Best Seller Blackout Room Divider Curtains

Kenley Blackout Divider

99% blackout, customizable size, dual-layer design. Elegant sheer pattern with solid color options. Soundproof, thermal insulating. Perfect for creating stylish, private spaces
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Amari Velvet Divider

Transform spaces: Amari Velvet Curtain. Customizable luxury divider, 99% blackout. Soundproof, insulating. Various colors and sizes for versatile room separation
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Arden Polyester Separator

Adaptable room separator. 90% light control, noise dampening. Tailored sizing, various colors. Easy install, multiple heading styles. Effortless privacy solution.
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Shiloh Spaces Divider

Near-total blackout, noise-reducing divider. Made-to-measure (20-120"W, 20-100"L). Multiple colors and hanging options. Redefine rooms beautifully.
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Josie Versatile Separator

99% blackout efficiency. Soundproof, temperature-regulating. Customizable luxury, classic colors. Easy-care polyester. Create cozy, private spaces instantly
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Kenia Linen Divider

99% blackout, soundproof, insulating. Customizable size (20-120"W, 20-100"L) and colors. Premium linen fabric. Create instant, stylish private spaces with superior light control.
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Blakely Velvet divider

Luxurious room divider: 85% blackout, noise-reducing, insulating velvet. 12 colors, custom sizes. Ring top/pinch pleat/grommet options. Create elegant, functional spaces year-round.
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Elisa Color Blocking Divider

99% darkness, soundproofing. Eye-catching dual-color design. Customizable dimensions. Various header styles. Perfect for bedrooms, living rooms. Elevate your decor instantly
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Skye Lace Divider

Chic space divider, 90% darkness, noise dampening. Made-to-measure (20-120"W, 20-100"L). Lace-tulle blend. Easy-hang options. Redefine rooms beautifully.
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Presley Room Division

Superior blackout efficiency. Soundproof, temperature-regulating. Customizable luxury, easy-care polyester. Multiple hanging options. Create cozy, private spaces instantly.
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Zinnia Two-Layer Divider

Clever 2-in-1 design. Sheer + blackout layers for ultimate versatility. Customizable luxury, durable construction. Multiple hanging options. Perfect for flexible space management
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Alejandra Geometric Divider

Striking geometric print. 90% light control, thermal insulating. Customizable luxury, durable polyester. Multiple hanging options. Perfect for stylish, functional space management.
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April Cotton Room Divider

Soft cotton blend room divider: 99% blackout, customizable size (20-120"W, 20-100"L). Create cozy, private spaces with Japanese-inspired style and superior light control.
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Brenna Bedroom Divider

100% blackout, noise-reducing, insulating. Plush polyester, dark grey. Customizable size and heading. Create instant, total privacy and darkness for peaceful spaces.
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Arya Cotton Seprator

Arya dividers offer 99% blackout in 5 colors. Custom sizes, multiple headers. Create instant privacy with minimalist style. Noise-reducing, insulating cotton-linen blend.
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Sylvia Floral Divider

Sylvia's botanical prints divide rooms softly. 50% light control, custom sizing. Three colors with gauze edges for breezy, natural-inspired separation.
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Greta Wave Divider

Greta curtains redefine spaces naturally. 40% blackout, fade-resistant fabric. Customizable size and fullness for adaptable, calming room separation.
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Bryleigh Divider Partition

Superior blackout efficiency. Customizable pink luxury with cloud details. Energy-saving, noise-reducing. Multiple hanging options. Create instant, cozy private spaces.
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Best Seller Sheer Room Divider Curtain

Lara Sheer Room Partition

Airy gauze luxury. Customizable white curtain with lace accents. Multiple hanging options. Create instant, romantic private spaces with filtered light
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Abygail Gauze Partition

Abygail's gauze curtain with morning glory embroidery. Customizable size (20-120"W, 20-100"L). Create airy, elegant divisions with filtered light and privacy.
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Nadia Embroidery Divider

Versatile cotton partition. Vintage-style embroidery. Custom fit for all spaces. Effortlessly separate areas with dreamy, translucent style and privacy
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Ryann Stripe Room Divider

Sheer room divider with knitted stripes. Made-to-measure, adjustable fullness. Create airy, stylish divisions with gentle light filtration and privacy.
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Tabitha Gauze Divider

Gossamer-light gauze creates instant, dreamy spaces. Customizable to fit any area, perfect way to carve out a cozy nook or home office.
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Hadley Vintage Separator

Cotton stylish room dividers. The sheer green fabric with intricate lace detailing adds vintage flair. Perfect for renters
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At Dolcewe, all rooms divider curtains are made to measure, starting from $26.99.

Plus, free shipping all orders $199.

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Privacy Room Dividers Curtains

Privacy Room Dividers Curtains - A Stylish and Flexible Solution

Are you looking for a way to split up your space without building walls? Curtains can be a great answer!

At, we've been helping people find the perfect custom curtains for over 10 years.

Let's explore how curtains can divide rooms stylishly and flexibly.

Why Choose Curtains as Room Dividers?

Room divider curtains offer numerous benefits that make them an attractive option for homeowners and renters alike:


Unlike permanent walls, window curtains can be easily opened, closed, or removed as needed.


Curtains are a cost-effective alternative to building walls or purchasing bulky room divider screens.


With a vast array of fabrics, colors, and patterns available, curtains can enhance your decor while dividing space.


