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Create Height with Curtains

25 Dec 2023 0 Comments
Create Height with Curtains

Today, we’ll reveal how we can create height with curtains and make any room look significantly larger. It’s an affordable trick that homeowners and renters alike can employ to make a statement with their home decor. So, grab your tape measure and get ready to lift the look of your space.

And remember, beauty lies not just in the curtains themselves but where they hang. Positioning the curtain rod near the ceiling and having the curtains cascade down to touch the floor creates a seamless and elegant aesthetic that will elevate your room to new heights.

Let's dive into the details and make your ceilings soar!

Key Takeaways

  • Raising the curtain rod closer to the ceiling can create a floor-to-ceiling effect that enhances room height.
  • Opt for curtains that are tailored to brush or slightly puddle on the floor for an elongated look.
  • Avoid leaving dead space above windows by extending curtain rods beyond traditional placements.
  • Implement these easy DIY home improvement tactics for a visually spacious living room
  • Make a room feel more open and airy, perfect for apartment living and small spaces.
  • Remember, the right window treatments for low ceilings can dramatically alter the feel of any space.


Power of Placement: Rods that Reach for the Sky

Curtain placement for room height

By expertly elevating the curtain rods closer to the ceiling, we maximize the vertical space and forge an illusion of loftiness in the room. Let's delve into the secrets of optimal curtain placement for heightening our space.

Hang High, Aim Near the Ceiling

Enhancing the room height begins by closing the gap between the curtain rod and the ceiling. A general rule of thumb is to position the rod approximately two to four inches below the ceiling or just beneath the crown molding.

This strategic placement ensures that the curtains seamlessly integrate with the wall space above the window frame, creating unbroken lines that draw the eye upward.

Extend Beyond the Window

Extending curtain fabric to puddle on the ground is a designer trick that adds a touch of sophistication.

When we hang curtains that reach beyond the window frame and gently rest on the floor, we're crafting a visual elongation of the walls. The gentle pooling of material enhances the perception of a grander, more regal space.

Consider Cathedral Ceilings

Rooms with cathedral ceilings or uniquely angled eaves call for a creative approach when hanging curtains.

Aligning the rods in harmony with these distinct ceiling lines can greatly accentuate the architecture and emphasize the room's vertical dimension.

Whether it's fuss-free hanging curtains for daily ease or customizable cathedral ceiling curtains, the aim is always to complement and uplift the existing structure.

Ceiling Type Rod Placement (inches from the ceiling) Curtain Length
Standard 2-4 Floor-length
With Crown Molding 0.5-1.5 Floor-length or Slight Puddle
Cathedral Adaptive Ceiling to Floor Custom Fit


Fabric Magic: Patterns and Textures that Elevate

vertical stripes curtain

When we talk about transforming a room, curtains play a pivotal role. By mindfully selecting curtain patterns and textures, we simply don't just dress a window—we elevate the entire ambience of the space. 

Embrace Vertical Stripes

The lines of vertical stripes curtains lead the eye along an upward journey, extending the perceived height of the room dramatically.

Whether you're looking at bold, dramatic lines or a more subdued pattern, the vertical orientation is key in achieving the illusion of taller windows and ceilings.

Play with Textures

Textured curtains for height play a practical magic. Fabrics with a vertical grain or a slight shimmer not only add depth to the space but also interact with light in a way that enhances the room's dimensional feel.

Think textures that run up and down, guiding the gaze in the direction we want it to go—higher.

Avoid Heavy Borders and Horizontal Patterns

Our goal is to foster an unbroken, streamlined silhouette within the room. To do this, avoid curtains with heavy bottom borders or horizontal patterns, which can visually shorten your walls.

Instead, let the fabric flow uninterrupted from the rod to the floor.

Pattern Type Visual Effect Best Use
Bold Vertical Stripes Creates strong upward lines for high impact Accent walls, focal points
Subtle Vertical Textures Gives a refined, elegant impression of height Formal living rooms, dining areas
Sheer with Vertical Elements Softly diffuses light while enhancing room height Bedrooms, serene spaces

By being mindful of these elements, we harness the fabric magic that is quintessential in creating not just a room, but a heightened experience. It's not just about choosing curtains; it's about choosing the right curtains.

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