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Thermal Curtains vs. Double Glazing

06 Feb 2024 0 Comments
Thermal Curtains vs. Double Glazing

Hey friends! I'm James, and I've been running my custom curtain store for over 10 years now.

There's nothing worse than sitting in a drafty room where you just can't get warm. Or trying to sleep when the summer sun is beating in. Proper insulation is so important for making your home livable!

The two most popular options people consider are thermal curtains and double glazed windows. Both can help with things like:

  • Blocking drafts

  • Stopping noise

  • Insulating from heat/cold

But they work quite differently. I put together this little table to show the main differences:

Feature Thermal Curtains Double Glazed Windows
Cost Cheap ($100-$200) Expensive (Thousands)
Installation Quick DIY (A few minutes) Slow Professional Job (Weeks of disruption)
Insulates Heat Good Better
Appearance Ton of styles, colors; Matches your decor Limited customization
Lifespan May fray after years Lasts decades
Maintenance Need occasional washing Low maintenance

In this article, we'll take a detailed look at both so you can decide what's best for your home and budget! Let's start with thermal curtains...

What are Thermal Curtains?

Thermal curtains are made from special fabrics designed to add insulation around your windows. This helps stop warm air escaping in winter, or hot air getting in during summer.

There are lots of different materials used:

  • Polyester - Cheap but works alright

  • Velvet or Wool - Look nice and trap more heat

  • Fleece - Warm and casual looking

  • Blackout - Extra thick to block light

Here's a simple way thermal curtains help insulate your place:

  • The fabric adds a second layer over your window glass

  • This trapped layer holds the hot or cold air from your room better

  • So less heat escapes out or comes in from outside!

Some thermal curtains even have a reflective metal coating on the back. This bounces heat back into your rooms. Pretty clever huh?!

Next let's look at the good and bad points of thermal curtains.


  • Cheap - Way less money than replacing all your windows!

  • Easy to install - Just hang them up yourself in a few minutes.

  • Lots of colors & styles - Find curtains that match your rooms.

  • Blackout options - Help make bedrooms extra dark.

How well do curtains reduce heat loss? Heavy thermal curtains can reduce heat loss through a window by 40% according to English Heritage.

This indicates that curtains can be effective in reducing heat loss and improving energy efficiency in a building


  • Don't insulate as well as windows - Depends on the material used. Opt for layered thermal curtains for better thermal performance.

  • Can't fully block drafts - Gaps might still let cold air in.

  • Need cleaning sometimes - Dust and dirt build up over time.

  • Might not suit all windows - Odd sizes or bay windows can be tricky.

At Dolcewe, we offer custom size for all thermal heavy curtains to fit unique windows, starting at $34.99. Sounds great, right?

What is Double Glazing?

Double Glazing windows 

Double glazed sash windows have two panes of glass instead of one. The air gap between them acts as insulation to stop warm or cold air getting in or out.

There are a few different types:

  • Double paned - Two sheets glass with an air gap

  • Low-emissivity - Special coating reflects heat back inside

  • Gas filled - Argon gas between panes insulates better

  • Secondary Glazing - A second interior window layer installed to boost insulation on existing windows. 

Double glazing keeps heat in during winter. And keeps your rooms cooler in summer too. This happens because:

  • Two panes trap air between them forming insulation

  • Heat moves slower across the air gap

  • Any coatings or gas also slows heat transfer

Now for the good and bad of double glazed windows:


  • Excellent insulation - Much better than curtains alone. Double glazing can reduce energy consumption by up to 25-30%.

  • Reduces noise - Sound blocked by twin panes

  • Condensation Control: Double glazing significantly reduces condensation on the interior window surfaces, mitigating the risk of mold and dampness.
  • Increases home value - Major reno often improves sale prices

  • Long lifespan - Windows last decades with little maintenance


  • Expensive install - $$$ to replace all window frames

  • Professional job - Complex for DIY, installation experts required

  • Less ventilation - Restricted ability to open windows fully

  • Old windows tricky - Some frames can't support heavy glass

Double Glazing vs.  Thermal Heavy Curtains

Alright, we've covered a lot of ground looking at thermal curtains vs double glazing. Let's summarize the main differences:

  • Cost - No contest here. Thermal curtains are way cheaper, with double glazing a major investment.

  • Installation - Curtains can be put up in minutes. Windows requires teams of professionals and work disrupting your home.

  • Insulating ability - Double glazing is more thermally efficient than curtains over the long run. But good quality thermal curtains can get close.

  • Looks - Curtains come in endless styles and match your decor. Glazed windows lack customization.

  • Maintenance - Curtains need a bit more care and replacing eventually. Windows should last decades without hassle.

So which is right for you? That depends on your budget, current windows, willingness to renovate, and design tastes.

Got old drafty windows but low funds? Thermal curtains make quick affordable sense. Plan to stay in your home long term? Splurge on double glazing for superior comfort and resale value.

For renters and temporary places, view curtains as an easy insulation boost.

Homeowners should think of energy efficient window upgrades as investments into their property's future.

Shop the Best Thermal Curtains Online at Doclewe

I hope this info on curtains vs. windows has been helpful!

If you decide to go the curtain route for affordable insulation, be sure to check out the huge selection of thermal curtains available at

Some key things we offer:

  • All types & fabrics - Choose from polyester, velvet, wool, fleece and more. Over 50 stylish thermal materials to suit your needs!

  • Tons of colors & prints - Match any decor with solids, vibrant patterns and delicate details.

  • Variety of headers - Select clips rings or grommets to match your existing hardware.

  • Custom sizes - Get a perfect fit with made-to-order widths and drop lengths.

  • Great prices - Quality thermal curtains starting at just $26.99. Can't beat these deals!

  • Free shipping - No extra fees for delivery on orders $199+ in the continental US.

I specialize in helping homeowners choose insulated window treatments guaranteed to improve warmth, comfort and energy savings.

Browse the unbeatable selection of thermal curtains at today!

And as always, I'm happy to offer personalized advice on finding the perfect set. Feel free to contact me anytime. After over 10 years in home decor, I love helping folks transform their spaces!

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