Custom Curtains Faqs

Custom Curtains Faqs

We are firm believers that a room reaches its full potential only when the windows are suitably dressed. Our bespoke curtains cater to the specifications of your space, so we want you to have all the necessary details before making an investment. Explore our collection of customer inquiries about our curtains for more insights!

Is each panel sold on its own or as part of a pair?

Each panel is marketed as a separate item, not as a pair.


What range of panel widths do you have available?

Acknowledging the diversity of window sizes, we offer custom curtains with widths from 20" to 120"


I'm unsure about choosing the panel width and length. How can I get assistance?

You're welcome to explore our in-depth guide on curtain measurements at this link. This resource can help you discern the quantity and size of panels you need to perfectly dress your windows. If you find yourself with additional queries, feel free to reach out to us at We're here to assist you.


The pattern I'm looking for is not on the custom curtains page. Can I get any pattern as curtains?

Indeed, every pattern is available for curtains! If your desired pattern isn't visible on the custom curtains page, send an email to for a personalized invoice.


Can you explain the differences between ring top, pinch pleat, tailored pleat, grommet, and rod pocket?

We have compiled all you need to know about the variety of construction options we provide in our blog post about Custom Curtain Styles.


Do you recommend any curtain hardware?

Yes, for rod pocket construction, we suggest a rod with a diameter of 1.25" or smaller to fit the sewn pocket. 


Should I press or dry clean the curtains when they arrive?

Not necessary! We recommend hanging the panels right away to allow gravity to smooth out any wrinkles and creases. If desired, you can use a steamer (avoid on velvet), or 'train' the curtains with tape or string to guide the folds into place. Wait for 48 hours before removing the tape or string, and your panel will retain the pleasing pleated arrangement!


How does privacy lining differ from blackout lining?

While privacy lining allows a small amount of light through, blackout lining ensures complete darkness.


Are curtain rings included in the purchase?

Yes, most of our curtains comes with free rings. Curtain hooks are pre-sewn in on ring top, pinch pleat, and tailored pleat panels.


What kind of curtain rod should I get?

The optimal rod for your panels depends on the curtain construction:

Rod Pocket: A rod of 1.25" or smaller is suggested to fit the sewn pocket.

Grommet: We suggest a 1.5" rod for curtain grommets. We also recommend a black rod to match the grommets.

Ring Top/Pinch Pleat/Tailored Pleat: Select a rod that is approximately 1.25" in diameter.


How do I determine the correct panel length?

We have compiled a useful table to assist you in calculating the ideal panel length.


Do you offer Roman shades?

Currently, we do not offer Roman shades. If you need to purchase our fabric by the yard, please send emails to and then consulting with a local upholsterer to achieve the desired look.


Can I return a curtain order?

Due to the customized nature of our products, we unfortunately cannot accept returns or exchanges on curtain orders.


What is the expected delivery time for custom curtains?

Our curtains are typically shipped within 2  weeks or less, unless the fabric is on pre-order.


What is the recommended cleaning method for curtains?

To preserve their quality, our custom curtains should either be dry cleaned or spot treated. Machine washing may cause damage due to the size and hooks associated with some styles.


What kind of dyes are used for printing your fabric?

We utilize fiber reactive dyes in our digital print operation, which are friendlier to the environment compared to pigment dyes. Additionally, our fabric does not contain any PFAS.


Do your curtains have seams?

Depending on the width of the fabric, some curtains may have seams where two pieces are sewn together.


What is an engineered seam and why don't you use them?

An engineered seam ensures a perfect pattern match at the point where the fabric is connected. However, this method can be costly and may waste 2-3 yards of fabric per panel. As part of our commitment to zero waste manufacturing and affordable pricing, we do not guarantee engineered seams.


Will the patterns on the panels align when the curtains are closed?

Due to fabric width and repeat size limitations, patterns may not align across multiple curtain panels.


What is the "return" measurement of each panel?

The "return" refers to the distance from the end hook to the next hook on each side of the panel. This is important for certain walls that have locations to attach the outside border of the curtain to prevent sliding on the rod. Our ring top and pinch pleat panels have a return of 4 inches.


Do you have more questions?

Feel free to send an email to, and our customer service team will be happy to assist you!