Curtains provide instant privacy when needed, perfect for shared bedrooms or open-plan living areas.

Light control

Blackout or room darkening curtains can create separate zones with different lighting needs.

Noise reduction

Heavy curtains can help with soundproofing and reducing noise between divided areas.


Curtains take up minimal space compared to other room divider options.

Types of Room Divider Curtains & Partitions

Several types of curtains work well as room dividers:

Sheer curtains

These lightweight, translucent curtains allow light to filter through while providing a subtle division of space.

They're perfect for creating a soft, airy ambiance in living rooms or as a partition for dressing rooms.

Blackout curtains

Ideal for bedroom dividers or home theater setups, blackout curtains offer maximum privacy and light control.

They're also great for insulating spaces and reducing energy costs.

Velvet curtains

These luxurious, heavy curtains add a touch of elegance while providing excellent sound absorption and privacy.

Velvet drapes are perfect for creating a cozy bedroom nook in a studio apartment.

Linen curtains

Natural and breathable, linen curtains offer a relaxed, bohemian vibe. They work well in living rooms or as closet curtains.

Macrame curtains

For a boho-chic look, handmade macrame curtains can serve as both a room divider and a statement piece.

Panel curtains

These versatile curtains can be used to create sleek, modern room divisions in various settings, from home offices to living rooms.

Installation Options for Hanging Room Divider Curtains

There are several ways to hang your room divider curtains:

Ceiling track

A ceiling track room divider system offers a clean, streamlined look. It's ideal for high ceilings and can span long distances, making it perfect for large living rooms or open-plan spaces.

Curtain rod

A traditional curtain rod mounted on the ceiling or between walls is a simple and effective option. Choose a sturdy, wide rod to support heavier curtains.

Tension rod

For a no-drill solution, tension rods work well in smaller spaces or for temporary room divisions.

Hanging wire

A wire suspended between walls or ceiling mounts can support lightweight curtains for a minimalist look.

Curved track

A curved ceiling allows for more creative room divisions, perfect for uniquely shaped spaces.

At Dolcewe, our curtains are available in grommets, ring tops, pinch pleats, and rod pockets to fit various curtain rods. They are the perfect divider for room separation. 

Creative Applications for Room Divider Curtains

Room divider curtains can be used in various settings to enhance functionality and style:

Studio apartments

Use curtains to separate sleeping areas from living spaces as wall dividers, creating a cozy bedroom nook.

Open-plan living rooms

Divide your living room from the dining area or create a home office corner with stylish curtains.

Shared bedrooms

Give siblings or roommates privacy with a curtain divider between beds.

Closet solutions

Use curtains instead of closet doors for a soft, elegant look.

Home offices

Create a productive workspace by sectioning off a corner of your living room or bedroom.

Dressing rooms Partition

Transform a corner of your bedroom into a private changing area with sheer or velvet curtains.

Doorway curtains

Use curtains to replace interior doors or add privacy to open doorways.

Patio dividers

Outdoor curtains can divide large patios or balconies into cozy nooks.

Choosing the Right Curtains for Your Space

When selecting room divider curtains, consider the following factors:


Choose a fabric that suits your needs for privacy, light control, and style. Options range from sheer polyester to heavy velvet or soundproof materials.

Color and pattern

Coordinate with your existing decor or make a statement with bold colors or patterns. Neutral tones like white or gray work well in most spaces.


For a polished look, choose curtains that reach from ceiling to floor. For specific areas like closets, custom lengths may be necessary.


Ensure your curtains are wide enough to cover the entire area when closed. Multiple panels may be needed for large spaces.

Header style

Consider grommet tops for a modern look, rod pockets for a classic appearance, or tab tops for a casual vibe.

At Dolcewe, our curtains are available in various curtain headers to fit various curtain tracks and rods. 

Special features

Look for Oeko-Tex-certified fabrics for eco-friendly options, or choose curtains with thermal insulation properties for energy efficiency.

Installation Tips for Room Divider Curtains

Follow these tips for a successful room divider curtain installation:

  1. Measure your space carefully, accounting for any obstacles like furniture or light fixtures.

  2. Choose appropriate hardware based on your ceiling type and the weight of your curtains.

  3. Use a level to ensure your tracks or rods are perfectly straight.

  4. For ceiling-mounted options, locate ceiling joists for secure attachment.

  5. Consider using tie-backs or holdbacks to keep curtains neatly open when desired.

  6. For extra stability in high-traffic areas, add weights to the bottom of the curtains.

Maintaining Your Room Divider Curtains

To keep your room divider curtains looking their best:

  1. Regularly dust or vacuum curtains to prevent buildup of allergens.

  2. Follow care instructions for washing or dry cleaning as needed.

  3. Steam curtains periodically to remove wrinkles and freshen the fabric.

  4. Check hardware regularly to ensure it remains secure and functional.

Custom Room Divider Curtains from

At, we offer a wide range of custom room divider curtains to suit any space and style preference. Our options include:

  • Premium heavyweight room dividers for maximum privacy and sound insulation

  • Sheer curtains for a light, airy feel

  • Blackout curtains for total light control

  • Velvet curtains for a luxurious touch

  • Linen curtains for a natural, relaxed vibe

  • Boho-style curtains, including macrame options

  • Japanese and Korean-inspired linen door curtains

All our curtains are customizable in size, starting from just $26.99. We offer free shipping on orders over $199, and you can enjoy an extra 10% off when you register on our website.