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Best Window Treatments for Small Windows

20 Jan 2024 0 Comments
best window treatments for small windows

When it comes to enhancing a small space, the details can make a world of difference—especially the best window treatments crafted to complement small windows.

At Dolcewe, we believe that every window offers an opportunity to elevate a room's atmosphere and style. That's why we specialize in window treatment ideas for small areas, providing you with beautiful, functional, and custom window treatments that address the unique challenges of limited square footage.

Our tailor-made solutions ensure your small window treatment needs are met with elegance and precision, from quaint kitchen nooks to cozy attic spaces.

Key Takeaways

  • The main options for small windows are blinds, curtains, and shades, each with their own aesthetic appeal, functionality, and considerations.
  • Mounting treatments inside the window frame creates a neat, tailored look that makes the window seem larger.
  • Tricks like hanging curtains high and wide, using reflective materials, and embracing bold colors/textures can make a small window feel grand.
  • Dolcewe provides customized curtains in various styles starting at $26.99, ensuring the perfect fit and aesthetic for your small windows

Understanding Small Windows In Your Room

small windows

A small window can be described as one that has a limited width or height—often not more than two feet in either dimension.

This window size can significantly influence the amount of natural light and ventilation in a room. However, it is not just the measurements that define these windows; their placement and the spatial context in which they appear are equally important.

Despite their diminutive stature, small windows provide a plethora of design opportunities, allowing us to maximize their potential with the right idea and approach.

Common Locations and Types of Small Windows In A Home

These narrow and sometimes tiny windows are commonly encountered in several areas around a home.

The most frequent locales include the bathroom, kitchen, and occasionally the basement or bedroom, where they serve as sources of natural light and air. Due to their strategic placement, these windows can present intriguing design challenges.

Yet with the correct types of window treatments, each small window can be transformed into a feature that benefits the room's aesthetics while affording privacy and managing daylight.

  • Bedrooms may utilize small windows positioned above the bed or in sections of the wall that have limited space.
  • Kitchens often feature small windows above the sink, providing a view without compromising wall space for cabinetry.
  • Bathrooms require privacy, and small windows here are located at a height that prevents direct visibility from outside.
  • Basements, being below ground level, typically have small, narrow windows that allow for light and air, without compromising the foundation's structure.

Utilizing window treatments that complement these windows in scale and style can make a vast difference.

We can invigorate these confined areas with an appealing flair and practical functionality, turning a potential design dilemma into a resplendent solution.

Room Common Window Size (Width x Height) Placement Idea Popular Window Treatment
Bedroom 24" x 36" Above or adjacent to the bed Cellular shades
Kitchen 36" x 24" Over the sink Café curtains
Bathroom 12" x 24" High on the wall Frosted glass film
Basement 32" x 14" Near to the ceiling Mini blinds


Blinds For Small Windows

blinds for small windows

When it comes to small window treatments, blinds offer an ideal mix of style and functionality. They provide exceptional light control, fit neatly within tight spaces, and are available in a surplus of materials to match your decor's personality.

We understand that a small window can be a big detail in the ambiance of your room, so let's dive into the advantages and key considerations.

Pros: Light control, clean lines, minimal space intrusion, variety of materials and styles.

Blinds are the go-to for optimal light control in small windows, offering the ability to adjust lighting with precision.

Whether you prefer a flood of morning light or an afternoon dim for cozy naps, blinds make it easy. Their clean lines ensure a modern look without taking up precious room, which is often the case in areas with limited space.

Plus, with a wide range of materials from the classic sophistication of wooden venetian blinds to the durability of aluminum blinds, there’s a style to perfectly suit any room aesthetic.

Cons: Can appear bulky on very small windows, may not offer complete privacy.

However, blinds do have their drawbacks. Some might find them imposing on very small windows, potentially upsetting the delicate balance of the room's design.

Moreover, light control doesn't always equate to full privacy; for those looking to turn their nook into a private haven, this can be a caveat worth considering.

Tips: Choose light colors, mount inside the window frame, opt for wider slats for a sleeker look.

To mitigate any downsides and maximize the chic quotient of your window treatments, we have a few tips.

Opting for lighter colors can help blend the blinds with the surrounding walls, making small windows appear larger.

Mounting blinds inside the window frame creates a tailored look that speaks custom-made finesse, essential for achieving a polished interior.

For an added visual appeal, wider slats convey a clean, streamlined appearance that accentuates the beauty of small windows.

Blind Type Material Style Privacy Best For
Aluminum Blinds Aluminum Mini Adjustable Kitchens, Bathrooms
Roman Shade Fabric Soft Fold High Bedrooms, Living Rooms
Vertical Blinds Fabric or PVC Traditional Adjustable Sliding Doors, Tall Windows
Venetian Blinds Wood, Faux Wood, Aluminum Horizontal Slats Adjustable Offices, Studios


Choose Curtains Window Covering 

Dolcewe curtains for small windows

As we consider the vast possibilities in dressing up small windows, curtains emerge as a particularly charming choice.

