. Whether you're decorating your living room, bedroom, home office or dining room, boho curtains can add an eclectic touch that reflects your unique style and personality.

Styling Tips for Boho Curtains

If you want to give your space a boho vibe, the curtains are a great place to start. But once you've picked out your favorite boho curtains, how do you style them to achieve the look you want? Here are some tips to help you mix and match, layer, and pair your curtains for a perfectly bohemian atmosphere:

Mix and Match

Don't be afraid to mix and match different patterns and textures! Boho decor is all about the eclectic mix, so experiment with different prints and fabrics to create a unique look that reflects your personality.

Try pairing a colorful Indian block print curtain with a neutral macrame curtain for a visually interesting combo. Check our ombre curtains or color blocking curtains.

Layered Curtains

Layering curtains is a great way to add depth to your space and create a cozy, comfortable atmosphere. Pair sheer curtains with heavier tasseled curtains for a dreamy, ethereal look that's perfect for a bedroom or living room.

Pairing Curtains

When pairing curtains, think about the colors, patterns, and textures you want to bring together. Try pairing a simple, solid-colored curtain with a more intricate, patterned curtain to create a visually striking look.

  • Pair a neutral linen curtain with a bold, colorful beaded curtain.
  • Pair a simple cotton curtain with a multi-colored tasseled curtain.

Remember, your boho curtains are just one element of your bohemian decor. Don't be afraid to mix and match different pieces to create a look that's totally unique and reflects your personality!

Where to Find Boho Curtains

When it comes to finding boho curtains, there are plenty of options both online and in physical stores. Whether you prefer the convenience of online shopping or love browsing in person, we've got you covered with some great options to explore.

Online Marketplaces

One of the best places to find boho curtains online is on popular marketplaces such as Dolcewe, Amazon, Etsy, and Wayfair. These online retailers offer a wide range of boho curtain designs, from sheer and macrame to tasseled and printed. You can easily filter your search results by color, pattern, size, and material to find the perfect curtains for your home.

boho curtains online

If you're looking for unique and handmade boho curtains, Dolcewe is a great place to start. You can find custom size curtains to fit your unique windows. 

Physical Stores

If you prefer to shop for boho curtains in person, there are several options to consider. Home decor stores such as Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, and World Market offer a selection of boho-inspired curtains that can add a touch of free-spirited style to your home.

You can also check out thrift stores and vintage shops for unique and affordable boho curtains. Look for curtains with interesting patterns, textures, and colors that fit your style and personality. Don't be afraid to mix and match different curtain styles to create a visually captivating and personalized look.


We hope that these boho curtain ideas have inspired you to infuse your home with the free-spirited and stylish bohemian vibe. With a mix of creative DIY projects, unique window treatments, and expert styling tips, you can create a personalized boho look that reflects your personality and taste.

Express Your Creativity

Remember to let your creativity shine and experiment with different colors, patterns, and textures. Don't be afraid to mix and match various curtain styles to create a visually captivating and cozy atmosphere.

Enjoy Your Bohemian Oasis

Whether you're decorating your living room, bedroom, home office, or dining room, incorporating boho curtains can transform your space into a bohemian oasis filled with color, texture, and free-spirited style. So go ahead and let your inner bohemian shine!


Can I make my own boho curtains?

Yes, DIY boho curtains are a popular option! You can use various materials like vintage fabrics, macrame, or even repurpose old curtains to create unique boho window treatments.

What colors and patterns work best for boho curtains?

Boho curtains often feature vibrant colors and bold patterns. Popular choices include earthy tones, jewel tones, and floral or tribal prints that add a touch of bohemian flair to your space.

How do I choose the right size of boho curtains for my windows?

When selecting boho curtains, consider the size of your windows and the desired amount of coverage. Measure the width and height of your windows and choose curtains that are slightly wider and longer for an elegant drape.

Can I layer boho curtains with other window treatments?

Absolutely! Layering curtains with blinds or shades can create a versatile and functional window treatment. Mix and match different textures and patterns to add depth and visual interest to your space.

Where can I find affordable boho curtains?

There are many online marketplaces, such as Dolcewe, Etsy and Amazon, where you can find a wide range of affordable boho curtains. Thrift stores and flea markets are also great places to find unique and budget-friendly options.

How do I clean and maintain boho curtains?

The cleaning and maintenance of boho curtains depend on the material they are made of. Most curtains can be gently hand-washed or machine-washed on a delicate cycle. Be sure to check the care instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Can boho curtains be used outdoors?

Yes, boho curtains can be used outdoors to create a cozy and stylish outdoor space. Opt for curtains made of weather-resistant materials and consider adding weights or tiebacks to keep them in place in windy conditions.

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