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A Guide to Curtain Etiquette in Home Design

22 Mar 2024 0 Comments
Curtain Etiquette

Hi there! I'm James, the owner of We've been making custom size curtains for over 10 years. Our curtains start at just $26.99.

I want to share some tips on how to choose and hang curtains. Curtains can make a big difference in how your room looks and feels.

Curtains are important in home decor. They add style and privacy to any room. They also help control light and noise.

Key Takeaways

  • Hang curtains high and wide for a spacious, luxurious look
  • Choose the right curtain length and fabric for your needs
  • Layer curtains with blinds or shades for added depth
  • Add personality with unique fabrics or unexpected placement
  • Avoid common mistakes like hanging curtains too low or choosing the wrong fabric

Types of Curtains

There are many types of curtains to choose from

Type Description
Grommet Metal rings at the top, modern look
Pinch Pleat Pleats at the top, classic and formal
Rod Pocket Pocket at the top for the rod to slide through
Tab Top Fabric loops at the top, casual and relaxed


Hanging curtains the right way can make a big difference. It can make your windows and room look better. In this guide, I will share some tips on how to hang curtains.

The Art of Hanging Curtains

wide windows

High and Wide Rule

One important rule is to hang curtains high and wide. This means hanging the curtain rod higher and wider than the window frame.

Follow the the rule of thumb:

  • Hang the curtain rod 6 to 12 inches above the window frame.
  • Extend the curtain rod 4 to 6 inches beyond the window on each side.

Hanging curtains high and wide makes the window look bigger. It also makes the room feel more spacious and luxurious.

Curtain Length

Choosing the right curtain length is also important. Here are some options:

  1. Floor-grazing curtains: These curtains end just above the floor. They look clean and elegant. They work well in formal rooms like living rooms and dining rooms. But they may get dirty more easily.

  2. Pooling curtains: These curtains are a bit longer than floor-grazing curtains. They "pool" or just kiss the floor. They look luxurious and romantic. But they may need to be adjusted more often. If you hang your window curtains high enough that they cover the window trim, you’ll create the illusion of a higher wall.

  3. Sill-length curtains: These curtains end at the window sill. They look neat and tidy. They work well for windows above radiators or in busy areas. But they may look a bit short. If you have heaters near window, opt for sill length curtains. 

When choosing curtain length, think about the style of the room. Also consider any obstacles like radiators or window sills.

At Dolcewe, we offer custom size for all the curtains to fit your unique needs, starting at $26.99. 

Double Up for Wide Windows

If you have a wide window, use two curtain panels instead of one to cover the window. This creates a fuller, more luxurious look. It also allows for better light control and privacy.

When hanging double curtain panels, choose a curtain rod that is wider than the window frame. This will give you enough room for the extra fabric.

At Dolcewe, our curtains come with default 1.5 times fullness. You can opt for 2 times of fullness for more luxurious look

Fabric and Function Considerations For Curtains

fabric choice

Matching Fabric to Room Design

When choosing curtain fabric, think about the style of the room. Heavy fabrics like velvet work well in formal rooms.

Lighter fabrics like linen work well in casual rooms.

Also consider how much light you want in the room. Sheer fabrics let in more light and create a bright, airy feel.

Heavier fabrics like blackout material block out light. They work well in bedrooms or media rooms.

Curtain Care

To keep your curtains looking nice, take good care of them. Vacuum or dust them regularly to remove dirt. Spot clean any stains with a mild soap.

Follow the care instructions on the label when washing your curtains. Some curtains can be machine washed. Others may need to be dry cleaned or hand washed.

If your curtains get wrinkled, you can use a steamer or iron on a low setting. Test a small area first to make sure the fabric can handle the heat.

Aditional Consideration When Choosing Drapes

Curtain Hardware - Curtain rods

In addition to the curtain rod, there are other hardware options to consider. Curtain rings or clip rings can be used to attach the curtains to the rod. This creates a more polished look.

Curtain tie-backs or holdbacks can be used to keep the curtains in place when they are open. This is helpful for heavy or bulky curtains.

Layering Curtains

Layering curtains with blinds or shades can add depth and interest to your window treatment. It allows you to control the light and privacy in the room.

For example, you can hang sheer curtains on the inside of the window frame. Then layer heavier, blackout curtains on the outside.

This lets in natural light during the day. But you can still block out light and create privacy at night.

Adding Personality

Don't be afraid to add your own personal touch to your curtains. Choose a bold, patterned fabric or add decorative trim. This makes your curtains feel unique and reflective of your style.

You can also hang curtains in unexpected places, like in a doorway or as a room divider. This creates separation and privacy in an open floor plan.

Common Curtain Mistakes to Avoid When Hanging your curtains

Here are some common mistakes to avoid when hanging curtains:

  1. Hanging curtains too low or too narrow. Remember to hang curtains high and wide. Aim for 6 to 12 inches above the window frame and 4 to 6 inches beyond the window on each side.

  2. Using the wrong curtain length. Measure your windows carefully. Choose a curtain length that works for your space. Floor-grazing, pooling, or sill-length curtains are all options.

  3. Choosing the wrong fabric. Consider the style of the room and the amount of light you want. Heavy fabrics may not work in a sunny, casual space. Sheer fabrics may not provide enough privacy in a bedroom or bathroom.

  4. Not taking care of your curtains. Regular cleaning and maintenance can help your curtains last longer. Follow the care instructions on the label. Address any stains or wrinkles promptly.

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