They not only introduce color and texture but also infuse a sense of warmth into your décor. Selecting the perfect curtain style is crucial for ensuring that the beauty of smaller windows is not dwarfed by oversized drapes.

Pros: Soft and versatile, add color and pattern, can be layered for additional visual interest.

When we talk about window covering, the versatility of curtains as small window treatment options cannot be overstated.

The right curtain style can act as a focal point or blend in to create a harmonious interior.

Furthermore, by layering, such as placing sheer curtains underneath heavier drapes, we can add depth and luxuriousness to the decor.

Cons: Can overwhelm small windows, require more cleaning and maintenance.

However, it's important to acknowledge that curtains, when not chosen correctly, can easily overwhelm small spaces.

Heavier fabrics and large, bold patterns could potentially make the area feel cramped rather than cozy.

Maintenance is another consideration; curtains often require more frequent cleaning to preserve their appeal.

Small Window Curtain Subcategories

  • Sheer curtains - Ideal for maximizing natural light while offering a subtle privacy filter.
  • Blackout curtains - Perfect for those who need complete darkness, ensuring privacy and aiding in energy efficiency.
  • Cafe curtains - Known for their quaint charm, these short drapes cover just the bottom half of the window, striking a balance between light and privacy.
  • Grommet curtains - Sleek and contemporary, they slide easily and offer a clean, crisp appearance.

Tips For Choose The Right Drapes For Small Windows

We're delighted to share a few insider tips on achieving the best look for your small windows.

Opt for lightweight fabrics so as not to overpower the window’s modest dimensions.

To create the illusion of a grander window, consider extending the curtain rods beyond the window's width and opting for a higher placement to draw the eye upward.

Shorter curtain lengths can also ensure that the space remains open and uncluttered.

Lastly, with custom-size curtains from, you have the opportunity to tailor each detail to your exact specifications.

Shades For Small Windows

shades for small windows

When it comes to creating a harmonious balance between form and function in window treatments for small windows, shades are a prime choice for us.

They not only ensure light control and privacy but also add a refined touch to any room without overpowering it.


Our shades offer a sleek and understated look suitable for any decor style.

Ranging from roller shades to Roman and pleated shades, they provide optimal light control while maintaining privacy.

The various materials and textures available can easily match the aesthetic of your space, ensuring a seamless integration into your home's design.

Cons: May Not Add Much Visual Interest

While shades are incredibly functional, they might not be the showstopper of a room's decor.

They tend to have a more subdued appearance, and for those windows that are opened frequently, shades may not be the most convenient choice as they require a bit more effort to maneuver.

Subcategories: Roller, Roman, and Pleated Shades

  • Roller shades are great for their simplicity and ease of use, perfect for giving your space a clean, modern look while also being incredibly user-friendly.
  • Roman shades offer an elegant solution with their beautiful folds, bringing a classic touch to interiors while enhancing the perceived height of your windows.
  • Pleated shades stand out for their textured appearance, adding depth and interest to any window without being too dominating.

Tips: Harmonizing Shades with Your Decor

To ensure that your shades make the right statement, we recommend choosing fabrics that complement your existing decor.

By mounting shades inside the window frame, you create a tailored look that enhances the overall aesthetic of your room, making it feel put together and polished.

At, starting at just $26.99, you'll find a range of light control solutions to suit your small window treatment needs and bring to life the beautiful window coverings your home deserves.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Small Window Treatments

When it comes to adorning the windows of a cozy nook or a compact space, we know that certain priorities come to the forefront.

Ensuring that the window treatments for small windows effectively enhance the touch and tone of your living area while providing functional benefits is essential.

It’s a delicate interplay between admitting the soothing embrace of natural light, establishing privacy control without feeling enclosed, and elevating your room's aesthetic appeal.

Light Control

One cannot underscore enough the vitality of light control in the selection of window treatments for small spaces.

We believe in cherishing every ray of sunlight, allowing it to cascade freely and paint your rooms with warmth and energy.

Yet, this must be carefully calibrated to your comfort level and the different times of day.

Honeycomb shades and sheer shades are crafted to welcome streams of natural light while gently safeguarding you from harsh glares.


Privacy in one's sanctuary is not to be compromised. With that in mind, a window without proper treatment can feel like an open invitation to the outside world.

We've taken strides to offer solutions like dual-layered curtains that act as a veil to your private world.

These selections capture the perfect balance, ensuring seclusion while they subtly filter the sunlight to maintain a lively and lit atmosphere.

