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Best Extra Wide Blackout Curtains for Large Windows

10 Jun 2024 0 Comments
Blackout Curtains for Large Windows

Hi there! I'm James, the owner of We specialize in custom size curtains for over 10 years. Today, I want to talk about blackout curtains for large windows.

Blackout curtains are great because they:

  • Block out light
  • Keep your room cool or warm
  • Reduce noise
  • Give you privacy

Key Takeaways

  • Extra wide blackout curtains offer superior light control, privacy, energy efficiency, and noise reduction for large windows.
  • When selecting the right size, consider standard curtain lengths and choose a width 1.5 to 3 times wider than your window for optimal coverage and fullness.
  • Measure your windows carefully, including the width, length, and curtain rod dimensions, and opt for larger sizes when in doubt.
  • Look for high-quality, tightly woven fabrics with blackout lining, and choose a style and color that complements your room's decor.
  • Maximize the benefits of your extra wide blackout curtains by installing them close to the wall, using wraparound curtain rods, layering with sheer curtains, and investing in quality.
  • Shop custom extra wide blackout curtains at for a wide selection of styles, fabrics, colors, and sizes tailored to your exact window dimensions, with prices starting at $26.99 and free shipping on orders over $199.

Benefits of Blackout Curtain Panels for Large Windows

Extra wide blackout curtains for large windows

Superior Light Blocking

Blackout curtains & drapes create total darkness in your room. This is great for:

  • Better sleep, even during the day
  • Shift workers who need to sleep when it's light out
  • Nurseries so babies can nap
  • Home theaters for movie watching
  • Preventing early morning sun from waking you up

Blackout thermal curtains create a dark, peaceful environment, promoting better sleep by blocking out disruptive light from street lamps, early sunrises, or passing cars

Enhanced Privacy and Security

Large windows let people see inside your home. Blackout curtains:

  • Completely cover big windows
  • Prevent nosy neighbors from peeking in
  • Make you feel safe and hidden
  • Are perfect for street-facing rooms and bedrooms

Improved Temperature Control

The thick fabric of blackout curtains insulates your windows. This means:

  • Less heat comes in during the summer
  • Warmth stays inside during winter
  • You might save money on AC and heating
Season Benefit Energy Savings
Winter Keeps heat inside Up to 25%
Summer Reflects heat out Up to 25%

Tip: Opt for thick fabrics like velvet curtains or chenille curtain panels for a better thermal effect. 

Noise Reduction

Because blackout curtains are so dense, they reduce outside noise too. They make your home:

  • Quieter
  • More peaceful
  • Great if you live on a busy street or in the city

General Sizes of Blackout Window Curtains for Large Windows

extra long blackout curtains for large windows

Standard Curtain Lengths

Most curtains come in these lengths:

  • 84 inches (213 cm)
  • 96 inches (244 cm)
  • 108 inches (274 cm)

If your window doesn't perfectly match these sizes, it's generally recommended to opt for a longer length rather than a shorter one. This allows for more installation flexibility and ensures adequate coverage.

At Dolcewe, our curtains are made to measure to fit your unique windows. Check our free curtains size calculator for help.

Curtain Width Considerations

Your curtains should be 1.5 to 3 times wider than your window. This allows them to:

  • Close fully without gaps
  • Look full and luxurious, not stretched out

For example, if your large window measures 72 inches wide, you would want curtains with a combined width of at least 144 inches (72" x 2).

Two extra-wide 100-inch panels would provide about 200 inches of total width, offering ample coverage and a visually appealing fullness.

Remember, these width guidelines apply to the total width of all the curtain panels used to cover the window.

So, if you're using multiple panels, each panel can be narrower, as long as the combined width falls within the recommended range.

Measuring for Curtains

To get the right size, measure your window like this:

  1. Measure the width and multiply it by 1.5-3
  2. Measure from the top to where you want them to end (sill, floor, or puddle on the floor)
  3. Round up to the closest standard size or get custom made

When in doubt, go for slightly larger curtains than your measurements. This will provide better light control and a more luxurious appearance.

Curtain Sizes for Common Large Windows

Here are typical sizes for big windows:

  • Patio doors: 100-120" wide by 84-95" long
  • Picture windows: 100-144" wide by 96-108" long
  • Bay windows: 120-216" wide by 84-108" long

Factors to Consider When Choosing Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains in a stylish living room

Fabric and Lining Options

You have a few choices for blackout materials:

  • Blackout lining sewn to the back of regular curtains
  • Triple-weave fabric with black yarn in the middle
  • Thermal insulated fabric for temperature control
  • Heavy velvet or suede that naturally block light

Some curtains feature a special blackout lining for enhanced light-blocking capabilities. Velvet curtains and chenille drapes are also a great option for a luxurious look and feel.

Curtain Hanging Style

Blackout curtains can hang a few different ways:

  • Grommet tops look modern and slide easily
  • Rod pockets are classic but harder to open/close
  • Back tabs give a streamlined look
  • Pleats add elegance and formality

At Dolcewe, our custom curtains are available in various headers to fit various curtain rods.

Hardware and Installation

Make sure you have the right setup:

  • Use strong rods that can hold heavy curtains
  • Try wraparound or ceiling rods to block the most light
  • Hang high and wide for best coverage
  • Consider motorized tracks for easy use

Color and Pattern

While blackout curtains are available in a wide range of colors and patterns, keep in mind that darker hues generally provide better light blockage.

Choose a color that complements your existing decor, whether that's a neutral tone or a bold accent color.

Ease of Cleaning

Some blackout curtain panels are machine-washable, while others require spot cleaning or professional care. Consider your lifestyle and cleaning preferences when making your selection.

Blackout Curtain Buying Tips

To get the most out of your extra wide blackout curtain window treatments, follow these pro tips:

  1. Install Curtains Close to the Wall: Mount your curtain rod as close to the wall as possible to minimize light seepage around the edges.
  2. Use Wraparound Curtain Rods: Specialized wraparound or ceiling-mounted rods can help your curtains curve back toward the wall, further reducing light leaks.
  3. Layer with Sheer Curtains: Combine your blackout curtains with sheer or decorative panels for added style and light filtration during the day.
  4. Invest in Quality: High-quality extra wide blackout curtains may cost more upfront, but they offer better durability, light-blocking performance, and long-term value.

Shop Extra Long And Extra Wide Blackout Curtains at Dolcewe

At, we have a huge selection of custom blackout curtains:

  • Lots of styles, fabrics, colors, and patterns
  • Customizable headers like grommet, rod pocket, back tab, and pleated
  • Curtains are made to measure just for your windows
  • Prices start at only $26.99
  • Free shipping over $199
  • Extra 10% off when you sign up for an account

I hope this guide helps you find the best extra wide blackout curtains for your large windows.

Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions. At Dolcewe, we're always happy to help!

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