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Curtains for Cozy Reading: Designing the Perfect Nook

23 Mar 2024 0 Comments
Curtains for Reading nook

Picture this: you're curled up in your favorite armchair, lost in a captivating novel, as soft light filters through the sheer curtains surrounding you. That's the magic of a well-designed reading nook!

As a store owner at with over a decade of experience in home decor,

I'm here to share the secrets to creating an enchanting retreat using the perfect curtains.

Key Takeaways

Main Section Key Takeaway
Curtain Style Choose curtains based on your desired level of light control and privacy. Sheer curtains allow soft light while providing some privacy, while heavier fabrics like velvet block more light and noise for a cozy atmosphere.
Hanging Options Hang curtains higher and wider than your window to make the space feel larger and grander. Use curtain rings or grommets for easy opening and closing. Combine sheer and opaque curtains on a double rod for versatility.
Color and Patterns Select curtain colors and patterns that complement your reading nook's theme. Lighter colors make the space feel airy, while bolder hues can create a focal point. Mix and match patterns for an eclectic, personalized look.
Layering Layer curtains with blinds or shades for maximum light control and privacy. Use sheer curtains under heavier drapes for a soft, filtered light effect. Hide hardware with valances or cornices for a polished, finished look.
Accessories Embellish your curtains with tie-backs, tassels, or pom poms to add a playful, decorative touch to your reading nook. Choose accessories that match your overall design style, whether it's bohemian, vintage, or modern.


Why Create a Reading Nook?

Reading nooks are special places where you can relax and enjoy your favorite books. They're great for your mental health and well-being. 

Curtains can make your reading nook even cozier and more inviting, like a canopy reading nook or a tent reading nook.

Choosing the Right Curtain Style

blackout curtains for reading nook

When picking curtains for your reading nook, think about:

Light control and privacy

Do you want a dark, distraction-free space? Try blackout curtains.

For a brighter, calming feel, choose light-filtering curtains.

If your nook is in an open area, consider multi-layered curtains for better light control.

Fabric, style, and mood

  • Luxurious, cozy fabrics like velvet or plush materials create a warm atmosphere.
  • Lighter fabrics like linen bed tent or cotton give an airy, relaxed vibe.
  • Different curtain styles (grommet, tab top, rod pocket) can change the look and feel of your nook.

Match the curtain style and color to your overall design theme, whether it's a princess bed canopy, boho bed canopy, or Montessori bed canopy.

Curtain Length and Hanging Options

luxurious fabrics for reading nook curtains

Floor-length curtains

Floor-length curtains create an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere, perfect for a reading nook canopy.

They also provide maximum privacy and light control. 

Café curtains 

Cafe curtains give a casual, relaxed feel to a little nook.

Hang curtains higher 

Mounting your curtain rod closer to the ceiling makes your windows appear taller and the space grander, like a ceiling canopy

Use curtain rings or grommets 

Curtain rings or grommets allow you to open and close your canopy bed curtain effortlessly. They also add a decorative touch and create a smooth, pleasing draping effect.

Color and Pattern Ideas

  • Match curtain color to wall color for a seamless look in your reading corner.
  • Use contrasting colors to create a focal point, like a bold pink bed canopy in a neutral room.
  • Subtle patterns add depth without overwhelming the space, perfect for a nursery canopy.
  • Bold patterns make a statement, like a colorful kids bed canopy for girls.

Layering Curtains with Other Window Treatments

layering curtains for reading nook

Combine curtains with blinds or shades for maximum control

Layering curtains with blinds or shades, like in a baby bed canopy, gives you the most control over light and privacy.

Keep the blinds closed and curtains open for soft, filtered light, or close both for complete darkness and privacy.

Hide curtain hardware with valances or cornices

Valances or cornices are decorative treatments that cover the top of your window and hide curtain hardware. They add a polished, finished look to your crib canopy or reading nook.

Layer sheer and opaque curtains for versatility

Combining sheer and opaque curtains, like in a toddler bed canopy, gives you the best of both worlds.

Sheer curtains allow soft, diffused light to enter, while opaque curtains provide privacy and darkness when needed.

Curtain Accessories and Embellishments

  • Curtain tie-backs create a romantic, draped look for a girls canopy.
  • Tassels or fringe add a playful, bohemian vibe to kids canopy.
  • Embroidery or appliqué give a personalized touch to a canopy for boy.
  • Pom poms add whimsy and fun to kids bed canopy with pom.

More Design Ideas for Your Reading Nook

floor-length curtains

To complete your cozy reading space, consider:

  • Comfortable seating options like a plush armchair or floor cushions
  • Proper lighting for reading, such as a arched floor lamp or string lights in a bed canopy with lights
  • A side table for drinks and books
  • Decorative elements to make the space your own, like throw pillows, rugs, and artwork

Inspiring Canopy Reading Nook Curtain Ideas

Here are some creative curtain ideas for your reading nook:

  1. Canopy-style curtains for a dreamy, enclosed feel, like a reading nook canopy tent
  2. Curtains hung from a curved rod for a unique look
  3. Mixing and matching patterns and textures for an eclectic vibe, like a boho bed canopy paired with a floral rug
  4. Using curtains to create a reading nook in an unexpected space, like a closet or alcove
  5. Layering sheer and opaque curtains for a magical, filtered light effect
  6. Draping mosquito net bed canopy over the entire nook for an ethereal, fairy-tale vibe
  7. Creating a secret hideaway with a crib reading nook curtain hideaway
  8. Hanging a dome bed canopy for a cocoon-like, enveloping feel
  9. Using a canopy with frills for a shabby chic, vintage look
  10. Incorporating bed canopy with pom pom for a fun, playful touch

Curtain Ideas for Kids' Reading Nooks

Kids love special spaces to call their own. Create a magical reading nook in the nursery room, play room or kids room with these curtain ideas:

  • Baby bed canopy with frills in soft pastels for a soothing space
  • Bed canopy with frills crib in a fun pattern for a lively look
  • Kids bed canopy for girls in a pretty floral or butterfly print
  • Canopy for girls room in a dreamy lavender or soft pink
  • Princess bed canopy with shimmery organza for a royal feel
  • Nursery canopy with pom in a neutral palette for a calming effect
  • Play tent canopy in a bold primary color for an energetic vibe
  • Nook game tent for kids with glow-in-the-dark stars on the canopy
  • Hanging net nursery for an imaginative, outdoor-inspired space
  • Canopy for girls boys bedroom in a versatile stripe or polka dot print

Shop Custom Curtains at Dolcewe

At, we offer custom curtains in various styles, fabrics, colors, and patterns to fit your reading nook perfectly. Our curtains start at just $26.99, with free shipping on orders over $199. Plus, get an extra 10% off when you sign up for our newsletter!

Creating a cozy reading nook with curtains is easy and fun. With these tips and Dolcewe's custom curtains, you'll have the perfect space to relax and enjoy your favorite books in no time.

From a magical kids canopy to a sophisticated bed canopy for girls room, the possibilities are endless.

Happy reading and decorating!

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