Aesthetic Appeal

Lastly, we delight in discussing the aesthetic appeal. The right window treatments are akin to the perfect pair of earrings that complement your ensemble — they don't just complete the look; they enhance it.

With our custom window treatments, your small windows can become a bold statement or an elegant understate, always elevating the beauty of your room's design and echoing your style.

Additional Tips for Maximizing Small Windows

At Dolcewe, we recognize that every design element can have a significant impact on the feel of a room, especially when it comes to small windows.

To maximize their potential and create the illusion of space, we've compiled a few additional tactics that can make all the difference.

Mount Window Treatments Inside the Frame

One of the simplest ways to maintain a clean look is by mounting window treatments directly inside the window frame.

This approach minimizes bulk and ensures your windows look as tailored and as neat as possible, contributing to a more spacious room atmosphere.

Utilize Reflective Materials

Incorporating reflective materials such as light-colored fabrics or placing mirrors opposite windows dramatically enhances any room's brightness and open feel.

These materials catch and bounce light around the space, effectively making it seem larger and more inviting.

Hang Curtains High and Wide

To create a sense of grandeur and height, always remember to hang long curtains high above the window frame and extend the curtain rod wider than the windows.

This technique draws the eye upward and outward, scaling up what your eyes perceive as the size of the window.

Opt for Patterned Fabrics

Choosing the right patterned fabrics for your curtains can add visual interest that attracts the eye without making the room feel crowded. 

Opt for designs that complement the room’s color palette and aesthetic to add personality to the space.

Layer Sheer Curtains Over Blinds

A dynamic and functional way to dress your windows is to layer window treatments, like placing sheer curtains over blinds.

This combination gives you greater control over privacy and light, while also adding depth and sophistication to your window decor.

Embrace Unique Shapes, Textures, and Colors

Dare to be bold! Experimenting with unique shapes, textures, and colors can create a stunning focal point.

While maintaining the functionality of your window treatments, choosing distinctive options can inject your style into the room, making it unmistakably yours.

Shop Custom Curtains For Small Spaces at Dolcewe

Welcome to the ultimate destination for custom-size curtains that will infuse style and functionality into your small windows.

At, we pride ourselves on a wide range of options that promise to deliver the perfect window treatment for any corner of your home.

We understand that the details matter when it comes to decorating those quaint spaces, which is why we're dedicated to providing custom window treatments tailored to meet your exact specifications.

Available in various fabrics, colors, styles, and patterns

Our extensive selection ensures that you can order custom window treatments that are completely harmonious with your room's aesthetic.

Whether you're looking to dress a door window, thin windows, or any small window, our offerings in a medley of fabrics, hues, and designs will cater to your every need.

We invite you to explore our stunning styles—from classic to contemporary—and vibrant patterns that can transform your space instantly.

Custom Size for the perfect fit, starting at $26.99

Finding the perfect window treatment ideas for small spaces can be challenging, but we make it easy and accessible.

Starting at just $26.99, our custom window treatments from Dolcewe combine quality with affordability. Armed with our experience and commitment to personal service, we're here to help you select the right curtain rods and window treatments that fit just right and elevate your décor.

Trust us to provide you with a beautifully bespoke solution that brings your vision for your home to life.


1. What are the best treatment ideas for small windows?

Consider the amount of light you want in your space when choosing window treatments. Using light fabrics or sheers can enhance natural light during the day while providing the privacy you need at night. It is also recommended to use a curtain rod that extends beyond the smallest windows to create the illusion of a larger window.

2. How to choose the right window treatments for small windows?

Choosing window treatments for smaller windows can be a tricky task. The goal is to make small windows seem larger than they actually are.

To create the illusion of a larger window, hang your curtains at the top of the window. This makes the window appear taller. Using horizontal blinds can also give the appearance of wider windows.

3. How to maximize natural light with window treatments?

Choosing the right window treatment is key to control the amount of light that enters a room.

 Sheer curtains are a good option as they filter the light and maintain privacy at the same time. If you need more control, venetian blinds or plantation shutters can be adjusted to control the amount of light entering a room.

4. What are sidelight windows?

Sidelight windows are narrow windows that flank a door. They allow more light into the entrance while still maintaining privacy.

Choosing the right treatment for these types of windows can enhance the look of your entrance.

5. Where should curtains or shades come from?

Typically, curtains and shades come from the top of the window. Hanging them closer to the ceiling can create an illusion of height in the room. It also allows for maximum light and view when the treatments are open. Curtains and shades come in a wide variety of styles to fit any decor.

6. How can I make my small window look bigger?

To give the illusion of a larger window, consider hanging your curtain rod closer to the ceiling and extend it beyond the window trim. This technique tricks the eye into thinking the window is larger than it is. Using light colors for your window treatments can also help to make the space around the small window feel larger.


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